How to tell a child about sex, what to do if a child saw sex?

Even if you had to explain to a child where babies come from, nobody wants to catch you making THAT case. But in life anything can happen. According to one anecdote: “Safe sex is when parents are in the country, and then when the kids are at my parents ‘cabin”. Today women’s site “” will help readers to react correctly if the child saw a sex talk how to tell your child about sex.

When child start to talk about sex?

On the question of when and how best to tell a child about sex, psychologists say, “on request”.

So, for the first time, the child may become curious and ask their parents what sex was after seeing love scenes on TV. To the question: “What do your aunt and uncle?”, 3 to 4 –year-old child is enough will answer that the uncle loves my aunt.

If your little “mark” is all in your own words, heard in kindergarten or older friends, asking: “are They having sex?”, answer: “Yes, they make love, as uncle loves Auntie”.

For a child of this age the first information is sufficient.

If this answer does not satisfy little lyubeznik, or you will notice his giggle, which tells you that he already knows something from friends, keep a conversation going. Explain that people want to hug and kiss when they love each other. So they show their love. As, for example, mom and dad.

“What dog do?”

The child drew attention to the animal that mate? Also, incidentally, a convenient situation where you will be able to tell a small child about sex and not leave from the answer. A sample conversation may occur:

  • – What are you doing dog?
  • — So they make little puppies. Cells Pope transferred to the cells of the mother – so the mother dog’s tummy gets a little puppies that will grow. See, dogs two are a couple. What they do is called pairing.
  • The people that do it, too?
  • — People do things a little differently. Dad needs to connect with mom to give her the box. They do not bite and do not fight like dogs. They hug, kiss, caress, because they love each other. Therefore, we, the people, the so – called- to make love or have sex.

What you need to know child about sex?

A top tip for those looking for a how to talk to children about sex, giving information in small portions. With 2 – 3 years when a child first begins to explore his body, to the age of “sex” should be wedded to your communication. As a rule, children don’t ask much – not elaborate, try to explain schematically. Let’s a little food for thought and focus on the child’s reaction.

Very well, if you manage to preserve the trust in so important and delicate topic to adulthood and beyond. How to do it, you can read in the article where it is told where babies come from.

Sometimes naughty situations that can speed up the familiarity of the child with sex. For example, when he walked in on my parents. How to respond correctly? Whether to focus on what is happening and begin to look for options, how to tell a child about sex?

The child saw sex parents: this is a disaster?

The child’s reaction to it is different: some people take what is happening in the game and try to connect, jumping on the back of dad at the crucial moment. Others are trying to calm rasshumevshihsya parents: “Hush! Are not you ashamed? You’ll Wake everyone up!”. Third, hearing the groans and the cries, perceive sex for a fight or a fight where dad hurts mom, does it hurt, they get scared, attack on the Pope, or start to cry.

So in such an extraordinary situation when the child saw sex, the reaction of parents depends on the situation: first of all, the age of the child and, in fact, how did he perceive what is happening, at what point did he catch you?

The first and main advice, if your child saw a sex – only answer with a calm voice and immediately move the focus from the situation to the child.

  • What woke him up?
  • Why is he still awake?

The child’s interest in what is happening is a natural reaction. It injures not the situation, and your reaction to it. He will take the sex as it will react to you: if you will be ashamed, for it is also in the future will be “ashamed” if your reaction is normal, and for a child it too will be normal. The child does not understand sex is good or bad, is dirty or is this normal?

Your task is all the talk, and questioning to reduce to the fact that it is normal for loving people.

“And what are you doing?” — how to respond?

Well, if you notice that the child saw it. Worse, if he saw and ran away without telling anyone about it. What will draw pictures of his imagination? We can only guess. Many, as adults, share what they saw in childhood sex bad impact on the psyche: developed complexes associated with nudity, aversion to sex.

If your child saw a sex, the explanation will depend on how old he is, he already knows what he was thinking. The main thing in this question to the imagination of the parents worked in the right direction. Try to understand how the child perceived the situation, and begin to “dance”. will introduce you to the most resourceful answers that “otmazatsya” by parents of children 4 to 6 years, who are in such a delicate situation. Here is a sample dialogue:

  • — What are you doing? — We’re playing Twister. — Why didn’t you call me? — We thought you’d be asleep, and so was going to go. Tomorrow I’ll play along.
  • — Mom, why are you jumping on daddy? We no horseplay.
  • — And what are you doing? – We hug.
  • — Dad, what are you doing mom? Why is she moaning? – My mom got sick, she did massage. – Why are you naked? – Mom bad — she undressed and I excitement was hot. Here is mommy getting better. Now we get dressed. Mommy needs to sleep.
  • — Mom, why is dad so moaning? – His leg got sick (or cramp leg was grabbed). Good thing you stopped by. Bring water quickly.
  • — What are you fighting? – No, we fight! Game.
  • If the child heard or saw the sex in the bathroom. — Why do you moan and ohaete? Very hot water went from the tap. We hands burned.

If the child is 5 – 6 years seeing sex parents, it is necessary to calm and explain that nothing terrible happens. Preschoolers are unlikely to really understand what you’re doing. Whatever answer came to mind, most importantly, you don’t have to scare the child: do not raise his voice, swear that he went into your room without knocking.

What if the sex of the parents saw a child of 7 – 10 years?

In this age of “horses” and “massages” can not ride. Often children at this age do not ask, considering that it’s embarrassing. Make sure your sleeping child exactly what he saw, but it scared mom begin to make excuses, but it turns out that the child did not understand, an unwitting witness to what scene it was.

If you are sure that the child saw sex parents, it’s better if you talk about it. As it is, you decide – you know your child. You again I will emphasize that sex is a natural process. It is not a taboo subject that should be ashamed.

Always be prepared to tell a child about sex. Try to choose a suitable situation and to start a conversation about it. Just do not land the child in front of him and hold seminars, but to satisfy curiosity, to provide information – your direct responsibility.

Attitude to sex of the child increasingly needs to shape the parents. According to American psychologist Alan Fromm, whether people in the future to experience fear and hostility relate to sexual intercourse or, conversely, to have fun depends not so he is aware, and its relationship to sexual intimacy.

So, dear parents, if you will each time to tell the sex of a child and to emphasize the connection of “sex and sensibility” are we sure he’s not going to themselves with their problems, the answers to which will start to look the street and not to ask you.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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