How to test cosmetics in the store?

“My friend has a face full of acne. She States that the pimples appeared after testing cosmetics in the store. Could it be? Luda”

Yes, you can! Very frustrating, but you need to know what lives in the samples of cosmetics, invitingly exhibited on the stands?

How to test cosmetics in order not to harm yourself? These and other questions today interested female site

I asked People how her friend could get sick from the samples. It turned out that the friend Luda had a habit before a party or disco to come to the store very plain and already in the store to impose a complete makeover – starting the way with the cream and ending with expensive perfume ? Habit this came after reading one book – it was written that way and I save on cosmetics! But in the end the girl well spent for treatment at the beautician. “Saved” is ?

Testing cosmetics in the store: here is where risk!

Testers are very attractive, but have you ever thought about how many people before you touched them? Even without being armed powerful laboratory tools, it is possible to guess that the testers in the store are swarming with harmful germs. And if you take these cosmetic testers in the lab, where we will see the following:

  • Huge amount of dust on the testers that are in the clear. Especially this sin lipstick, because the fat in them just attracts dust!
  • Viruses. Many samples of cosmetics are skin cells and blood carrying viruses with all the consequences. Yes, the lipstick may not be the only the herpes virus, but also hepatitis C and even HIV!
  • E. coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus. No woman thinks to wash your hands before you touch the tester. And who knows where it went? Maybe it is before that the asphalt laid, or go to the toilet… If this whole “Arsenal” gets on your skin, a person can develop not only pustular rash (here it is — the face in acne), but things are terrible.
  • Ocular herpes, barley, bacteria that cause conjunctivitis, live in samples of mascara and shadow.

What to bring when going for cosmetics

So, forewarned is forearmed. To avoid problems with your own skin after visiting a cosmetic store, going to the store, stocking up on the following things:

  • Reviews about cosmetics. We recruit them on the Internet and put in his own head ? do Not try cosmetics mindlessly. How should I evaluate it you can only home! It is therefore important to know exactly what you need from a product and then go and aiming to test.
  • Cotton sticks and/or disks.
  • Wet wipes, preferably anti-bacterial.
  • Liquid to disinfect hands. After all previously read it seems quite redundant, wasn’t it? ?

Many experienced women add to this list… the law on protection of consumer rights.

How to test lipstick and lip gloss

Pomade is just a breeding ground for bacteria! At it under a microscope you might find anything. Moreover, this “anything” besides actively multiplies, so does not live only in the upper layer of lipstick, but in depth. So don’t think that removing a layer of lipstick with a cotton swab, you get a totally clean product.

“” recommends that you do not touch a tester lipstick to her lips.

It is best to apply lipstick on the pads of the fingers, because the color they are closest to the lips. So you will understand how it will look lipstick on your lips. After testing don’t forget to wipe your hands with wet wipes.

To understand that suits you the color or not, the back side of the palm painting is optional — because its color may differ from the color of the face. It is best to know in advancewhat colors you are going, and what — not. You can also go to the mirror and put the lipstick to her lipslike lip already painted her (but in no case do not touch the lips!)

Lip gloss to test more dangerous than the lipstick, as dangerous bacteria and viruses is guaranteed to float in the tube. It therefore makes no sense to wipe the brush or to ask sellers disposable.

Lip gloss we also tested on the finger pad or on the back of the hand, to understand how transparent it is, how shiny, how sticky and so on.

How to test eyeshadows

Besides the fact that the samples of eye shadows accumulates dust and dirt, there still live hundreds of fingerprints. And the fingers — you know, anything can happen — from dirt and pus, blood and infected with all sorts of viruses.

Nevertheless, eyeshadow — product low-fat and bacteria enter neglyubka inside. So you can test the shade, removing the cotton swab a layer of shadows with a probe. “Clean” the shadow of another cotton swab apply it on the eyelid. After testing recommends that you carefully wipe the shade with the eye wipes.

In any case, do not apply shadows on eye own finger — because on your toes, too, may live a variety of bacteria.

Even better would be to paint the shadows of your own finger and bringing it to the eyeto see, will do you the color of shadows or not.

How to test mascara

Anything you put on the eyelashes, instantly puts on eyes, how would you not carefully painted! And as you know, in the coveted jar can live anything from barley to herpes.

But how then to test the mascara in the store, you ask? And in any way. Samples of the carcass in the store only to assess the brush. And as you know, to fully evaluate the ink in your home, buying a new tube. Therefore, for the ink to go, reading reviews.

How to test concealer

The safest probe on display is probe Foundation. It is the least likely to climb fingers. If the bottle with the dispenser is another guarantee that the germs here at least.

Testing expensive creams need to prepare, because all the properties it will open only on the skin. And leather back-of-hand usually tells nothing about the cream, if you are a professional makeup artist.

Sobefore you go to test the cream, wash our face, apply cream and do regular makeup, but without the Foundation and powder. Shop concealer apply it on the cheekbone with a broad stroke, a little walk with him, to show all its properties. Well and then carefully erase with a damp cloth!

Experienced recommended to do several such tests of Foundationto really choose one that will suit you. One cheek — one cream, the other the other, and forward, to walk ?

How to test powder

Powder its properties are very similar to eyeshadow, but test it must necessarily face. If you test on the back of the hand, like with Foundation, something very difficult to understand.

We take the risk? Of course not! The face-to-prepare testing as well as with Foundation, otherwise you will not understand anything.

Take a cotton pad and wash with probe a layer of powder. The second cotton pad to take dust from the fresh layer and apply to the desired area of skin — usually the nose and cheekbone. After testing face carefully wipe with a damp cloth to clean leather.

Tested. Buy?

And he reaches under the counter and coveted the tube or box. To the checkout? No!!!

First you need to make sure that your new makeup no one tried before you.

With powder, lipstick and eye shadow is easy to do by carefully examining the surface of the product. New, never opened “luxury” lip gloss and mascara opens with the characteristic cotton.

Unfortunately, many products of the class “mass market”is never defined, used or not someone is ?

In any case, if you are in doubt about the “virginity” of cosmetic product, you may ask the seller to get another copy or to withdraw from the purchase.

Good luck in testing cosmetics and great shopping!

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