How to think thin and not break?

In our today’s article on the website “” we’ll talk about how to think thin. If you’ve ever tried to do it, you know how difficult it is.

Remember how often you promise yourself to go on a diet or go to the gym from Monday, next month, with the New year — and how often you put it off?! And all because psychologically, your attitude was wrong, that is, simply you were not ready to change something.

That’s why we picked today step by step instructions of 5 points, which will help you to think thin and not break in the process.

Step # 1: set clear goals

First you need to answer for herself the question “why should I lose weight?”. The answer should not be vague and unspecific, otherwise the same will be your process of losing weight, that is, roughly speaking, no. You must clearly understand what will give you the weight loss what you want to lose weight, how to change your life afterwards.

  • Correct: “I want to lose weight to compete in a fitness bikini next year” or “to fit into a designer wedding dress”. Have a clear goal and end date of its execution, and it already gives a great motivation and attitude to active work.
  • Wrong: “I want to lose weight to improve personal life”. Here it was directly, and therefore you are unlikely to succeed. To establish privacy, it is necessary, first, to love yourself from the inside, and only then to change his body.

Step # 2: find the right motivation

Motivation is something that helps not only psychologically to adjust itself to weight loss initially, but also to avoid breakdowns. You can force yourself to take the first step and really start the process of working on themselves. But then, if there is something that can stop you before skipping a workout or a delicious cake for the night, the failure will occur inevitably.

But because always remember about your specific goal and how much time is left to achieve.

Extra motivation today find photos and profiles of stars and fitness trainers in social networks, examples of “before and after” and real history, good movies that make you be stronger, your will power is stronger.

But there should be the main motivation, personal. And it, by the way, may well be progress in weight loss: believe me, when you see on the scales how much you dropped, or count how many inches lost in the waist, or fit into old skinny jeans, you don’t want to eat another chocolate or skip a workout!

Step # 3: make a sensible plan

The achievement of any goal requires a specific plan of action, and tune in to losing weight will be difficult, if it is not. You need to consider every detail, down to the order of the day — then it will be much less temptation. Select the room in which you intend to do, and the type of training that you want to visit. The training plan is better to be with a personal trainer who will choose for you optimal level of load accordingly to your physical training and set targets.

It is impossible to ignore and nutrition. Don’t know how to eat properly? Then it is better to seek the advice of a dietitian. Try to establish a long-term eating plan prescribed for at least a month — this will help you to change eating habits.

And here are some very useful points regarding nutrition for weight loss, which will remind you the website

  • don’t look for a “miracle diet” for a week — they will be tough enough, and after finishing them, you’ll definitely want to eat heartily;
  • keep a food diary, recording everything you eat during the day — there are many applications for smartphones to record everything by hand;
  • if your diet involves smaller meals (small frequent meals), set the alarm clock so as not to skip meals;
  • if you’re counting calories, don’t forget to buy a kitchen scale, weighing accurate to 1 gram;
  • make a menu for the week and stock up for the future, to not be tempted to substitute something more nutritious low calorie.

Step 4: enlist the support of loved ones

Easy to talk about weight loss, if you live alone. But many family ladies often complain: “can not think thin because of the family”, “what to do if you want to prepare not only for themselves but also for the whole family?”, “how to make time for yourself in the busy schedule of the day?” In this case, of course, you need to tell someone about your “Napoleonic plans” and to enlist their support.

Ask her husband or parents to help you children, so you can make time for regular exercise. Discuss number of classes and the time you will spend on them in advance. You can easily negotiate with children: no sweets in front of your mother, trips to McDonald’s with the grandmother or dad, etc.

It is important that relatives shared your desire to lose weight and believe in you, it will help you psychologically easier to survive the moments when you really, really want to break.

Step # 5: assign a reward

Yes, any job should be a reward. And the main advantage in this situation is that you can assign a reward to themselves. It can be small joys in the midst of the process of weight loss — so the brain is easier to adjust the body at a comfortable weight loss, or one — to achieve a certain result (for example, if you lose 10 pounds by a specific date, you will be able to go to the sea, well, or something like that).

Don’t forget that the “small joy” should not be cake or pizza, even if you think that after a week of active training can be “a little afford”. No, no and no again: food should not be a reward!

Let it be something more substantial and less caloric: a new perfume, beautiful clothes, cosmetics, going to the cinema, SPA-procedure, etc.

All these little things will help you withstand a long time of hard constraints and a positive charge.

Well, now you know how to set yourself up for weight loss correctly. Remember that it is important not just to “hold your breath” and to break through the complex of measures for weight loss, and to adjust itself to a gradual but radical change in lifestyle. Get used to be healthy, beautiful and slim!

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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