How to tighten pores on face at home?

Today our article on the website “” about how to tighten pores on face — because this problem applies to many.

Advanced open pores tend to attract dust and then become clogged with dirt, making the face is covered with unsightly black dots.

Can I fight this? Will help any home treatments? The answer is “Yes” — read below how!

The causes of enlarged pores

If you are constantly trying to narrow the pores on the forehead, nose, chin and other problem areas, you probably are wondering why our skin at all?

The fact that the pores that cover our face is not just holes in the skin, it is a rather long channels that allow you to excrete any excess sebum out. This is a natural process and necessary to our dermis. Pores tend to shrink and expand — the reason for this are different conditions (skin condition, temperature and humidity, other factors).

And if your nose and other parts of the face covered with enlarged pores permanently, it indicates that:

  • so genetically: sometimes the pores are large by nature, such is the nature of your skin, even if her normal conditions;
  • you have hormone disorders: in this case, the pores is not the only problem of your skin. If it is accompanied by other, is to pass a comprehensive examination of the body;
  • you are wrong to care for the skin (this applies mainly to those who like to wash in hot water, often with sauna and bath, to abuse the sun — such conditions contribute to the continued expansion of dermal channels);
  • you are wrong to cleanse the skin (if you forget about the basic home treatments to cleanse, clogged pores by sebum and accumulate on the mud, which stretches them even more);
  • you’re not moisturizes the skin (I forget to put the cream on the face after washing — then don’t be surprised that the skin produces excess sebum, again stretching the pores);
  • your skin loses collagen (enlarged pores often cover nose and face in women over 40, because the less collagen, the lower the tone of the skin, and is difficult to quickly narrow down after the expansion — here will help not home and salon methods).

How to clean and tighten pores with exfoliation

Cleansing and exfoliating are the first steps to narrow the pores. If they do not the accumulation of sebum, dirt, dust and dead cells of our skin, they reduced themselves, will become less noticeable, lighter skin quickly equalized.

In addition, the scrub stimulates blood circulation in the dermis, activates the production of collagen and elastin, makes the skin more elastic and taut — and all this, too, helps to tighten pores naturally.

Step # 1

Before you begin exfoliating, nose, forehead, chin and other parts of the face should be elementary to clear. Fit your usual home remedies for acne, only it is desirable that it was a gel or foam suitable for the type of skin, rather than ordinary soap.

Do not wash with hot water — such temperature conditions prevent narrow pores, making them even more open and visible.

Step # 2

And now you can use a scrub to remove from the surface of the dermis of dead cells. Don’t use too aggressive and highly abrasive scrubs, and sensitive skin and is suitable scrub, which rolls down like clay. Apply a scrub or gommage to the face in a circular motion, massage it, paying attention to the problem areas — usually the nose, chin, area around the mouth and forehead.

How to quickly narrow pores with masks?

To many to narrow pores, it is enough only to clean them (as described above). But sometimes such measures are few, and can be supplemented with step 2 (exfoliate) once and the third step — applying the mask, which can quickly narrow pores. It can be used only locally, covering the nose or forehead, and can be applied all over the face. After the mask the skin need to again clean away the mixture and apply a moisturizing cream to prevent excessive sebum production.

What products can narrow pores at home? What kind of mask you can quickly make based on them?

Tomato mask

Tomatoes will help to narrow pores, and perfectly clear them from excess sebaceous secretions, due to the fact that contain a natural acid. By the way, because of this, this mask may be a little tweak in those places where there are scratches or cracks.

Take fresh and ripe tomatoes, peel it from the bones and skin, chop the flesh into a puree. Very lazy can use slices of tomato, put them on the nose, or even tomato juice, wetting it a cotton pad.

A mask or a compress with the juice you need to keep the face at least 10-15 minutes.

Yoghurt mask

There are narrow channels in the skin miraculously, again, will help acid, but this time not of vegetable and fruit, and milk. Choose organic yogurt with no additives, colors or flavors, no fillers, and preferably also not too runny.

Anyway, this mask can flow from the heat of the body, because it can be applied to the face, while you lie in the bath.

Keep the yogurt mass on the face for about 20 minutes, then rinse with barely warm water. If the yogurt was not fat, he is also a great moisturize the skin, the cream can be applied.

Egg-lemon mask

If the black point, despite all your efforts, it is still manifest, perhaps we should not just clean and whiten them? And this will help the egg white and lemon juice. Separate the white from the yolk, whip it into a light foam, add a drop of lemon juice (about a teaspoon). Apply mixture to face (best cosmetic brush) and leave for 20 minutes.

Protein can dry out and turn into a film because wash off the mask should be cautious, trying not to RUB the face and stretch the skin.

These three masks — the most simple, all the ingredients can be found for them in the refrigerator or in the nearest store. But believe me, they are efficient enough to question how to tighten pores on the face, not bothered you for some time. And if you follow the terms and to do cleansing, exfoliation, and one of these masks at least once a week, then you will notice a significant improvement.

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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