How to tighten skin after weight loss?

Today on the women’s website offer you to discuss a delicate subject: skin condition after weight loss.

It is no secret that quite often, achieving the desired harmony and hated parting with overweight women face the problem of wrinkles, sagging skin, and sometimes the “leather apron” in the abdomen.

No doubt, this greatly overshadows the joy from the perception of a new image. And the woman begins to worry a new problem: how to tighten skin after weight loss.

Why sagging skin during weight loss

Initially, the skin has high elasticity, but unfortunately, with age this property is greatly reduced.

If the process of losing the extra pounds is fairly intense, the volume of the body is sharply reduced, and the skin doesn’t have time to shrink.

Occurs approximately the same effect as that of a balloon that was inflated tightly, and then he released a considerable part of the shell of the ball became loose, the rubber, being very stretched and have lost elasticity and are unable to shrink to tightly embrace the reduced volume. The same occurs with the human skin.

If the weight is reduced smoothly (1-3 kg per month), the skin is easier to adapt to a gradually decreasing volume. In this case, to tighten the skin in the process of losing weight with the help of massage, exercises, increase its elasticity by applying specialized creams, wraps. Thus, unpleasant sagging of the skin can be completely avoided.

Best to stick to a healthy diet and to lose no more than 3 kilos a month: let the weight loss process will be lengthy, but this is the most favorable impact on the condition of your skin, and the whole organism.

But if you want to significantly reduce weight, so slow the pace of weight loss can someone and inspire. Many women will choose a more radical way to quickly get rid of extra pounds diet.

In this case, skin care will require more time and effort.

How to tighten skin after weight loss: a mandatory program

Once the weight just started to fall, it is necessary to start a complex recovery measures, helping your skin to adapt to the changing volume of the body.

The “mandatory program” to restore the elasticity of the skin must include:

  • beauty treatments;
  • proper nutrition;
  • exercise.

The neglect of any of the components of this complex will lead to the fact that skin problems have to solve is with the help of a specialist.

Cosmetic procedures that can help tighten skin during weight loss

Choose special cosmetics. They should moisturize the skin and nourish it. Well, if the creams and other tools that you will use will include components such as collagen and elastin. Pay attention to how the face and body.

Tones the skin, gives it elasticity and helps to cope with this task as skin tightening during weight loss douches.

Daily application of this hygienic procedure will improve the skin’s appearance and condition of vessels, and in addition, will help stabilize the emotional background that would be helpful as well, if you are on a restricted diet.

Not necessary to use expensive tools.

So, known to many Mirimanova Catherine, who managed to get rid of 60 kilos of excess weight, strongly recommends that you add the usual creams Shilajit and use such advanced cosmetic products in obligatory combination with massage. She claims that even with significant weight loss she not have any skin problems.

Improves skin elasticity and use of scrubs and peels.

They regenerate the skin, freeing the epidermis from dead cells. Perfectly suited to care with the goal of tightening the skin during and after weight loss scrub that contains ground coffee beans or coffee extract. Recipes for homemade scrubs can be found on the website ““.

Various wraps will also help your skin to recover after losing extra pounds. They can be carried out in the salon and at home, using tools such as clay (preferably several kinds), honey, coffee grounds, essential oils.

Proper nutrition, helps restore skin after weight loss

Diet diet, but the nutrition of the skin from the inside must be taken care of separately. Therefore it is not necessary even at the most strict diet completely exclude from the diet of fats.

Animal fat can be replaced with vegetable, but to refuse it is not worth it.

Eat fish and dairy products contained in these fats will help the skin to produce enough sebum, will save it from drying out, which will enhance its natural elasticity and to avoid stretching of the skin after weight loss.

Animal proteins contribute to the renewal of skin cells, so try to the body is not experienced in them a lack. The same lean fish and chicken breast will help you with this.

Don’t forget to moisturize the skin should not only outside, but inside, observing the correct drinking regime. Drink at least 1.5 -2 liters of clean water a day. Remember, no coffee, no tea, no different soups, especially carbonated drinks plain water will not replace. Similarly, a sufficient amount of liquid will help to eliminate sagging skin in the process of weight loss.

Physical exercise to maintain skin elasticity

No diet will make your body beautiful if you neglect physical activity. It is important that the process of losing weight classes were regular. It is preferable to practice daily feasible exercise than intense exercise 1-3 times a week.

Physical activity will not only positively affect the condition of muscles and joints, but also help to maintain the elasticity of the skin: during exercise improves blood circulation training vessels, which in turn, naturally improves the condition of all body systems.

And one of the positive results of training will be elasticity skin after weight loss.

Of course you can, postroynet to turn to plastic surgery for removing the formed skin folds. But keep in mind that, like any surgical intervention, excision of skin aprons or skin tightening surgery after weight loss carry some risks, have a number of contraindications, and the residue after such operations remain visible.

Isn’t it better to lose weight gradually, helping skin regain smoothness and elasticity in a natural way or, even better, to control your weight? Stay slim and beautiful!

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