How to tighten the face oval and face?

Loss of definition of facial contours is a problem that often occurs in women after 35 years. How to tighten the face oval, my readers today and tell women’s website ““.

Why facial contours lose clarity?

The main reason floated oval face is sagging skin, elasticity and smoothness where it meets the middle layer – the dermis. This layer consists of fibers of collagen and elastin. If the body for some reason, collagen production is disrupted, the shape of its fibers is changing, “spring” is stretched, losing their elasticity.

Early sagging can lead to the following factors:

  • Diet. The person loses weight faster than any other part of our body, so the question, how to tighten the face oval, often wonder woman who managed to lose weight.
  • Long stay in the sun without applying on face sunscreen.
  • Smoking. This habit actually accelerates the aging process of the body.
  • Improper skin care. The better a woman caring for her face, the longer it retains a clear outline.

The problem rasplavilsya contour of the face need to start to solve with its first manifestations.

How to make the skin taut

If the skin is just starting to lose its elasticity, to deal with the problem will help of special cosmetics. To care for aging skin use cream with lifting effect, the peeling and a firming mask. Such masks it is possible to cook at home.

  • Egg protein mix with a spoon of oat or rice flour. If such a product at home, it is permitted to replace regular wheat flour. The mixture can be enriched with essential oil of rose, sandalwood or fennel. The resulting tool is applied to the skin, leave to dry, then wash off. Before using such a mask, the skin is cleaned and smeared with cream.
  • Good tightening effect have masks based on clay. Owners of dry skin you should buy a pink or red clay. Those who are concerned about the problem of how to pull up homes face combo, oily or normal type, you can use clay white, yellow, blue, green, or black. To prepare the clay mask powder it is only necessary to dilute with water and apply the resulting mass on a prepared face, leaving free only the area around the eyes and lips. With the mask on the face, it is recommended to lie down and relax, wait until the feeling of skin tightness and mild tingling around the face.
  • To solve the issue how to tighten saggy facial skin will help mask of pea flour. For cooking this means you need to grind into powder dry grain peas, then breed the resulting flour with water or cream, if the skin is dry. The mask is applied on the face, leave for about a quarter of an hour, then wash off.
  • The website suggest my readers to definitely try a mask for sagging skin oatmeal and honey. For preparing such a liquid mask, slightly warmed honey mixed with oatmeal or cereal (ingredients are taken in equal volumes), the mixture is enriched with a teaspoon of fresh aloe juice. The mask is applied on face and wash off after 15-20 minutes. After removing the mask, wipe the skin with ice.
  • A good solution to the question of how to tighten sagging face oval, is the home paraffin mask. To prepare it, you need to buy at the pharmacy, 50 g of wax, heat it, then apply on the skin with a flat brush or gauze. The area around the eyes to cover with paraffin impossible. Leave the mask on face for about 20 minutes. Remove the wax very easily, and the thrill of such a procedure are only pleasant.

Online you can find so many different recipes firming masks, each of which with regular use twice a week definitely gives a noticeable result. With the problem of how to tighten the face oval, also do a good job special exercises.

How to tighten the oval of the face exercises

Facial gymnastics helps to strengthen the muscles and make the skin more elastic, so that the oval becomes clearer. On our website there is an article about exercises for oval face. At their regular execution, you can achieve good results.

In addition to the therapies, offered by Carol Maggio and Juliette Kando, you can try the following simple exercise.

  • Open your mouth wide and try to reach the bottom of your chin.
  • Roll in the mouth of an imaginary ball out of the air.
  • Lighten up and tightly closed mouth, without releasing the air. At the same time to put pressure on the cheeks with your fingers.
  • The slightly open mouth, push the lower jaw forward and move it left to right and right to left.
  • Alternately sing the sounds “U” and “And”, while straining face.
  • Among the many different exercises every woman needs to choose the ones that fit her face. Therefore, before you tighten the contours of the face through exercises, the females sometimes have to try several different methods.

    Many ladies enthusiastically talk about how to tighten sagging facial contours has helped special exercise equipment. For example, many laudatory responses received exercise for the muscles of the face Lulu Ultra. Therefore, if funds permit, you can purchase a miniature priborchik.

    All of the above techniques give results when used for at least three weeks. If you need to tighten oval face, you should consult a professional beautician.

    How to tighten face

    In violation of definition of facial contours it is recommended to resort to salon procedures that stimulate the skin’s processes of self-renewal:

    • Vacuum massage. This procedure represents the processing of faces with a special apparatus, resulting in the skin increases circulation, the cells are enriched with oxygen, the fibers of elastin and collagen becomes more robust, the movement of lymph improves.
    • Chemical peels are generally alternated with vacuum massage. In the process of peeling from the skin surface removes the old Horny layer, stimulating the production of collagen. To achieve a noticeable result, you must spend at least 2 treatments.
    • Meso Roller. With this challenge, like a facelift, a roller with multiple thin needles to cope just fine. During the procedure, the cosmetologist holds the roller in the face, processed before this special compound. Then the skin formed hundreds of microchannels, which are nutrients penetrate deeper into the epidermis.
    • The lifting. This procedure helped one woman to decide how quickly to tighten the oval of the face. In the process the skin is heated, it stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers and face contour with each passing day it becomes more clear.
    • Photorejuvenation. This procedure is essentially a skin treatment with beams of light. Under the influence of light beams improves microcirculation of blood and lymph in the blood, begins to produce collagen and elastin. Photorejuvenation course consists of 3-5 treatments with an interval of 3 to 6 weeks.

    An extreme measure is considered as facial contouring. But resort to it less frequently than other methods, because bezoperatsionnye methods also produce a wonderful effect.

    How to tighten the oval face: the reviews of effective techniques

    Online you can find various reviews about how to combat sagging skin. Here are some of them:

    • Worked on the technique Carol Maggio 2 months. Cheeks neat, drooping eyelids lifted. Surrounding say that the face looks fresher. Veronica
    • Did the lifting to improve facial contour. Was 6 treatments. The result is, but not to say stunning. Irina
    • I used the serum-lifting Givenchy. Tightens the contour is amazing. Elena
    • I tighten the oval of the face helped exercises written by Benita Cantieni. The result appeared after three weeks. Glafira
    • In 40 years to tighten the oval of the face really helped me the muscle stimulator. Now I’m 50, and this method generally does not work. Dora
    • Use of Meso-Roller at home. The effect of love. Katerina

    Many youthful women claim that the question of how to tighten the skin, they help to solve a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and special exercises. All these measures are good that do not require additional costs and have no side effects.

    That’s why our website wants its readers to learn how to fight primarily with their own laziness and to stay young for many years.

    Author — Pelageja, site

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