How to translate to home schooling a child?

Because many of the female readers of the site “” is progressive moms who strive to provide their children necessary for the comprehensive development conditions, today’s article deals with the question of how in our country translate to home schooling of the student.

If the parents decided that their child will not be attending school, they must specifically determine the type of training outside.

Homeschooling: the existing forms

Generally there are several types of distance learning, the most common of which are:

  • Home-based education. In this form of organization of education, the school teachers individually engaged with the child at home. The whole educational process assumes that the school in which the child is listed. Home-based education was developed specifically for children with disabilities who are unable to attend a regular school. In the absence of medical indications to transfer the child to this form of training will not work.
  • Partial home schooling. To transfer the child for home schooling with a free visit school only with a doctor’s certificate attesting to the special needs of the child.
  • Distance education. Training in the modern Internet school is the most convenient for children living very far from the nearest school or externship abroad. Students online schools can communicate with the teacher and with each other on Skype and on the forums. Monitoring the progress of students in this form is also done through the Internet, so teaching it need contact with full-time school is minimized. The main advantage of distance learning compared to full home schooling is the ability to obtain consultations from professional teachers at any time.
  • The externship. It is the name is the family form of education in which children are taught by someone of the parents. In order to homeschool, families need to find a school externship and to enter into the contract. Theoretically, in the design of this type of training is no big deal.
  • Unschooling (unschooling’). This is the most free form of training, completely negating the school and the program, is prohibited in almost all countries of the world. However, this system can be used as a Supplement to school education.
  • How to translate to home schooling

    The law States that the transfer of the child to the externship may be completed at any stage of his education, and he performed on the basis of statements of parents. Those who wish to transfer the child for home schooling, you must perform the following steps.

    • To find a suitable educational institution. It should be borne in mind that there are externship on the basis of conventional schools and schools with profound studying of subjects. Training externship will take place on the same program, which study the normal pupils of the school. The external students are being prepared to receive the same diploma as other graduates of the institution.
    • To write the application addressed to the Director of the educational institution, indicating the reasons on which the parents decided to transfer the child for home schooling. In addition, you must specify the form of the family education: distance learning, partial home schooling or externship.
    • To enter into a contract with the school. The contract must include information on the interim assessment of the extern.
    • To take in the school library all the necessary textbooks and workbooks.

    Parents who take the documents from regular schools for transition to external studies on the basis of the other institution, it is not necessary to provide the property with no certificates. It is sufficient to inform the Director about the new location of the child’s learning in oral form.

    When the transfer of the child for home schooling parents need to remember that taking on all duties of production control, tests and exams. However, in case of any problems they can contact the teachers of the school who are required to provide them with methodological assistance. If parents will not be able to ensure the acquisition of a child’s school program, the school will be entitled to terminate the contract, and the student will return to class.

    How to organize homeschooling

    In order for the child to understand all the wisdom of educational Sciences, it needs every day to deal with someone from adults literally 2-3 hours a day. Therefore, those moms and dads who only think about the question how to organize a child’s learning at home, you must decide who will be the home teacher of a baby.

    It doesn’t have to be parents themselves. The role of the teacher can play a competent and knowledgeable grandmother. Families with sufficient income can take home tutor.

    With regard to methods of teaching at home, every family. In our country there are parents who have a certain experience in terms of self-learning of their children. They are eager to share this experience on various forums.

    The website believes that organization learning at home does not require any particularly complex techniques and techniques. Important — when playing with the baby taking into account their inclinations and needs, to properly motivate.

    Parents should understand that children are by nature very inquisitive. They enjoy listening to all the stories of adults and, as a rule, easy to remember. And it is necessary to use. Cognition may not be noticeable for the baby, in the form of ordinary conversation. You can, for example, during a walk in the Park to answer questions of little whyers maximized, pushing him to pay attention to certain points.

    It is very important that any of these walks or excursions adult was well prepared. Knowledge of the parent, which will deal with the child’s education is one of the main requirements of the organization individual learning at home.

    But even more significant factor in the successful family education is the choice of communication style with the child and methods of education.

    They should be based on respect for the personality of the little man, love for him and absolute faith in his talent and success. Even if he won’t get to learn to read fluently or to learn the multiplication table, you should not look down its long classes, get to reread the same sentence twice or memorize by heart what he couldn’t understand. After all, the main meaning of the transition to home schooling is to protect the delicate psyche of the child from the negative effects of an imperfect educational system in schools.

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