How to treat a cold during pregnancy: tips and traditional medicine specialists

The main rule of a sick pregnant woman says: no self-treatment and urgently to the doctor! But if the malaise was palpable in the evening, and before the visit to the doctor needs to do something, use our tips. How to treat a cold during pregnancy so as not to lose it? And most importantly — not to harm the baby!

Colds during pregnancy is common, though very unpleasant thing. Even if you’re 9 months will sit in the walls of the apartment, there is no guarantee that the virus will not penetrate into the house with another family member.

In addition, during this period the female organism is especially vulnerable. The immune system is compromised due to natural reasons in your body develops new man, which the immune system considers “foreign” by the body perceives as danger. To prevent rejection of the fetus and save the pregnancy, nature took care of short-term depression of the immune system women immunosuppression. She makes the mother very vulnerable to seasonal diseases.

How to cure for colds during pregnancy?

Decide to start when you have the right to appoint a cold medicine during pregnancy and when not to. Symptoms requiring mandatory examination by a specialist include:

  • the preservation of malaise for three days;
  • the increase in body temperature more than 38 °C;
  • pronounced intoxication — weakness, feeling of weakness, vomiting, headache;
  • the appearance of raids in the throat and congestion in the tonsils;
  • mucus from the nose and sputum is yellow-green in color, the appearance of mucus droplets of blood;
  • the occurrence of severe pain in the eyes and forehead, which is worse when bending or pressing;
  • shortness of breath, wheezing, pronounced suffocating cough.

In these cases, how to safely treat a cold during pregnancy you can only tell the doctor. If the discomfort is limited to a banal cold, you can get tested products.


Do not use products based on alcohol. Banned tinctures Immunostimulants: lemongrass, licorice, Echinacea, ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, devil, and others. They increase blood pressure, which is already extremely unstable pregnant women, and frequent pulse. As a result of increasing workload on the cardiovascular system of the baby, which in some cases can even lead to development of serious diseases.

You can use people’s photostimulator — hell. It contributes to the strengthening of the immune system and helps in the fight against viruses.

  • Grate the horseradish root on a fine grater.
  • Mix with sugar in a volume of 1:1.
  • Leave in a warm place for 12 hours.
  • Strain and during the first two days of the disease, take one tablespoon every hour.
  • By the way, do not trust popular homeopaths that apply, at first glance, safe means. Perhaps they should be friends, then when you correct the shape or rebuild the Breasts after childbirth. But pregnancy is not the time for experiments.


    During pregnancy is contraindicated any heat treatments. Forget about the habit of hover legs and hot tubs. These methods are in no way connected with the problem how to treat a cold during pregnancy. Moreover, they can create a real threat of premature birth and miscarriage.

    But to hold his hands under running hot water, this helps to reduce pain in the throat and reduce mucus from the nose. Wrap neck warmer scarf, put on socks, warm pajamas and lie down to rest. It is not excluded that already in the morning you will feel absolutely healthy!

    Pregnancy and runny nose

    Most troubles in the acute period of the disease brings the cold. Than recovering from a cold during pregnancy, if defeated a stuffy nose and heavy discharge? In any case, not vasoconstrictive drops of type naftizina Galazolin or. Just a couple days of this treatment, and you may join the ranks dependent on their daily use. Besides, these drugs can enter the blood and spread through the arteries of the fetus, which leads to violations of its development.

    Use saline solutions for nasal lavage.

  • Dissolve 1/3 teaspoon of salt in one glass slightly warm water and bury the nose of the syringe.
  • Buy ready-made saline preparations in the pharmacy (saline, Akvamaris) and orosite mucous several times a day.
  • Vitamins for colds

    Adjust your vitamin complex can only be a doctor. Not experiment with vitamin C. It really is very effective in the event of colds, but during pregnancy increases the risk of uterine bleeding. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink fresh juices.

    Remember, your every decision, how to treat a cold during pregnancy can affect the baby’s development. Therefore, before taking any medicines always consult with your doctor!

    How to treat a cold during pregnancy: video

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