How to treat a rash around the mouth in a child?

Today women’s site “” we find out what the rash most often appears around the mouth and how to get rid of it.

Rash on face of child around the mouth is a kind of signal of an organism to any stimuli. They can be external (for example, the reaction to the saliva) and internal (e.g., reaction to worms). Below are the reasons due to which around baby’s mouth may appear small rash:

  • Irritation from saliva
  • Allergy
  • Malfunctions of the digestive system
  • Worms
  • Enterovirus infection
  • Oral dermatitis
  • And infectious diseases, reaction to the bites, chapping, etc.


In infants and children a little older than a year often empties near the mouth due to irritation of the saliva, which are especially numerous in the period of teething. So often the problem of face rash momma baby.

How to treat?

How to get rid of this kind of rash? You need to constantly wipe the child’s chin clean wet her handkerchief and wash with fresh water. Soon the rash should go.

If lesions are many and they disturb the baby, it is possible to smear rash Bepanthem (Sudocrem) or other baby cream you are using. Pass saliva – pass rash.


If the child is older and drool do not bother him, then you need to look for another cause. Small rash around the mouth and eyes of a child with allergies. To call her appearance can food or cosmetics, even toothpaste.

To determine the allergen will help your observing power of the child, or tests, which shall be appointed by the allergist.

Please note! This kind of rash may be accompanied by other symptoms: the child may experience watery eyes, a feeling of nasal congestion, etc.

How to treat?

Parents allow one of the errors start to smear allergic rashes around baby’s mouth with all sorts of creams, ointments and not looking for the cause of the rash child near your mouth.

If you make sure that rash in a child around the mouth is allergic, then the least you can do before a doctor visit – buy anti-Allergy drugs (eg, Suprastin or Edem) and to remove the food product (if the reaction to it) from the child’s diet.

Remember! It is important to establish the reason which caused the rash, not to treat its external manifestation. Therefore, to find the allergen – so to get rid of the rash.

Here’s how to treat an allergic rash to your child parents 6-summer Maxim:

  • While waiting for the test results to allergens, the doctor prescribed Pimafucort (it contained human hormones), and Radevich – it softens the rash. Then came the analysis – allergies home milk.

Features digestion

Drool your child is not flowing, food allergies, definitely not. What else can appear rash in a child around the mouth on the face? There is another reason for rashes around the mouth of the child, about which know not all parents. It is associated with the digestive system.

Seen, if the child suffered from constipation and occasionally goes to the toilet, it is not until the end the food is digested. It causes metabolic disorders – here’s another reason why the child may get a rash on the face around the mouth.

When disturbed metabolism the rash may cover not only the area around the lips but can appear on the cheeks and around the eyes. These rashes do not itch but turn red if moistened by water. They can also peel off. Another rash similar to shingles.

How to treat?

The scheme of treatment chosen by the doctor individually. Treatment will include absorbents, drugs that enhance the digestion process, and balanced diet to eliminate constipation. Apart from the fact that the child will be given medication for indigestion (as a rule, is appointed Kreon), the specialist will select the healing cream or ointment. Don’t worry, if the drug is on a hormonal basis. When applied topically the drug does not penetrate into the bloodstream.

Thus, the treatment of such lesions will be comprehensive in nature – diet, ointment and drugs. After a week you will notice how small is a rash on the face and around the mouth of your child, but treatment should continue until the end of the course.

Here is about the treatment of his daughter mom Olga on one of the forums:

  • Well, we searched the cause, which our 5 year old daughter appeared small red dots around the mouth and nose. And worms are even passed! But then came to a competent doctor. My daughter constipation! That’s the main reason. The food is not digested, and so the body reacts. We have appointed CREON, Acipol and cream on the face. Well as diet and treatment of constipation. Result – for a week everything was much better, and two, I forgot about the rash.


Cause a red rash around the mouth and face can of worms! It turns out that parasites also give a reaction in the form of small rashes on the face. Give blood tests for eosinophils. If they are elevated, it is possible that the rash is a symptom of worms in the body.

How to treat?

Bring worms – that’s all treatment. That’s one of the forum posts that caught our attention:

  • Couldn’t find the reason why rash around the mouth in a child? It turns out that this reaction gave the body to the worms. How to find out? The doctor sent to donate blood. Showed that elevated eosinophils. And this can be or allergies, or worms. Handed over a feces on worms. Sure! They! I could not think that a rash near your mouth can be due to worms. Brought parasites was rash. Xenia.

Enterovirus infection

Cause rashes can enterovirus infection. Most often this sickness is bothering the children of primary school age. The rash in this disease appears not only in the mouth area, but also on the palms, and in the mouth can form ulcers.

In addition, the symptoms of this disease can be vomiting and diarrhea.

Oral dermatitis in child

As the name implies, “oral” — one that is in the mouth, and dermatitis means skin rash. If oral dermatitis was attributed to early disease of young women, today red rash around the mouth in a child can cause this disease.

In this disease the skin in the mouth area appear small red dots, which after a few days increase together.

These rashes can appear not only in the mouth but around the eyes. Looks like acne, severe discomfort rash do not take: do not itch and itch.

To cause such a rash may be several reasons: reaction to the components of the creams that contain corticosteroids, a reaction to toothpaste with a high content of fluorine, cosmetics for adults, etc.

How to treat?

The reaction in the form of a rash occurs after contact with an irritant, resulting in lower protective properties of the skin. Therefore, the treatment – removing the factors that caused the rash, and treatment with drugs chosen by the doctor.

Other reasons

We reviewed the most common reasons why a rash around the mouth in children than to treat — is also found. We list some of the reasons due to which you may also see rashes on the face.

  • This may be a reaction to the vaccine.
  • Also, babies can get a rash as a reaction to the latex used to make pacifiers.
  • To cause the appearance of rashes can also poor hygiene – wiping the mouth with dirty hands.
  • Also, a rash may appear if the child often licks his lips and the area around the mouth, especially if he has sensitive skin.
  • The skin around the mouth may be red with chapping or in the frost. In this case, you can spread rash cream La-KRI”. He’s not hormonal. Acts gently and well heals wounds.
  • If the child has fever accompanied by a rash around the mouth — this may indicate the beginning of a contagious disease. Learn more about rash on body child female site told in the article Why there is a rash on the stomach in a child?
  • The rash may be a reaction to mosquito bites, etc.

How to prevent rash?

  • Encourage your child to follow the rules of hygiene from early childhood.
  • Follow the child’s diet, introduce solid foods correctly and on time, not to cause allergic reactions such as rash around the mouth and on the body.
  • Avoid constipation, so as not to disrupt the metabolism.
  • Regularly take tests for worms. After all, even they can become the cause of a rash on the body and around the mouth.
  • Make time to be vaccinated against infectious diseases.

As you can see, there are many reasons why around the mouth the child may get a rash. The task of parents – not to let it go and look for that could cause the rash to determine which treatment regimen with your doctor.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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