How to treat adenoids in children without surgery?

Adenoids occur almost every fourth child. And, despite the existence of a clear algorithm of action for their treatment, less questions from mothers becomes. How to treat a child’s adenoids? Can help homeopathic medicines? Is it possible to avoid surgery, and if not, what the preferred and safe? Answer these questions along with professional hearing and based on the recommendations of the world health organization.

Adenoids are part of the system of local immunity of the person. On this small area of the mucosa is the development of cellular immunity, which is able to cope with the virus long before their entry into the body. So on the one hand, adenoids are a natural barrier of the body in the way of viruses. And with another — educational system, where the age barrier is formed.

Too often the participation of the adenoids in fighting infection leads to lymph flow and edema. The authority continues to do its job: protect the upper respiratory tract from viruses. But in a larger as it can cause difficulty breathing in a child, and in rare cases, even suffocation. Therefore, to deal with overgrown adenoids is necessary.

How dangerous are adenoids?

There are three levels of the adenoids (enlarged adenoids):

  • 1st degree adenoids in children — swelling closes 1/3 of the nasopharynx. The child can freely breathe and good to hear;
  • adenoids 2 degrees in children — the adenoids block the nasal half. Baby’s breath is disturbed during sleep, and during the day it can be worse to hear due to overlapping auditory evstafievich pipes;
  • adenoids 3 degrees in children — swelling covers the entire nasopharynx, breathing and hearing difficult constantly.

If you leave it as is, even at 1 or 2 degrees of the disease, inflammation in adenoids eventually join the entire lymphoid system of the upper respiratory tract. As a result of chronic otitis and rhinitis. So if you don’t know how to beat a runny nose in a child that does not pass for months, start with the diagnosis of adenoids.

How to treat adenoids in a child of preschool age?

Why preschool? Because at this age the problem is particularly acute. Miniature upper respiratory tract may completely overlap the swollen tissue even at stage 1 of the development of adenoids.

This does not mean that the student has “outgrown” the adenoids. Contrary to popular myth the disease is not disappearing. Just the nasopharynx increases in size, and breathe it does get easier. That’s just the inflammation hasn’t gone anywhere, and the child continues to be sick more often than his peers.

Removal of the adenoids in children

Often doctors recommend removal of the adenoids in children laser. This method has the right to life, but his appointment there are a number of clear recommendations, in particular adenoids in children of 3 degrees and a real threat to the life of the baby. But to treat it as the only treatment option is fundamentally wrong, since inflamed tissue will grow again after 2-6 months. And infection becomes less frequent. In addition, there is always the risk of complications in the upper respiratory tract to death. The probability is 1 in 35 thousand. By the way, 10 times more than the mortality from vaccination against polio.

So the main thing in the treatment of adenoids is to remove them enlarged portion, and eliminate the inflammation and its cause. And then, in most cases, no operation is no longer required.

Adenoids in children: treatment with homeopathy

Often, not knowing how to treat the child, parents are turning to “effective” and “safe” homeopathy. However, its effectiveness — the result of a properly implemented marketing campaign. Studies have shown that homeopathic medicines provide short-term outflow of lymph from udaondo. But their reduction is not affected in 90% of cases.

How to treat adenoids in children?

Very conservative ways. And to answer the question of how to cure adenoids in a child, should the doctor-the otolaryngologist. If the doctor immediately without further ADO sends you to the surgery, go to another doctor. And so until then, until there is a professional expert who can recommend the technique of treatment. As a rule, it includes several types of procedures.

  • For the suppression of inflammation. They must not take inside, and to deliver to the surface of the adenoids. This task can handle drops and special nozzles.
  • Washing. The procedure removes the pus from the surface of the adenoids. It performs only a doctor way “cuckoo” (the introduction of the solution into one nostril and suction of another vacuum) or nasopharyngeal shower. If you decide to do the washing at home, driving the pus deeper.
  • Physiotherapy. Efficient quartz treatment of the nose and throat, as well as laser therapy with the conducting fiber into the nasopharynx through the nose.

As you can see, the problem of how to treat the child, decided to find a good specialist and adequate parents. Hopefully, these tips will help you to cope with it!

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