How to treat irritable bowel herbs and medicines?

As found by doctors, the majority of problems with the digestive system occurs in the background of a nervous breakdown. Causes of irritable bowel – one of the most common diseases of the digestive tract – also often have an emotional nature.

This syndrome is most often bothers people with fine mental organization, therefore, among women the disease is particularly prevalent. Women’s website “” today going to tell their readers about the origin of the disease, how it manifests itself and how it can be eliminated.

Symptoms and causes of irritable bowel

IBS is often confused with chronic colitis, but in fact, these two diseases have different characteristics. Irritable bowel is a condition not associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane of the body. Rather, it is a violation of his peristalsis.

For the syndrome is characterized by periodic occurrence of the following symptoms:

  • Pain in Central abdomen, which subside after the withdrawal of gas or bowel movement.
  • Frequent stools (up to 3 times a day) or, conversely, a decrease in its frequency (to 3 times a week).
  • Changes of defecatory symptoms (feeling of incomplete bowel movement, strained or urgency of the selection process feces).
  • Flatulence.
  • The appearance of mucus in the stool.
  • The causes of irritable bowel syndrome also include the following factors:

  • Viral or bacterial infection. IBS can be one of the consequences of disease, which the authority had to face.
  • The administration of antibacterial drugs. Because after treatment these drugs changes the intestinal microflora, its motility is also impaired.
  • Allergic to some products. Sometimes intolerance to certain substances also leads to a systematic malfunction of the intestines.
  • Violations of the frequency and quality of chair not only bring a sick person discomfort, but also cause his body problems with the functioning of other systems. As a result the person begins to suffer from nausea, headaches, weakness, drowsiness, irritability. Therefore, whatever the causes of irritable bowel syndrome, the disease must be treated. Fortunately, both modern and traditional medicine can offer people suffering from this syndrome, many ways of dealing with it.

    The website believes that you should first turn to traditional medicine, visit the doctor-the proctologist. That is a specialist and deals with problems in the bowel. Only he can correct diagnosis and to appoint treatment. Also, the proctologist will be able to advise the patient about which treatment to choose for adjuvant therapy.

    How to treat irritable bowel syndrome medicines

    To eliminate unpleasant symptoms and restore normal intestinal motility doctors prescribe the following medications:

  • Probiotics. About this group of funds today do not know is that absolute ignorant: they are widely advertised as a panacea for all intestinal diseases. I must say, this is far from the truth. Clinical studies show that probiotics positively affect the performance of the colon and small intestine and helps them to recover faster after an illness of any etiology. If there is a question about how to treat irritable bowel in case of inaccurate diagnosis, the probiotics can be accessed without any fears. Pharmacies have a wide range of such products (LINEX, BAKTISUBTIL, LACIDOFIL, BIFIDUMBACTERIN, etc.).
  • Antidiarrheal drugs. Here we are talking about tools that directly affect intestinal motility, but not on his state of the mucosa. Such, for example, is LOPERAMIDE.
  • Laxatives. They are used with the weakening of motor skills. Most often patients suffering from constipation, prescribed DUPHALAC is quite mild in action, but effective drug. Well eliminate constipation means plant-based – SENNA, BUT, SENADEKSIN.
  • If we talk about herbal preparations, it is worth noting that they can be used to relieve a variety of symptoms of irritable bowel. Such natural medicine is worthy of special attention.

    How to treat irritable bowel folk remedies

    Doctors once treated a sick gut collection of herbs, soothing the nervous system and relieves pain symptoms. These include, for example, includes such vegetable mixture:

  • Valerian root, chamomile flowers, buckthorn bark brittle, peppermint take in equal parts, mix. Tablespoon of the mixture brew as a tea in a glass and drink the decoction, morning and evening.
  • The fruits of fennel and caraway, Valerian and chamomile to mix and brew as well as the collection, mentioned in the previous paragraph. Use two times a day.
  • The question how to treat irritable bowel at home, will help to resolve a mixture of Linden flowers and marigold petals. These components must be mixed together in equal parts, then separately connect the crushed leaves of birch and sage and cornflower petals. These components need to take two times less than lime and marigold. Then combine both mixtures in a single collection. Take a tablespoon means, pour a glass of warm water, warm a quarter of an hour in a water bath, then allow broth to cool and drink it before meals.
  • In order to cure irritable bowel, you should also follow some rules of supply.

    How to treat irritable bowel syndrome: diet

    Foods that cause fermentation in the gut, when the disorder follows from a menu completely removed. In addition, you should follow these rules of nutrition:

  • Do not drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day. This drink has the ability to irritate the mucous membrane of the organs responsible for processing food.
  • To give up alcohol. It is very harmful to the body as a whole.
  • Food without overeating, with short breaks between meals.
  • Is not more than 200 g fruit per day.
  • To drink clean water.
  • Regularly eat cereals, especially oatmeal and Flaxseed.
  • Because among all causes of irritable bowel syndrome in the first place are the stress, for the prevention and treatment of disease is very important to find the opportunity to avoid them, and recover quickly after stress. Each person can have their own ways of relaxation: sports, good music, walking or doing.

    The main thing in this case to the nervous system, to relax, and commanded the body to work normally. Then all the other organs will not lose its functionality.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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