How to treat thrush in pregnancy

According to statistics, thrush troubling every second pregnant woman. And despite the fact that the disease does not pose a threat to the child’s development, it is necessary to fight. Itching, unhealthy in appearance of the discharge, violation vaginal flora and the conditions for active reproduction of other infections is what brings thrush expectant mother. To eliminate the unpleasant consequences of the disease need the help of an obstetrician-gynecologist. Use the professional advice of their doctor and our advice on how to treat thrush during pregnancy.

The development of thrush is a fungus called Candida, therefore, in medical literature, the disease is called candidiasis. It is proved that the Candida fungi live in the genital tract of almost all men and women on earth. While the immunity of a woman is in a normal state, it inhibits the development of fungi. But during pregnancy the immunity of a woman for natural reasons is reduced, which gives fertile ground for active growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

Therefore, before a perfectly healthy woman, confident in the purity of his sexual partner may suddenly find along with pregnancy unpleasant cheesy vaginal discharge with sour smell. In this situation, you must consult your physician who will diagnose and explain to you how to cure yeast infection during pregnancy.

Diagnosis of thrush

Treatment of thrush in pregnant women always begins with the correct diagnosis, so it is crucial not to take any independent measures to combat disease without consulting a doctor.

Diagnosis of thrush is simple and effective. It operates in two ways.

  • Bacterioscopy (or normal vaginal). The technician will consider the allocation under a microscope and accurately determine the presence of thrush.
  • Culture method. In rare cases, the symptoms of thrush are, but to smear the fungus is not detected. Then take a small portion of vaginal discharge, sow them in favorable for development of fungi Wednesday and five days later get the result.
  • To identify the development of yeast infection you can own, if you know how to measure basal temperature, and perform it regularly. The increase in temperature above normal (37,1-37,3 ºC) may indicate the development of infection.

    How to treat thrush in pregnancy

    Thrush during early pregnancy be treated no less effective than the later. Despite the limitations on the admission of a number of drugs with proper treatment from the disease can be gotten rid of fast enough. It is important that medications and dosages are you prescribed by a doctor.

    Most likely you recommend:

    • Clotrimazole or Miconazole preparations of local action, which are recognized as safe for the fetus during pregnancy;
    • Pimafucin — less effective the drug is in tablets, which even in large doses it has toxic effects on the child.

    There are traditional treatments with the use of a decoction of oak bark, calendula and others. Most effective, which is recommended even medical doctors, believe soda baths.

  • In one liter of water dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Add one teaspoon of iodine.
  • Pour the solution into a basin filled with warm water.
  • Sit in the basin for 20 minutes.
  • Perform once a day for two to three days.
  • When using folk remedies should take into account that the effect from them will be but short. Unfortunately, after some time the symptoms may return. And get rid of them until after a medication.

    Prevention of thrush

    In order not to suffer the question how to treat thrush during pregnancy, try to do everything possible to avoid the problem.

    • You’ve had a yeast infection? Be sure to follow the diagnosis by a gynecologist before planning a pregnancy. If pregnancy has already occurred, go to the doctor before the first symptoms of candidiasis.
    • Follow all recommendations of the doctor and time to take the necessary tests. During the examination of the health of expectant mothers often identified by other diseases which may provoke an immunosuppression and the development of thrush.
    • Eat well and take multi-vitamins that you prescribed by a doctor. It is proven that candidiasis often blooms in pregnant women who suffer morning sickness and limit themselves in food.
    • Make sure that your spouse no mushrooms Candida in the genital tract. Along get tested and if identified, complete a course of treatment.
    • Do not take any medicines without a doctor’s prescription. Uncontrolled self-medication with antibiotics and other drugs can stimulate the development of thrush.
    • Wear only cotton underwear of free breed.

    Follow these guidelines and we hope the question of how to treat thrush during pregnancy, you will not be affected. If the problem is already there, to seek medical attention immediately. Believe me, to cure candidiasis is much easier than courage to deal with its consequences!

    How to treat thrush in pregnancy: video

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