How to understand that you manipulate, how to recognize manipulation?

“” today going to explain how to understand you’re being manipulated, because to be yourself, to have freedom and make choices, the natural state of man.

Manipulation deprives us all of this, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, poor health and low self esteem.

We will teach you to recognize the “puppeteers” and effectively deal with them. And we will help you to understand whether you are using this unfair tactic in relationships, at work or with friends.

In our time the word “manipulation” often can be heard in relation to media. But this fact of equipment of manipulation of man by man did not disappear, but only evolve and usovershenstvuetsya.

The main objective of any manipulation to achieve the desired result, and the hands, whose action is hidden control. Manipulator “lays” in your head the idea that you need to do what is beneficial to him. And you’re sure that you accept your own solution.

How to recognize manipulation?

Experienced puppeteer literally “scent” smells of people influenced. The main criterion is self-doubt. Use manipulators and positive qualities, as well as unfavorable life circumstances.

Signs of manipulation:

  • feeling unwell after contact with a person
  • mixed emotions (we must do, but do not want or unpleasant)
  • guilt or other unpleasant emotions
  • fear, panic
  • dissatisfaction
  • victimization

The basic acts hidden influence happen to us at work. Colleague suddenly became warm for you to be at the meeting looks in the eye, shakes hands and asks, and your business? Pretty soon he will ask for a favor.

The hardest thing with bosses – before you understand that you are blatantly manipulated, you already agree to postpone the leave for two months.

But you have to be naive to think that native people do not use this technique on you. Mother first complains of discomfort, and then invites your family to visit during the week. What do older people, when I say: what I have a good picture, that’s me at the monument and place? Manipulate! Consciously or unconsciously, trying to draw attention to themselves.

The methods of manipulation

  • Evoking feelings of compassion, sympathy, etc. (“put yourself in my place”, “if you don’t help me, I have a big problem”)
  • Manipulation by flattery
  • An ultimatum or a bluff (how to recognize here the manipulation – check)
  • The establishment of guilt (mainly in the “Arsenal” of parents)
  • The use of key pain points – honesty, compassion, kindness, responsibility, consistency (“you promised!”)
  • Resentment as a way of manipulation
  • A sense of duty – when you perform a small request, and instead ask larger, then play on your sense of obligation, unwillingness to pass for an ungrateful person
  • Please provide a service to a third party in his presence (to deny is absolutely impossible)
  • Complaints of poor health (passive manipulation)
  • “Otzerkalivat” your behavior, movements, manners of speech (this is from the NLP)

How to recognize manipulation in a relationship?

Unfortunately, even between two close people is something like attempts at manipulation, it is only the beloved knows all your weaknesses better than anyone. In the relations of the manipulator promises mountains of gold, the development of relationships, are threatened by deprivation of their attention, love and respect.

Manipulated, if you:

  • Feel loved only when the desires of the partner
  • Waiting for approval of your every action
  • Afraid or think it’s inappropriate to Express your negative emotions experienced manipulator will always take advantage. How can you understand you’re being manipulated? advises to see if a partner tries to put you in an awkward position to get their way?
  • Not sure of her true desires.
  • I always feel that your mood depends on the mood of the partner.

Don’t try to re-puppeteer, and especially “replay”. The best thing you can do to protect against manipulation is to change. It’s important that you take all your emotions were understood and expressed them. To help you article on the “Beautiful and Successful” on assertive behavior.

How to recognize and reflect the manipulation?

The surest way is to learn to say no whenever you want, without feeling guilt or reduced self-esteem. Also learn to hide their faults and weaknesses even before loved ones, there is always someone who uses it to her advantage.

Try to find out right relations with those suspected of manipulation. Most likely, he will avoid a direct answer, refuse to discuss the topic or begin to accuse you of all mortal sins. For the emotional manipulator is a method of protection.

Well, more humor – recognizing manipulation, tell a joke, making it clear that you solved the evil plan of the interlocutor.

Of course, it is not necessary everyone who is interested in your life or asking for help, written in a notorious manipulators, so how do you know you’re being manipulated, yet it is possible if to communicate consciously. According to statistics, on the planet a lot more good people than bad!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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