How to upgrade to separate food?

How to eat right? The answer to this question every girl needs to find on their own. As an option — you can go to a separate food.

According to many experts, the separation of power is considered the most correct and helps to solve different health problems. How to go to a separate food – today this question will sort out the website

Features separate power supply

The main principle of food combining is that you can not eat incompatible foods at a meal.

As separated products?

  • The first group is highly protein foods. It includes meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds. Such products are incompatible with carbohydrate foods.
  • The second group is much carbohydrate food. It includes bread, cereals, potatoes, pastry. Carbohydrate foods are incompatible with protein products.
  • The third group is “good” or “real” products. These include almost all vegetables, fruits, greens, natural juices. Their main advantage is equally good compatibility with proteins and carbohydrates.
  • The fourth group is dairy products, which should always be eaten separately.

Another rule – between meals should take at least 2 hours.

It was during this time the stomach to the end digest as protein and carbohydrate food.

Now consider how to proceed on the separate power, if you used to eat differently.

Be prepared in advance!

Once you have switched to a separate power supply, it is possible the following situation:

  • In your body can happen something strange. For example, many transitioning to food combining diet develop new taste preferences, which previously had no idea. Resembles a pregnancy, isn’t it? Or the body can often and strongly to want something out of the usual diet, for example, a sandwich with sausage.
  • You can notice frequent mood swings and high emotions. Don’t worry, eventually it will pass.
  • You will be confused in the products and menu planning. In this case, you will table a separate power supply.
  • Can be difficult when eating out. However, this situation can be remedied. With time you will understand how and where to adhere to the principles of separation of power.
  • Others may perceive your decision differently. For example, can be both praise and confusion. Try every opinion to be taken with respect. But stick to your decisions!

How to upgrade to a separate power supply right?

So that the body can easily adjust to the new regime, begin separately to eat gradually. Before proceeding it is advisable to arrange fasting day, for example, on the water.

Next, try to replace one of the incompatible products to “live”. For example, if you often cook pasta with meat, try instead of pasta for the preparation of small vegetables, e.g. in the form of stew or salad.

Another option you can eat a serving of incompatible products at different times of the day. For example, 2 hours a day you can eat only a piece of meat or fish. Then in 4-5 hours you can eat carbohydrate side dishes such as mashed potatoes.

Examples of light and healthy meals of separation of power we have presented in this article.

The most difficult period is the first weeks. Most likely, the food will not bring you the usual fun. And in General, perhaps not entirely comfortable state of the body.

But as soon as the body will go into a new diet, you will notice the ease of fast uptake and improvement of health. Perhaps in some usual product, you will feel something special, something I had not noticed before.

Important point – your mood over time stabiliziruemost. Some women notice that after they switched to a separate power supply, emotions have become more positive and there is no need to “seize” the stress harmful products.

Finally, you will realize that you can better control your appetite and eat less than before. And it’s also good for weight loss and significant financial savings.

How to lose weight by going to a separate power supply?

You’ve probably heard that the separation of power helps to get rid of the hated kilograms. Also quite common diet a separate food of 90 days. And quite often you can find rave reviews.

Is it true you can lose weight? And how to switch to separate power supply in order to obtain the desired figure?

Using a separate power supply or diet to lose weight it is really. And it is noteworthy that this food is not perceived as a specific method of weight loss, but as an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

And by the way, if not to retreat from a separate power supply, the extra pounds will not be returned.

For weight loss the main thing — to set a goal and not deviate from it! And do not expect too quick results. On average, eating separately, you can forget about 4-5 pounds per month.

Important tips

So we’ve seen how to go for separate meals. Not interfere with the other recommendations.

  • Always try to plan the menu for the day. And to do it better the night before. It is desirable to have a separate notebook and write the list of dishes. Please note! Menu should be simple. And the day it is advisable to start with fruit, which is “start” the body after the holidays.
  • Try to eat only when you are really hungry.
  • Drink water. Clean, tasty, transparent! It is advisable to drink one glass of water half an hour before eating and another glass half an hour after a meal.
  • Choose foods simple composition. It is also advisable to eat the food that is produced in your home country. You see, the stomach easier to digest something simple and native!
  • Most try to read the indicators of nutritional and energy values on the packages of food. This will help you avoid confusion in the question of product compatibility.
  • When planning a holiday try to book rooms at those hotels and resorts, where organized buffet.
  • Try to find like-minded people. Undoubtedly, you would benefit from sharing tips, recipes and other answers on “how a beginner can go to a separate food”.
  • If if suddenly you ceased to eat separately for any reason, the main thing – do not worry! Carefully analyze your diet. Then remember how you can go to a separate food. And forward to the ease and great mood.
  • Always remember that your health and longevity depends on you.
  • If you decide to lose weight with a separate power supply, it is useful to do breathing exercises for weight loss.
  • As you can see, a separate food really deserves attention. To eat or not – to solve only to you.

    Women’s website “” very much hopes that you will useful tips on how to properly and usefully go to a separate food. In any case, I wish you health and good mood!

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