How to use a scrub for the face?

Gels, tonics, creams, lotions… Why not just use girls to stay beautiful and young. This list of women’s website “” recommends to make more and scrub.

Skin cells are regenerated, but this process need to help. Good peeling effect scrub for the face. Still have not heard about this? Let’s examine it together.

What is the mask-scrub for face?

The roots of this term go to France. Translated from the French “Hommage” means “eraser”. Its use is aimed at cleansing from the top layer of the epidermis, remove dirt from the pores and getting rid of dead cells. The structure of the skin after application is improved.

Scrub is recommended for almost all skin types ‒ dry, oily, combination.

Its main advantage is that it has a gentle action because of the aroma and fruit acids, which are included in its composition. Features a scrub like a scrub, but it is more gentle, therefore suitable even for sensitive skin. Affects the skin by fruit acids, not grains, providing mechanical friction, as in scrub.

Before using gommage for face, explore its features:

  • Careful cleaning pores from dead skin cells, sebaceous oil, dirt, toxins, dirt and other substances that prevent the skin to “breathe”;
  • If you will prepare the scrub at home, you will be able to control its composition by adding a substance that promotes the softening of the skin and nutrition;
  • Gommegnies tools can improve the complexion, and with long-term use even smooth terrain.

Pay attention to the composition of the cosmetic product. Search for it is needed for you ingredients:

  • Want to make your skin clean and give it a healthy glow? You need something with sugar and ultracision oils.
  • To remove dead skin cells contributes to the presence of jojoba.
  • Sea salt and algae are able to stimulate blood circulation, remove fine wrinkles.

How to use a scrub for the face?

Apply bought or homemade scrub better on a steamed clean skin. To achieve this state easier in the evening.

So, coming home from work, treat yourself to a cosmetic procedure.

Apply the mass must be from the top down. Start from forehead and head to the chin. Make massage movements with fingers like rubbing cream.

This micro-massage gommage for face can work wonders:

  • Accelerates cell metabolism;
  • The protective function of the epidermis is enhanced;
  • Stimulates circulation;
  • Skin looks younger, fresher;
  • Increases the absorption of other means, for example, creams, or tonics;
  • Normalizes fat and water balance.

Write a composition on the face for 15 minutes: let the tool bit will last. Not let it completely dry.

When you start to feel that the skin feels like it’s contracted, “roll” a lot with the fingertips. If you overexpose the scrub on the face, and he stuck to skin, do not try to scrape, and rinse using warm water.

Owners of oily skin type are advised to use the product twice a week and for normal skin, one is enough.

If you have sensitive or dry skin, then use companymy masks better not more than 3 times a month. After 40 years, you can apply scrub three times a week.

Do not use gommage if you’re going then go out.

Recipes home gommage

It is not necessary to buy cosmetics in the store. The website tell me how to prepare the scrub for the face at home by yourself.

For oily skin cream option. Among its ingredients barley and rice flour, dry cream. They need to mix in a ratio of 2:1:1.

Dry sensitive skin requires very different ingredients ‒ oat flour, orange zest, semolina (2:1:1).

Milled and diluted with milk Hercules can itself be in the form gommage. So Breakfast is easily converted into a mask. Keep it on the face is not necessary, just for a couple minutes, RUB the tool in the face and then rinse with warm water. If you want to get it cleanse, then add to the mixture of the ground coffee.

All of these tools can be stored in jars, diluting the cleansing milk immediately before use.

Tried out on himself

About how to prepare homemade scrub, I didn’t, because even this word is not heard. Stumbled upon this tool when choosing cosmetics on the site. After reviewing the information, immediately ordered two products (simply because could not choose).

  • Faberlic “Air stream”. The product cost about 200 rubles. The consistency is gel-like. Scrubbing particles are felt, but not so strictly as in the scrub. The product is easy to apply and spreads evenly. The complexion has not changed, but the Shine was not as noticeable. Softness directly after washing was, but this condition is quickly passed.
  • Organic Shop “Morning coffee”. The value of this asset reaches almost 100. If I hadn’t learned about how to use gommage, you probably would have done it wrong, because all the instruction which is on the packaging, is reduced to ‒ “apply-rinse”. The consistency is creamy, abrasive particles are more pronounced than in the Smell. For overly sensitive skin I would not advise, still felt the grains on the face pretty good. Carry out the procedure in the evening and even the next morning the skin to remain soft. The face became lighter, but for half an hour after the procedure I felt the tightness.

Gommegnies tools ‒ a great alternative to scrubs. Holders of sensitive skin have to get them. To prepare the scrub at home is quite simple in its composition and usually only 3-4 of the component. If you are too lazy, you can trust one of the well known brand ‒ Yves Rocher, Manager, Givenchy, Chanel and others.

The choice is yours!

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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