How to use Aevit for nails?

Strong, healthy nails today can boast of a rare happy representative of the beautiful half: bad environment and stress do their work. Those depressing unattractive appearance of the nail plate, it is useful to try aevit for the nails.

This method of restoring natural strength of nails women’s website “” today and decided to draw the attention of their readers.

It is considered that brittle nails develops with calcium deficiency in the body.

It is thanks to this popular belief with the dull and brittle nails women begin to fight, enriching the diet with calcium and putting on nail strengthening products containing this mineral.

But in fact, problems with the nails occur most often in early spring or late fall – times when the body usually suffers from deficiency of various vitamins. So ladies who have had problems with nails, you should think about the use of vitamin-mineral complexes.

One such complex drug aevitum.

Aevit vitamins for nails

In the product contains retinol (100,000 IU) and tocopherol (100 mg) – substances that are strong natural antioxidants. They have other useful properties:

  • Slow down the natural aging of cells.
  • Improve the metabolic processes between tissues and accelerate their regeneration.
  • Positively affect male and female reproductive system.
  • The consumption of this drug can improve the condition of skin, nails and hair, so they are called beauty vitamin. The website found that vitamin a combined with vitamin E gives much more pronounced results than expensive creams, serums and shampoos.

    For beauty nails aevit can be taken internally for one month one capsule per day. But prior to using the drug should consult a doctor. The fact is that vitamins A and E in capsule are in a high enough dose. And the excess tocopherol and retinol in the body can result in various disorders.

    Especially dangerous overdose of these vitamins for smokers, diabetics and pregnant women.

    But when applied topically aevita to strengthen nails and hair the danger of overdose is completely excluded. But the result of such use is surprising.

    Aevit for nails: how to use externally

    The product is recommended when such symptoms fatigue nails:

    • brittle;
    • loss of gloss;
    • delamination;
    • slow growth;
    • low elasticity.

    To apply it is very simple: you only need to compromise the integrity of the gelatin capsule with a sharp wooden stick (many people use this purpose toothpick) and squeeze the oily contents.

    Aevita to smear the nail follows the whole length of the plate, repeating the procedure every day in the evenings.

    Many do this procedure just before going to sleep and lying in bed, trying to place the hands so that the nails do not touch the cushion, and a layer of vitamins is not erased. But in fact, even a fresh coat aevita cannot be fully erased accidentally slide the pillow because it has a sticky consistency and is well kept on the place where it struck. Therefore, to sacrifice their comfort and afraid to move in bed after the procedure, the use of the drug is not necessary.

    However, the experts suggest aevit for nails to RUB about 2 hours before bedtime, such as watching a favorite series. Then the tool will have time to soak into the nail before erased about a blanket or pillow.

    Best aevit not just apply and RUB into plate with fingertips, massaging the skin around the nail.

    Three-week course of such procedures will yield noticeable results:

  • Nails will grow faster.
  • The nail plate becomes much stronger and more elastic.
  • The nails will start to Shine.
  • Disappear burrs.
  • The cuticle will become a neat appearance, will be easier to handle during a manicure.
  • A striking result can give the outer of combination drug therapy polished nails. To do this, dissolve the contents of one capsule with the same amount of cosmetic oil and fat to perform polishing of nails with colour. With regular daily procedure within 3 weeks your nails will become beautiful and shiny, cover them with decorative nail Polish is no longer needed.

    No matter how used the drug aevitum for hands and nails it will have only the most positive consequences. The nails become strong and healthy, and your skin is visibly rejuvenated and smoothed.

    The cost of the drug and time costs for cosmetic procedures with him is so small that it does not take advantage of this real crime against beauty. That’s why our website recommends: tomorrow, coming back home, buy aevit and treat them with his nails. You’ll see – for the first month of summer arms will be the best part of your body.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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