How to use banana for hair?

Modern women are increasingly turning to natural products instead of store-bought cosmetics. Many lovers of homemade cosmetics used for skin care dairy products and fruits and some even learned to do without shampoo.

For example, they use banana for hair is the cleanser and mask. The bold experimentators already invented a lot of recipes using this overseas fruit as skin care products for the hair.

It is such a cosmetic kitchen today were in the spotlight of women’s website ““.

Benefits of banana for hair

This beloved by many a sweet fruit can not be called a treasure house of minerals and vitamins in the banana not so much.

However, potassium, magnesium, carotene, b vitamins, ascorbic acid in the pulp of the fruit are contained in fairly high concentrations. Due to the use of the fruit in cosmetic purposes gives a high result. Especially good banana as a moisturizer for brittle and dull hair.

But in addition to hydrating the funds from this fruit have other qualities:

  • Regeneration. Surprisingly, the banana is able to restore hair damaged by chemicals, high temperatures or sunlight, former strength and elasticity.
  • Protection. Thanks to its ascorbic acid banana cosmetics protects the hair from various external influences.
  • Strengthening the roots. Banana contains vitamin B3 which is a substance that fosters the health of the skin. A healthy scalp is a prerequisite for beauty and strengthen the hair.
  • Bananas are useful for hair growth, so anyone who wants to have long braids, you need to arm yourself with recipes of masks from this fruit. However, these recipes can come in handy to every woman. Because almost all modern ladies constantly complain about the poor condition of the hair.

    Mask of bananas for healthy hair

    Depending on what purpose you will use the mask of banana pulp, its recipe may have different options.

    • Moisturizing hair mask can be prepared from the halves of the pulp of one fruit, a tablespoon of olive oil and the same amount of honey. The easiest way is to stir the ingredients with a blender. But if there is no such apparatus, it will be necessary to skip the fruit through a sieve, and then enter in the weight gradually the butter and honey. If possible, such a mask can be enriched also teaspoon silk oil.
    • Another effective moisturizer hair mask with banana and avocado. Fresh fruits you must peel and cut into pieces, put them in a blender and grind. In the resulting mass add the olive oil (20 ml) and egg, and stir everything well.
    • If scalp is greasy, you can prepare hair mask with banana and honey without adding any oils. To do this, take the pulp of the whole fruit and mix it with 10 ml of liquid honey. Honey this can be a bit warm. The mass is allowed to enter a little bit of warm water: it will make the mask less viscous, and it will be easier to apply.
    • For hair prone to fat, suitable as a mask with banana and yoghurt. Feature of this mask is that its preparation should not be used peeled ripe fruit that must be cut into pieces and beat with a blender (without this device to prepare this mask will be difficult). In the resulting mass to enter the 20 ml low-fat yogurt or kefir is very fresh, and the lemon juice squeezed from half of the fruit.
    • Hair mask with banana and egg is a great way to nourish and strengthen any type of hair. Preparing this mask is very easy: in the bowl of a blender loaded chicken egg and the pulp of the fruit, the contents mixed and then applied on the hair along its entire length. Instead of one chicken egg to take two quail – a means, it’s just super effective.

    • Excellent regenerating means is obtained from the pulp of one banana, yoghurt (20 ml), oil of wheat germ (10 ml), egg yolk, honey (2-3 g), 20% cream (20 ml), extracts of ylang-ylang (3 drops). All the ingredients must be mixed into a homogeneous mass.
    • The website also recommends use of a simple hair mask with banana and olive oil. The pulp of the fruit need to take about 15-20 ml of oil. Is olive you can use any other cosmetic fatty oil. This mask has moisturizing and regenerating effect.
    • At home prepare a banana mask with coconut additives. To do this in the flesh of the fruit add 20 ml of milk of coconut and a tablespoon of coconut oil, as well as 16-20 grams of honey. To make mixing the ingredients easier, a mask can be placed in a container of water and place on the stove to slightly warm. Some ladies added to this mask a few drops of rosemary, peppermint or lavender. The result is stunning.
    • Hair mask of banana and sea salt helps to solve the problem of hair loss and accelerates their growth. For cooking need the pulp of the fruit mixed with a handful of salt, a lot of break using a blender and apply on hair roots, then gently massage the skin with your fingers for about 3-5 minutes.
    • Of banana for hair, you can make a great mask, if you just blend the pulp with any balm-conditioner. This means not only will benefit the condition of the hair, but will not cause problems when flushed.

    Speaking of washing the banana mask from the head, it should be mentioned that it is sometimes difficult, because the fruit adhere to the strands and is not willing to part with them under any circumstances.

    In order for this trouble not marred the joy of the beauty of hair mask of banana, it is necessary to resort to the following measures:

  • Carefully break the banana in the blender to mask it turned into a homogeneous mass.
  • Add to any mask from this fruit and a little vegetable oil.
  • By washing the mask to use conditioner.
  • With skillful use of the banana mask is washed off from the hair easily. Moreover, the banana can even be an alternative to modern shampoo.

    Wash hair with a banana

    To cleanse hair of dirt you can just grind the pulp of banana and apply it on the hair. Immediately wash with a hair is impossible, you must first insulate it and hold for about 40 minutes.

    For washing you should use flesh, clean from the top layer, which contains too many binders. For this purpose, better to use very ripe, soft bananas.

    More effective cleansing action has a hair out of a banana with the addition of egg yolk and lemon juice. The yolk foams well, and the lemon juice cleans the hair of alkaline plaque. Hair after shampooing become really clean and very soft.

    It is very important to rinse the hair with hot and cool water.

    The reference to banana masks and shampoos to give excellent results. Those who have tried them, surprised to note that the hair is really becoming more pure, and their health and appearance will improve dramatically.

    But there is such a natural shampoo and minus: greasy hair, he is not clean. Therefore the owners of hair of this type it is better to turn to traditional methods of washing. But to pamper her hair with a delicious banana mask is possible without any restrictions.

    Of course, what is the recipe of banana for hair to make a secret of its beauty and appeal to this beauty tool at all, only you can decide, dear readers. But if suddenly you have in the kitchen stale a banana, which from time will darken and become quite ugly, just a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity to try to cook from his mask. Moreover, the cooking does not take much time, and the result is sure to please.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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