How to use dimeksid and solkoseril for a face?

It turns out that to get rid of wrinkles, it is not necessary to resort to anti-aging treatments Botox or expensive sessions of mesotherapy. You can just search to the drugstore and buy cheap drugs – solcoseryl in the form of an ointment or gel and dimexide.

Say skin after exposure to it of these drugs rejuvenated instantly. Is it really effective facial mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom reviews, which are often found on the forums?

Let’s settle this on the women’s website ““.

What’s in it?

To understand how solcoseryl (a drug for the treatment of wounds, burns and scratches on the skin) and dimexide (anti-inflammatory drug) can affect the skin, study them the composition.


So, consider what is solcoseryl.

  • The composition contains hemodialysate (dialysate) is an extract of natural components taken from the blood of calves. Components are known for their ease to penetrate the skin. It is known that the dialysate is very well normalizes pH balance of skin and also improves blood supply and regeneration of skin tissues.
  • Also in the solcoseryl include cholesterol, which is well helps to soothe and smoothes wrinkles.

These 2 components can have a positive effect on the skin to make wrinkles less noticeable, improve its elasticity.

But other components contained in this drug, have to skin questionable action:

  • Vaseline is the most simple and accessible emollient, but many European manufacturers refused to use it in cosmetics. Take the fact that vaseline is a derivative of oil, which can cause cancer. Just note that the face mask gel solkoseril + Dimexidum will dry the skin because vaseline contains only ointment in the drug in gel form of this component no. Each face mask with gel solcoseryl and dimexide say that it strongly tightens the skin.
  • Propylene glycol belongs to the group of the cheapest moisturizers. Skin upon exposure to this substance becomes very soft. But this is a temporary deceiving result. In fact, the skin is softened due to the fact that propylene glycol displaces her a lot of useful items. As you can see, propylene glycol brings dubious benefits to the health of the skin.
  • Cetyl alcohol, which is also in the drug, nothing useful skin does not. It is only used as a thickener.

As you can see, the composition of solcoseryl contains substances that can favorably influence the condition of our skin – hemodialysate and cholesterol, as well as those that could harm her health.


Directly in the mask Dimexidum not used. They wipe their face before apply the solcoseryl.

How does the skin dimexide, which in medicine is considered one of the best antiseptic agents?

  • First, it is the sanitizer, which will not allow them to penetrate the skin of toxic substances.
  • Second, dimexide will strengthen the effect of solcoseryl, activating metabolism in the skin tissues;
  • Thirdly, the drug serves as a conductor for many drugs. With Dimexidum, the mask of solcoseryl faster and deeper penetrate into the skin.
  • Attention! Prior to application of Dimexidum on the skin it must be diluted with water (1:10), as undiluted Dimexidum you may burn.

    As solcoseryl will act on the skin?

    Solcoseryl and dimeksid for the person use to get rid of wrinkles is the main purpose of the mask with these drugs. So often I make a mask with solcoseryl in women with Mature skin.

    You can also apply the mask for those who have problem skin — acne, micro cracks, sagging.

    Those who have tried solcoseryl and dimexide for the face (the mask is prepared very simply), leave positive reviews, which often say they immediately noticed the effect after application solkoseril with Dimexidum.

    • The skin tightening even after the first treatment. Elena.
    • I started to heal faster marks from acne. Eugene.
    • Wrinkles on the face have become inconspicuous after I did 10 treatments (1 every 3 days). Elena I.
    • I have no inflammation on the face, which often it appears, improved skin color – it was a pleasant pink hue. Masha.

    Of real user reviews it is possible to notice a positive effect on the skin solcoseryl – this is the main active ingredient of mask:

    • Increases the production of collagen which makes the skin supple and smooth;
    • Regenerate damaged tissue, are inflammation;
    • Facial wrinkles disappear;
    • Improves the complexion.

    The composition of miracle mask

    Drug solcoseryl – this is the face mask of wrinkles. Is an ointment or gel in a pure form is applied to the face. Dimexide is used as an additional means before treatment to deep cleanse and open pores.

    Recipe No. 1

    To use for the mask can solcoseryl in the form of an ointment or gel. As mentioned earlier, many suggest to choose a ointment as gel tightens the skin. Although there are a few reviews that the gel stays better on the face and does not drip, as an ointment.

    Let’s consider step by step, how to make a mask of solcoseryl and Dimexidum of wrinkles.

  • To improve the effect of the mask with solkoserilom and dimexide need to steam the face over a basin of herbs.
  • Then dilute dimexide. For example, you can take 1 spoon mixture and 10 cups of water or syringe to measure 1 ml of Dimexidum and 10 ml of water.
  • Then with a cotton pad, wipe the face with Dimexidum. Note that the drug has a repulsive odor. Be prepared for it.
  • The pores are open and face disinfected. Next, apply the mask solcoseryl thin (about 1-2 mm) layer.
  • A face mask solcoseryl and dimexide keep on the skin for 1 hour. If you have applied a mask of solcoseryl and Dimexidum on the face, care should be taken to provide extra hydration. You can use a spray bottle with water, which periodically will need to spray the mask on the face.
  • Solcoseryl remove damp cotton pad and apply on face nourishing cream.
  • It is not recommended to use such a strong mask under the eyes. But some people apply solkoseril a very thin layer on the area. Say that wrinkles under the eyes are smoothed.

    Recipe No. 2

    Rare use of solcoseryl in instead of a night cream, leaving for the night. To carry out this procedure need very carefully, not forgetting that solcoseryl has a tightening effect.

    It is recommended to do night mask for women over 40, Mature skin.

    The number of procedures

    Tips on how often you can make a mask of solcoseryl and Dimexidum to fight against wrinkles, there are different.
    Some people recommend to do this procedure rarely – no more than twice a month, and some apply the mask of solcoseryl on the face courses – every 3 days. Just suggest to take a course of 10 masks. The optimal scheme, as they say in the reviews, the following:

    To prevent wrinkles use the facial mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom 2 times a month, and for oily skin you can take course of 10 masks according to the scheme described above.

    That’s what we saw reviews about the mask:

    • I really liked the face mask “dimeksid and solkoseril gel”. After the first treatment I noticed that the wrinkles have decreased. I want to note that I liked the gel more. The ointment running down from the face, and the gel is so nice drew the skin. Olga.
    • Fine lines in the morning have disappeared, and the deep smoothed. Solcoseryl well acts on Mature skin. Hell.
    • I do use the ointment solcoseryl once a month as a night cream. Cleanse well face and at night to Polish his solkoserilom. In the morning wash well with water. The skin becomes younger before our very eyes. Alla Ivanovna.
    • So the mask does not dry on the face, I just spray not simple, and a heated mineral water. Sasha.


    We should not forget about contraindications to the use of drugs:

  • Firstly, it is impossible to make such a mask for those who have detected hypersensitivity to the substances included in the composition of solcoseryl and Dimexidum.
  • Secondly, it is impossible to make such a mask during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Before you start to use the mask of solcoseryl and Dimexidum, be sure to perform a test on the absence of allergic reactions:

    • Apply a thin strip of ointment solcoseryl elbow or wrist and make sure there is no redness. Ideally, you need to wait a day, but as they say those who have done such a test, if there is no response in 30-50 minutes, the allergies you have. Dimexide apply to the arm in the shoulder area and also watch the reaction.
    • You can apply first hand diluted dimeksid and solkoseril from the top.

    Allergic reactions to these drugs are not actually found. reminds: don’t forget to study the instructions to the drugs that you want to use for cosmetic purposes. If you believe the reviews about masks for the face of solcoseryl and Dimexidum, the result of their application is amazing: the skin is smoothed and becomes elastic. By the way, many have noted the cumulative effect of the mask every day, the result will be more noticeable.

    All would be happy, but how can the skin react to such masks in the future, research has not been conducted.

    What do you mean, applied to the skin these drugs! Petrolatum, propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol in the composition! You will kill your skin forever. Karina.

    Perhaps under the influence of solcoseryl skin will grow old faster, and you will increasingly apply the mask of solcoseryl and Dimexidum facial. It is unknown what the benefits will be the…

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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