How to use gelatin from wrinkles?

The website “” already wrote about the benefits of gelatin for beauty of your hair here. Today we will talk about how to use gelatin from wrinkles. You will be surprised, but it is a cheap and affordable means to cope with skin problems are no worse than restore hair.

The benefits of gelatin for skin

It is known that the skin with age may lose its elasticity due to loss of collagen – the substance that gives skin firmness and elasticity.

But gelatin is the collagen is practically pure and thus be able to return your skin to its youth and beauty. The use of gelatin in the composition of face masks helps to improve blood flow and stimulate metabolic processes.

In addition, the useful minerals contained in gelatin, nourish the epidermis.

And this product has a softening and slight bleaching action. The skin after using this tool becomes tighter, narrowing the pores.

In addition, applying gelatin for the person from wrinkles, you can be sure it is completely hypoallergenic and natural.

How to make gelatin mask correctly

To masks with gelatin from wrinkles to give maximum benefit and made your skin smooth and taut, it is not only important to choose the right ingredients, but also to comply with certain technology of preparation and use of these home remedies:

  • Gelatin pour cold water for the swelling for about half an hour, and then melt in a water bath.
  • The rest of the ingredients of the mask are added to the melted and slightly cooled gelatin.
  • Before applying the mask be sure to clean the skin.
  • The mask is applied to a relaxed person. Facial muscles should not be stretched.
  • The coverage mask includes a face and neck – it also needs care.
  • It is not necessary to use gelatin from wrinkles around the eyes: the skin in that area is too tender and excessive contraction of it to anything.
  • Wash off the mask from the gelatin with cool water (about 20 – 25 degrees).
  • To use a gelatin mask can be no more than 1 – 2 times a week. They must alternate with other cosmetic procedures.
  • Gelatin from wrinkles: recipes of masks for face

    Today website shares with her readers recipes gelatin face masks.

    To smooth fine lines and add to the warm melted gelatin (20 g) 35 g of glycerin and a teaspoon of honey. Mix well. Apply to the skin several layers of mask and hold for 20 – 25 minutes.

    Know that well moisturized skin is less prone to wrinkles. Mask with gelatin to hydrate and soften the skin can be done by adding gelatin to the egg yolk.

    To rid the skin from excess dryness and flaking will help added to the gelatin solution cream 20% fat or fat sour cream. With the same purpose it is possible to prepare gelatin mixture, replacing the water with warm milk.

    To increase the effectiveness of masks can be using gelatin for the person from wrinkles combined with fruits or berries.

    Vegetable stock, mashed into a puree, add slightly cooled gelatin solution:

    • for normal skin type add grape or orange pulp;
    • for dry skin tangerine, persimmon pulp, kiwi and apricot;
    • oily skin treat raspberries, cranberries, pear puree or pulp of grapefruit;
    • Mature skin, prone to fading, will help restore the flesh of the banana.

    And another recipe for a universal mask that will help cleanse the skin, soften skin, and smooth wrinkles. The skin will look younger and more radiant.

    In order to achieve this effect, simply add to gelatin mixture:

    • for oily skin a tablespoon of kefir or yogurt and a teaspoon of wheat flour;
    • for dry skin – a tablespoon of whole milk and a teaspoon of rolled oats, crushed in a blender.

    Cream from wrinkles of gelatin

    You can make your own cream-based gelatin. It is used for aging skin: helps to cope with the wrinkles, smooth the skin while creating a lifting effect.

    For its production will need the following ingredients:

    • teaspoon of gelatin;
    • a glass of water;
    • 3 tablespoons of honey;
    • half a Cup of glycerin;
    • salicylic acid on the tip of a knife.

    All the ingredients are mixed and then heated in a water bath until then, until the mixture is of a smooth consistency. After you remove the cream from heat and cool, stirring constantly (with a mixer).

    The result is a gelatinous substance which must be stored in the refrigerator and use within one month.

    Apply this home-gelatinous cream from wrinkles the following ways: taking a small amount of cream, give him a little warm in the hand. Then apply to face and neck 2 hours before bedtime and hold for 20 minutes. After that, the excess cream is removed with a napkin.

    The effect of gelatin care

    The use of gelatin facial masks once again confirms that effective care does not necessarily have to be expensive.

    Affordable cheap tool can be effective, such for example as gelatin from wrinkles, the use of which confirm this:

    • Can’t imagine how you ever did without masks with gelatin! They help me to cope with aging: smoothes wrinkles, makes the skin radiant and bright. Especially like the mask with the fruit, I recommend to everyone! Anna K.
    • Stunning effect: the skin became more smooth and velvety! Now admire looking at myself in the mirror. Use gelatin against wrinkles in a natural form and combining it with other ingredients. Valentine
    • Extremely happy with the result! Especially like the fact that the composition of the masks with gelatin natural, no any allergies or other side effects. Olgusha

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