How to use iodine for health and beauty?

The importance of such trace elements as iodine for women’s health, we’ve previously reported on our website ““. And today we’ll talk about iodine for nail beauty, hair and skin.

Iodine is used for the strengthening and growth of nails, they rinse the hair after shampooing, by using iodine get rid of acne make anti-aging mask, treat gynecological disorders and back pain.

Some even try using iodine to whiten teeth and clean them from stones. But the reviews about iodine for beauty of teeth negative.

Iodine for beauty nail

Regularly using iodine, you a couple of months can make your nails healthy and strong.

The easiest way to apply iodine for nail applying it to nail plate for the night. Until the morning iodine will absorb into the plate.

But still the procedure is best done on weekends, as sometimes in Internet you can find reviews that the iodine is not absorbed into the nail, and the next morning the nails had a very ugly yellowish tint, like that of a heavy smoker.

So please be careful.

The result would be even better if before you apply the iodine, lower the nails in a salt bath. Better to have sea salt, which contains iodine in addition to fluorine and calcium, they contribute to the strengthening and whitening of the nail plate.

We offer to your attention 2 the most popular way to use iodine to strengthen and beauty of nails.

  • Prepare a bath with sea salt is a snap. You need sea salt dissolved in warm water (about a glass) and immersed in a solution fingernails for 10-15 minutes. However, note that sea salt is not only strengthens nails but also dry out the skin, so to make the bath salt you need every day, and a couple of times a week. After the salt bath to the nails you need to apply iodine for nail beauty it will only be helpful.
  • Can a tablespoon of iodine added directly to the bath with sea salt. Use bath iodine for beauty and nails should be 2 – 3 times a week. Given that sea salt dry out the skin, it is important after all hands liberally lubricated with cream or oil.
  • Ate you decide to undergo a serious treatment for weak nails, then you can do salt baths, followed by applying iodine directly to the nail every day for two weeks straight. You will notice that your nails will get stronger and be healthy.

    And many say that it is enough to undergo treatment of weak nails the iodine 1 time a year, and for prevention to strengthen your nails iodine 1 every one to two weeks.

    That iodine for nail beauty is important and useful, is confirmed by numerous reviews:

    • I’ll tell you how in six months I managed to grow healthy, strong and beautiful nails. The first assistant in this case was the iodine! So the first thing I started to do the bath with sea salt and a teaspoon of iodine every night. I hold the nails for 40 minutes. This time I watched the movie. Definitely after bath wiping good hands and moistened them with cocoa butter. Nails have become stronger. Then I got bored sitting with the trays, and I just started to smear iodine on your nails instead of nail Polish on the night. Honestly, a trace of iodine on the nails until morning. By the way, I bought and “Smart enamel” and other means, but Yoda had the best results. Besides, much cheaper. Then I started to alternate days, one evening baths, the other – iodine on the nails. Ah! I almost forgot: once a month, I nail did the mask and red peppers and hand cream. Just add pepper to the cream and put on nails for 1 hour. In the end, after six months, I have a wonderful, strong, beautiful nails. Cuticle they are almost overgrown. Before that I had very weak nails. Now I even envy and ask, is my or artificial? Katya.

    Iodine for hair beauty is as useful as and for the beauty of nails.

    Iodine for beauty hair

    Iodine and other microelements and vitamins, necessary in the first place the scalp or follicles, which will nourish the hair roots. How many nutrients will go to them, depends the beauty of the hair.

    What is the use of iodine for health and beauty hair? It strengthens the follicles than prevents hair loss. But it should be borne in mind that the iodine dry the hair and makes it brittle.

    Therefore, those who decided to use the available means as iodine for the beauty of hair, be sure to take care of additional moisture.

    From hair loss, it is recommended to rinse hair after washing with water and iodine:

    • For color treated hair – 5 drops in a glass of water.
    • For unpainted – 10 drops.

    That iodine for beauty and hair health effective reviews confirm

    • After pregnancy hair began to fall out. Discovered a cheap means of rinse – water with added drops of iodine. After shampoo, rinse your hair with water with iodine and be sure to apply leave-in serum, as iodine, though, and strengthens the hair, but dry them, so be sure to moisturize! After a month of use 2-3 times a week my hair stopped falling out. Natalia.
    • I also use iodine for beauty hair — rinse them, but do not forget about moisturizing. Using special sprays and sometimes paint on the tips of a little of burdock oil. Anna.

    Recall that iodine deficiency affects thyroid. It is from iodine deficiency, the hair may fall out. It is therefore important not only to nourish the hair iodine is necessary in the diet to include foods rich in iodine content.

    Iodine for beauty body and face

    Many are looking for ways to remove unwanted body hair. Known to many folk remedies, one of them as part of the iodine used.

    Need 7 tablespoons of alcohol to mix 2 drops of iodine, add 5 drops of ammonia and of castor oil. Obtained the means to wipe the problem areas on the skin. Hair after a couple of treatments discolored, thinning and disappearing. You can use the underarms and bikini area.

    • I got armpit hair! Rubbing alcohol, iodine and ammonia. Ammonia it brightened them, and the iodine dried. Help! Vic.

    Iodine is rarely used in the composition means to care for problem skin, although drying it is considered a great antiseptic. For those who are often concerned about the rash on the skin, iodine can be used to dry pimples.

    Please note that pure iodine to use for the care of the person should be very careful: it is necessary to put a point on eels. You can also use iodine for making masks.

    The good reviews are about the rejuvenating mask, which contains iodine (2 drops), castor oil (5 ml), vaseline, and honey (one teaspoon). The prepared mask is applied on face for 2 hours a day. The course of rejuvenation – 2 months.

    The result is great!

    Iodine for beauty and health

    We offer our readers some little-known ways to use iodine for health and beauty:

    • If you suffer from gynecological diseases, try on the abdomen, apply 5 nights in a row, a grid of iodine.
    • For those who have gastrointestinal issues, you can add a few drops of iodine in milk or water.
    • If you have a runny nose, you can make inhalations with iodine. Enough to open a bottle of iodine and breathe a few times. The following procedure up to 5 times a day.
    • Iodine also saves you from back pain. You have to mix equal proportions of iodine and lemon juice, moisten a cotton pad and apply on the back. After 4 hours, inspect the back. Problem areas are those where iodine has been absorbed, and on the back not a trace is left. Next, you need to lubricate these trouble spots on back lemon juice with iodine. Back pain will decrease and disappear.

    Just do not try using iodine to whiten teeth! Here’s how the review says about it:

    • Told me that iodine can Polish the teeth and even get rid of Tartar. I was struck iodine on the brush and overpowered his retching, brush your teeth. What can I say? Brush throw – it’s a yellow, gum – also yellowed, a Tartar – on the spot. The enamel on the teeth, thank God — not yellow. She really became smooth, the teeth are a little white. But gums! White teeth, framed by yellow gums – it’s terrible. And smell of iodine in the mouth lasts a long time. Lena.

    And finally, a small secret from For those who are afraid that the iodine will not be absorbed and will be yellowing on the skin or nails .we offer you to prepare white iodine for beauty. To do this in the vial add 2 tablets of aspirin. It will discolor the iodine, but the beneficial properties of this trace element would remain.

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