How to use micellar water for the skin?

Female beauty requires not victims, and proper care, and women’s website will tell you how to deal with the modern means of cosmetology. Today under our eye micellar water.

Developed this miracle in France and earlier it was only applied in professional cosmetology. Many people not only don’t know how to use micellar water, but what it is. Begin to understand the order.

Micellar water for the skin ‒ a new word in cosmetology

Micellar water is a cleanser with a mild effect, there is no alkalis or oils that prevent the skin to “breathe”.

The name she received from the micelles, which are included in its composition. It is small crystals of spherical shape, which serve as magnets to attract sebum, dirt and makeup. Enveloping “outsiders”, the micelles prevent their contact with the epidermis and thus dirt and makeup are easily removed with a cotton disk.

So the only purpose of the application of the means ‒ purification (whatever it is written on the packaging). Originally it was designed for patients with psoriasis who were encouraged to wipe his face. Later it began to use make-up remover.

Especially useful micellar water for dry skin. If you use this cosmetic product for face wiping at the end of the day, you can do without soap, which is known for its drying effect.

Dignity means:

  • provides deep cleansing of the epidermis;
  • does not cause allergies or irritations;
  • soothes the skin, tightens it;
  • depending on its constituent additional components can tone the skin or soften it.

This tool is appreciated by makeup artists with experience. “Millarca” as fondly referred to by it professionals, allows you to quickly remove the makeup and put on a new one. In everyday life, a bottle of micellar water would be after a workout at the gym or even in hot weather when you want to absolve yourself of the consequences of your stay in a stuffy bus.

Fair to say that in such situations it acts as an emergency tool, to overdo it which is not necessary. As soon as you get home, wash off with plain water.

To whom and how often you can use micellar water?

Women’s website “” I should warn you that girls not all skin types go for this cosmetic product. Despite the fact that the tool effectively fights against sebum, beauticians do not recommend often use a micellar water for oily skin. Girls with this skin type will feel that they formed an invisible film, and the desired effect of freshness do not arise.

But popular brands has developed the “micellar” that focuses on combating oily Shine, but how effective it is, we judge not take it. But the classic version will be able to assess the owner of dry, normal and combination skin. For them, it will become a “must have”.

How often do you use micellar water? Yes, almost every day. But she was safe for the skin, after application it is better to wash off. It must be in the purses of the idlers who go to bed without removing makeup.

With other tools, this process seems long and exhausting, can not be said about the use of “macellari”.
Some manufacturers claim that they have created a micellar water combines the features of a lotion and a tonic. But this is more a marketing ploy than true.

Very often cosmetic companies “improve” the product is safe additives (betaine, glycerin), helps to moisturize dry or calm sensitive skin. But you understand that the cleansing agent can not be fully moisten the skin!

How to use micellar water?

Micellar water is quite simple: it is enough to apply it on a cotton pad and wipe the skin of the neck and face. Thus no longer need to avoid areas around the eyes, as it is written on many bottles of other means.

It would be correct to wipe the skin, making the movement along the massage lines. The area around the eyes first promarinuetsya (you can hold the rims in the eyes for a few seconds), and then wiped in the direction from the nose to the temples (eyelids) and back (below the eyes).

Learn how to use micellar water! Although manufacturers claim that it does not require rinsing, beauticians disagree.

Removing dirt, micelles will not disappear from the epidermis, but rather begin to “settle” on the face, clogging the pores. If you are going after wiping face with mitsellyarnoi to use another’s skin cosmetics, for example, tonic, micelles can behave aggressively, weakening its effect. To avoid this, simply wash with plain water after using micellar.

We used to wash first, and only then to resort to “beauty spell”; macellari it will change.

Rising in the morning, wipe face with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water. This procedure will remove the skin from the fat and dirt. So when you bring out the normal water, it really is clear, not smeared on the epidermis heavy metals and sebum.

Some cosmetic companies produce a micellar water specifically for oily skin or products 3V 1. Not to be disappointed in the tool, carefully read its composition. The classic “micellaire” rarely cope with water-resistant cosmetics, and sometimes it is difficult given even the ordinary ink. But the remnants of Foundation cream or powder it takes away at times.

TOP 5 manufacturers micellar water

Before you start to use micellar water, it is better to find “your” brand. Having tried products from several brands, you will be able to determine which is more suitable for you.

  • Garnier Skin Naturals. Submits its affordable price and the bottle 400 ml. But some girls say that the tool is not well removes makeup from the face, while others complained about the appearance of flaking. The reason lies in the fact that the manufacturer went overboard with the softener. Girls with sensitive skin this macellari not suitable, but others may feel its advantages.
  • L’oreal Paris. At a price slightly more expensive micellar water for skin from Garnier. The product has been tested by ophthalmologists and they were approved. Eyes means no harm, but also to cope with the remnants of the carcass is not 100%.
  • Bioderma Sensibio H20. The less popular the brand is at the origin of production of the micellar water, its products can boast much greater effectiveness, but the price is three times more expensive than the usual l’oreal and Garnier.
  • Ives Rocher Hydra Vegetal 2-in-1. The views of consumers about this product are divided. Some praised its ability to moisturize and nourish, while others lamented the present flavor. The presence of fragrance ingredients in the first place was not liked by the owners of sensitive skin.
  • Caudalie Make-Up Remover. Convenient format (100, 200, 400 ml), the average price and perfect effect. Perhaps, the brand was able to fully meet the expectations of the buyers.

To summarize, we say that the micellar water for dry skin, oily or normal, will help to cope with the cleaning. Look in the cosmetic product if it takes paphlagonica, put it back on the shelf, because in the natural “micellar” there can be a lot of ingredients.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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