How to use perfume man

Probably You want to say, Sympaty, and you confuse nothing? Your site – for women… what other FAQ for men?
The appropriateness of this article are the following:
1. Not all men understand why they need perfume.
2. Not all women know how to explain it.

In short, article this – to put the nose to the man. If not stupid – advice uses. But if not… you decide ?

However, it is worth considering whether You want that women flocked on Your man like bees not honey? Jealous do You? If Yes, then put this article away, and the man dress in the style of “soon to retire”. Kidding ?

The article is for everyone but I dedicate her a smart, beautiful man, and just a pleasant person to Taras – so I can also you teach)))

Why men use perfume?

For a start, a quote from the forum:
“to use perfume and to choose it wisely should be able every man who is interested in the subjugation of women’s hearts“.

Dear men! Remember that women being thin, and often make their choice based on olfactory emotions…! Silly, of course, but from the aroma emanating from the man, the woman can simply go mad!
We have more respect for men who smells good, than those that doesn’t smell.

Studies show that men, properly using the perfume, the higher the social status, that is Your scent magical effect not only on attractive women, but for mere mortals colleagues.

A third reason to use perfume is “for himself”. The fact that the smell sets and creates a moodbut the smell of the perfume will be with You much longer than the smell of the morning shower gel or shaving foam.

How to use perfume?

“I noticed that some men do not know how to use perfume, young mostly, so napsylate that losing consciousness in the trail of their scent …And there are those that have taste and a matter of pick up that from one breath, with them losing all self-control…”

So, the main mistakes men:

Pour perfume
Yes, now the whole perfume in spray and use it is necessary very carefully – likely to overdo it. One “zilch”, is usually sufficient.

Apply the perfume on your clothes
If Your odekolonchik relatively cheap, You have nothing to lose, except apparel (can be stained). But if the water is from the category of expensive – think about that on the skin the fragrance could be recognized, “play”, and the sweater he ingloriously disappears.

Why perfume should apply it on the skin? Then, You get used to the flavor and aroma get used to You, and then after a few minutes he will play will sound in unison with You! In addition, we must remember that many flavors the first 10-15 minutes can sound just awful. But then they are very nicely revealed. This is because many flavors based on naturally occurring elements.

Apply the perfume in those places and not so
The biggest mistake is when people put a perfume on the wrists and begin to RUB. So the smell is simply killed.
Perfume should be applied directly on dry clean skin: “psigate” on the naked breast, and that will be enough.
There is another way, it is suitable when You have sharp smell of perfume and You are afraid to overdo it with him: “picnice” in the air and then log into the cloud. The perfume is evenly deposited on You.

What distinguishes the expensive perfume from cheap?

Expensive perfume combines 5 to 10 so-called music, which during the day are opened gradually, and, depending on the smell of Your skin! Expensive perfume is beautiful and shimmers on the skin and should sound three unique notes. Initially, You’ll “hear” one shade of the scent (top note), which seamlessly flow into one another (heart note) and open the third the longest shade (note basis).
And inexpensive option contains a 2, and often 1 note that is the flavor that You hear from the vial will remain the same on the body.

Raw material for the production
Cheap perfumes are made from unnatural raw materials, which can often lead to allergies, and if such spirits to go out in the sun, that does not exclude pigmentation of the skin – the place on which You have caused “the waters” will light up ugly spot.

By the way, we very well feel, what your perfume is expensive or cheap. Accordingly, our response to You…

What is the difference perfume Cologne?

Primarily by the concentration of aromatic substances, i.e. resistance and strength of the flavor.

The fragrance (perfume) — concentration 20 — 30 %. This is the most expensive and the most resistant type of perfume.

Next comes eau de Parfum (Eau de Parfum) — 15 — 25 %, toilet water (Eau de Toilette) — 10 — 20 %, and the male is 6 — 12 %.

Cologne (Eau de Cologne) is approximately the same as that of Eau de Toilette is the scent. That is, perfume and Cologne differ only in the intensity of the smell and its durability — perfume more persistent and intense than the scent of Cologne.
However, expensive odekolonchik not recommended to be irrigated, as some men used to do with cheap “Sasha”.

What type to choose?

Of course, Eau de Toilette:

  • The price is much less than perfume.
  • Less danger of “overdo” with the smell – as it is lighter than the perfume.
  • Take the small bottle – this is usually 30 ml. like it – buy more, not like it – do not be sorry somewhere to put it.
  • How to choose a men’s perfume?

    Want to choose the fragrance yourself? There is nothing easier. Of course, I can give a lot of advice, such as, for example: “How to choose “your” perfume?”
    But the short of it is this: important to the flavor You like. Liked it very much. Extremely loved. And more – no problems:) —

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