How to use soap nuts for hair?

They say that soap nuts which we will tell today on the website ““, and head wash and facial care, to wash and in the dishwasher, add, and processing plants from insects and even take care of the pet hair.

In General, one (mind you, completely natural eco-safe product) against all household chemicals in the house. Tempting, isn’t it?

In addition, soap nuts are disinfected the wound and have antibacterial effect due to their use in medicine.

Let’s see in detail that represent the soap nuts, as they are effective and beneficial to use soap nuts for hair.

Soap nuts for hair: what to choose?

Household chemicals, including shampoos contain foaming substances that break down fat (saw). Soap nuts are also in large quantity, contains surfactants – saponins, which foam and break down fat. The saponins have disinfectant properties, so helping to get rid of many fungal diseases of the scalp: dandruff, seborrhea (dry skin).

By the way, such as soap nuts do not exist. The so-called tropical fruits of the soap tree – sapindus.

And these fruits are not nuts, and often one-seeded berries. But in appearance the dried berries of the soap tree resemble walnuts or dried fruits rose hips. Therefore, a Russian company, which first began selling the fruits of a soap tree, has patented its trademark, calling the fruit of sapindus more euphonic soap nuts.

Varieties of these nuts, there are many. The most popular and common – mukorossi (reviews about soap nuts for washing hair affectionately call them – macrosite) and trifoliatus.

  • Soap nuts, mukorossi is a commercial variety. The trees that grow these fruits are specially grown and processed.
  • Soap nuts for washing hair trifoliatus – wild. They are less attractive in appearance, but if you read the reviews about soap nuts for washing hair, this kind is more acceptable for hair care, whereas the grade of mukorossi more suitable for washing.

And mukorossi, and trifoliatus have identical properties, but if you are lost, what sort of to prefer, proceed from the following:

  • If you are going to use nuts primarily for the care of hair and body, then give preference to the wild variety – trifoliatus;
  • If you are interested in nuts as a natural remedy for household needs (more washing), it is better to choose mukorossi.

But it should be noted that he and the other grade can also be used for hair care, and Laundry.

How to use soap nuts for washing hair?

There are several ways to use soap nuts for washing hair. To answer which one is the best, definitely not one I like to use broth (concentrate), and the other a bag with nuts, the third is to apply a paste of nuts on the hair.

One thing you can say for sure – to quickly wash your hair using the fruit of the soap tree you do not get time for preparations and the shampooing, especially for those who have long hair, gets longer. But if you are looking for a natural remedy for hair care, these nuts are nature created for people like you.

If you find negative reviews about soap nuts for washing hair, they will concern mainly these points:

  • this is a longer procedure compared to using the usual shampoo;
  • soap nuts are not suitable for people with individual intolerance to saponin (there are very few people);
  • sometimes you have to comb out the pieces of shell out of the hair (if you use ground nuts) and…to clean up the tub, removing the remains of the shell surface.

If you’re ready for such moments, offers you some of the most popular recipes using the fruit of a tropical tree soap for washing the head:

  • Preparation of the concentrated decoction of the fruit;
  • Powder soap nuts for hair;
  • Pouch of soap nuts for shampooing.

A decoction of soap nuts to wash

The most popular way to use soap nuts for washing hair – the cooking broth. Than this recipe is attractive?

  • First, the concentrate can be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks;
  • Second, if the broth add some composite, can not only enrich the composition, but also to make it a consistency close to that of the shampoo.
  • How to cook the broth?

    • You need to take 1 handful of soap nuts (approximately 7 – 10 pieces). The exact amount is not immediately very simple. It is necessary to consider the hardness of the water, and the length of the hair, and their pollution. The exact proportion is selected by trial. But as the reviews say about the shampoo from soap nuts, is better to make a more concentrated broth;
    • Add fruit to boiling water;
    • Boil for 20 minutes – 30. The broth will be welded, the water will darken, and the top forms a soap foam;
    • All strain and pour into a container with a lid, to the resulting concentrated broth can be stirred.

    Attention! The solution turns out very liquid. It is not the same as the shampoo. It is more the consistency similar to water, so can easily get into the eyes and cause a burning sensation but not burn to the eye is unpleasant, but not dangerous.

    How to wash hair with decoction?

    The first thing you need to remember, the broth should be cold: the hotter it is, the better the foam. Before each use, be sure to heat it in the microwave.

    Before you apply to the head, the hair wetted with warm water;

  • A bottle of well shaken broth, the top is formed a foam which is what we need to wash the hair;
  • Collect the foam into the palm and apply to hair, rubbing it into the roots and distributing through the hair;
  • Do not worry if you do not see foam on the head, as from the usual shampoo. What is interesting: if the hair is dirty foam will not. She will appear then, when the hair will be washed away;
  • Wash off with warm water;
  • Again we perform the procedure again. This time zabinitsa should a little more;
  • Again wash off.
  • We perform the procedure again. To determine whether well washed hair, the first time is not easy. Many of the reviews say that you need to focus on “scriptcast” hair – if your hair squeak, then they are clean.
  • Roughly the procedure of washing decoction is repeated 2 – 4 times. Again I say that it roughly: a lot depends on the length of the hair, their structure and hardness. Over time you will learn to determine how washed hair.

    Here’s how to talk about it in the reviews:

    • I used to get a nice soaping times from 3 to 4. After a month has become quite 2 times with daily use. So for those who think that using soap nuts, you will reduce the number of times shampooing is wrong. It’s just an alternative shampoo. The hair washes well and the scalp does not dry. Irina
    • Prepared concentrate and realized that it was much easier than to wash the nuts in the bag. Not only more convenient but also more efficient. Twice lather your hair and wash off. For the third time don’t flush and leave, as a balm. Combing your hair wet. Kate

    Powder soap nuts for hair

    The powder can be ready to buy, and can make itself in the grinder. Better if you combine large and small grinding small particles to give a foam, and large to act as a scrub for the scalp. Therefore, some prefer to use the powder of soap nuts to wash my hair and do a scalp massage.

    How to use soap nut powder for hair?

  • In order to prepare a tool required to take 2 – 3 tablespoons of powder and pour hot water not less than 10.
  • Then the mass is put on wet hair and massage until the foam.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  • Repeat several times;
  • If a lot leave for 10 minutes, you will not only wash hair, but also make a good hair mask.
  • Deficiencies that are noted in the reviews that describe this method of application, the following:

    • the hair pieces of ground walnuts, which should be brushed;
    • the hair easy to comb;
    • if your hair is dry, after you apply powder you need to use a conditioner.

    Washing hair with soap nuts in the bag

    This method is the most simple, popular, but not as effective as the use of decoction or powder.

  • When buying soap nuts in the supplied fabric pouch. To wash your hair, you need 10 – 12 nuts to put in a bag, put it in a bowl of hot water, mash well until frothy.
  • Then wet the hair and use the bag as a sponge: to drive him by the hair, forcing the foam to the head.
  • Each time, lathered hair, foam and wash off.
  • How to understand that hair already washed?

    • I am guided by the foam – lots of foam on the hair, then they become clean. Foam appears when the fat disappears from the hair. Xenia

    Is it profitable to wash the head nuts?

    Of course, many question how it is beneficial? It all depends on the selected method of use and frequency of use.

    • If you plan to wash your hair systematically and only nuts, it is advantageous to prepare the broth and store it in the fridge. The more often you use it, the better it will flow, because the cleaner the hair, the less you need money. Ready tool, because it is natural, sour – how long to store it it is impossible, therefore, occasionally to use it will not work.
    • If you use the powder or nuts in the bag (it is more profitable for those who washes her hair infrequently) is roughly 15 nuts 2 times (this is for long hair) — 1 kilogram will last at least 60 times. Because the nuts can be reused several times until they have a saponin.

    Thus, wash your hair with soap nuts is beneficial. And when you consider that, is also helpful, the benefit is obtained double.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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