How to use the system fly-lady for working women?

Today more and more popularity is gaining the American system should be called FlyLady, which means “flying hostess”. Initially focused on Housewives today the system fly-lady – a real lifesaver for working women. Women’s website “” decided to ask, based on what the fly-lady for running and how by using this system, working mothers find time for yourself?

“Yeah well you love yourself!”

The American system flay-lady was coined by American Marla Scilly – an ordinary woman who could no longer be in “captivity” in domestic Affairs, giving them all the time. “Finally love yourself” — exactly what stands for the acronym “FLY” Finally Loving Yourself. This system was designed with only one purpose: to help the woman to feel happy.

But how can you be happy if upon returning from work you are waiting for a bunch of household chores, a hungry husband and requiring the attention of children? You can!

Using the system fly-lady any working woman can learn to manage your time, to organize life and not try to do everything at once. As soon as you get it, you will not notice, how all things will be remade, and you get a little more time to love, finally, soak in the bath, read your favorite magazine or just enjoy a Cup of tea!

The foundations of the system fly-lady for working

System flylady equally good for all women , regardless of their status and family status: married and unmarried, with children or without, Housewives and working women. The only difference is that working women have very little time to perform all household chores.

But even with 15 minutes in the morning before work and evening after it, you can keep the house in perfect order and to feel happy.

The main and perhaps the only, what calls flailed, adapted for women is not try to do all your homework in one day.

  • First, it is impossible.
  • Secondly, you will hate yourself for what you are unable to do so.
  • Third, you will feel pressured by a horse, and then about any love for him will not be considered.

In the fly is a few simple things:

  • execute daily routines.
  • raschlenenie “hot spots” (ruthless getting rid of stuff in the places of its accumulation),
  • work in areas
  • weekly hours of cleaning.

Routine – everyday activities, without which it can not do: make the bed, prepare Breakfast, etc.

“Hot spots” – places that constantly accumulate things (necessary and unnecessary), for example, Desk, table in the hall, a dresser in the bedroom, etc.

Zone – entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, bathroom and other rooms in the house (the cleaning one zone is given a whole week).

Flylady for working in action

Now, working women have little free time and a lot of pressing household chores. As her all the time? Fly lady suggests starting with a simple.

  • The house always wear comfortable but nice clothes and even shoes with laces. First, it eliminates the temptation to once again to lie down, and secondly, so you will always be ready for unexpected visits.
  • To have an audit trail. There should be several sections. First, the plan for the week, with the key thing for each day: clean the tub, hang the curtains, etc. second, the list of small things that you do every day (often morning and evening routine). Thirdly, the list of relevant phone numbers (doctors, relatives, etc.). And a personal section where the fly lady encourages working and non-working women also to record all the important thoughts, ideas, comments and other interesting things.
  • To by timer. One of the commandments FlyLady says: the main thing – not to do and to do! 15 minutes on one thing, and not a second longer. Grasp it, tell yourself, “I’ll do it for only 15 minutes.” As soon as you begin using the timer, you’ll be surprised how many you can catch in 15 minutes. This position is a fly-lady will appreciate all working women with their constant lack of time.
  • Every night, to Shine to Polish the sink. Shining the sink, as the personification of order in the house, will contribute to the “reproduction” of the same habits that over time will lead you to fantastic results.

Where to start?

Routine is the most tedious part of the job, a daily run which, according to the fly-lady, disciplinary working woman and simultaneously saves her a lot of time. The same conclusion came and after a detailed acquaintance with this very interesting and useful system life.

Evening routine – the simple things that need to be done before you go to bed.

  • Clean the house “on top”. It means to look around and raise a litter, to put in place shoes, folded clothes in the closet, Polish the sink, hang fresh towels in the bathroom, etc.
  • Think about tomorrow: what are you cooking for Breakfast and dinner, prepare tomorrow’s clothes for themselves (husband, children), look at the audit trail, scheduled for tomorrow the important things, etc.
  • “Love” yourself: soak in a bath, play with children, i.e. doing what brings you joy. The most enjoyable part of my evening routine from fly lady that motivates working women and Housewives to further achievements.

Morning routine consists of simple things: dress, make-up, make your bed, prepare Breakfast, get them out of the freezer vegetables or meat for dinner.

Work in the areas of

Suppose you have long been brewing the idea that it’s time to make the house a General cleaning. No General cleanups, fly-lady such thing exists!

What to do: divide the apartment into zones and during the week work only in one area.

The first day of the fly-lady offers working women to spend on rassusolivanie the current zone. Place the timer for 15 minutes and get rid of unnecessary things in the area. The timer gave the signal – that’s enough! So small steps every day.

Rules of work in the areas of:

  • in the area everything has to be removed on top;
  • to put things in order in only one box (cupboard, shelf) for 1 time.
  • regular doing rassusolivanie in the zones;
  • to do a little every day;
  • only work for 15 minutes.

The fly-lady reminiscent of working women: your house was not cluttered in one day, so don’t strive for one day to put everything in perfect order.

How it looks really?

So, you have a whole week to put things in order, for example, in the kitchen. Remember that one case paying only 15 minutes.

So today 15 minute (before work or after – you decide) to restore order in the lockers tomorrow – wash the kitchen window, the next day – eliminate the dust from all the far corners, etc. So doing every day for 15 minutes, you leave time for yourself, you won’t be tired as if you’d done a General cleaning.

And here such small steps you’ll quickly reach the desired result!

The Hour Of The Blessing Of The House

Mistress unfamiliar with the system fly, will rightly argue that 15 minutes a day too little to maintain cleanliness in the house. That is why the fly-lady and reserved for employees (and not only) weekly hours of cleaning, the so-called Hour the blessing of the House.

Look at your calendar and pick the most suitable day and time for hours of cleaning. It may be two days a week for half an hour or three every day for 20 minutes – whichever you prefer.

And now all in the same diary write down everything that you need to do for this hour to bless your home.

The fly lady offers working, for example, such a plan:

  • to wash the floors in the kitchen;
  • to vacuum the bedroom;
  • to wipe dust;
  • change of bed linen;
  • wash the window in the living room etc.

Here, perhaps, and everything you need to know working the woman about fly-lady.

Do not worry if at first you don’t get everything. This system is good what suits absolute for all women.

Modifying it in one way or another, everyone will be able to find something that will greatly ease her chores around the house, making it more organized and will help you fall in love, finally, himself.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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