How to visually enhance lips with makeup

Sensual plump lips is the dream of almost every modern woman, regardless of age. Today there are many options of how to visually increase the lips without surgery. One of the important and public way is makeup. How to use lipstick, gloss and lip pencil to make the smile bigger, we will discuss below.

If you have thin lips, it’s not a reason to consult a plastic surgeon or resort to injections of various drugs. Lip enhancement with makeup is quite real. It is enough to learn a few simple techniques, and the desired result will be achieved. Next, we present some simple but effective methods of selection and application of cosmetics, with which you will be able to make the lips visually bigger.

The right shades and textures

Dark colors make us look more slim, light, on the contrary, help to add volume, in those places where it is needed. This axiom proved his impeccable acting not only in clothing but also in makeup. If you don’t know how to enhance lips with makeup, use the above mentioned rule.

  • Lipstick beige pink, coral and peach tones will visually add volume to the lips and sexual swelling. And all sorts of shades of red, orange and crimson, in contrast, does not make them visually bigger.
  • The texture of the lipstick used is also essential. When choosing lipsticks give preference to options with mother-of-pearl, cream or satin texture. Reflected from the surface of the lipstick, the light makes your smile look more voluminous.
  • A shimmering luster or to increase lip volume. Put on the lipstick, he will become a reflector, visually increase the volume.
  • If multi-layered make up is not your option, use the trend of new varnish for the lips. The undeniable advantages of this cosmetic product is 3D visual effect and full of pigment. The unique formula of nail Polish, enriched with oils, vitamins and polymers, leaves lips perfectly smooth, providing a seductive volume.

Special cosmetics

The choice of makeup is incredibly diverse. Manufacturers of cosmetics gave women a new plamer. This special lip gloss that increase the volume. The unique properties Plumer due to the presence in their composition of the following ingredients:

  • Cayenne and menthol have a warming effect and provide the blood flow to the lips, making them plumper;
  • hyaluronic acid concentrates and retains moisture in the tissues for a long period of time;
  • collagen — smoothing lines and wrinkles, making the lips smooth and even.

The result of the application of Palmer are increased in volume lips. It should be noted that the duration of that Shine is just a few hours. Then plamer, you need to apply again.The form has a value

Using as a “weapon” in the struggle for a sexy smile makeup for lip augmentation, the main thing to choose the correct form. Most often makeup artists use five basic variants of the shape of the lips.

  • “Petal”. This option is considered most attractive. To achieve the desired result, draw an oval contour of the lower lip and the upper — make a few smaller bottom with a smooth transition in the area “Cupid’s bow”. The corners of the mouth should be raised and sharp. The most striking celebrity that use this technique in make-up is Dita von Teese.
  • “Bud” or how to increase the lips with a pencil. Form the “Bud” will visually increase the volume of owners of the elongated smile. It is enough just to hold a pencil sharp lines just above and a little below the natural contour, having receded about half a centimeter from the corners.
  • “Pie”. This option is characterized by a slightly smoothed line “Cupid’s bow” contour of the upper lip is a mirror image of the bottom. In order to imagine how to visually enhance lips with makeup, using this technique, it is enough to recall the sensual lips of Brigitte Bardot.
  • “The mouth of the fish”. This form is very similar to the “pie”, except that the upper “box” is more clearly drawn and has a smooth curve. Sponges seduce men well-known Hollywood blonde Marilyn Monroe.
  • “M-shaped”. The outline of a smile after using necessary cosmetics, should resemble the letter “M”. This can be achieved by selecting the maximum and spearheaded the “Cupid’s bow” with a pencil.
  • As you can see, to create the required shape of a smile with makeup fairly easily. Sleight of hand, pencil and lipstick for lip augmentation and you will get rave reviews around!

    Before applying makeup, massage your lips with fingertips or using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Be sure to use a highlighter or Foundation with which you prepare the surface before drawing the contours with a pencil.

    It is important to remember that the visual lip augmentation, it is important not to overdo it. The amplitude of the correction lines must not exceed one millimeter, otherwise you risk getting the opposite effect and, instead of a seductive smile to a vulgar and unnatural grimace.

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