How to wash stretch ceilings?

First ceilings appeared in Russia during the time of Peter the Great in the late 16th century. Every night over the bed of the Great King pulled a large piece of fabric. Did it because Peter I was very afraid of open spaces and ceilings from fabric helped him to overcome his fear.

Unlike Peter we loved the ceilings for their aesthetics, practicality and durability.

Peter I had no questions as to wash the suspended ceiling over the bed: when the fabric wore out or lost color, it is simply discarded and changed for a new one.

In our time, a luxury not everyone can afford (stretch ceiling does not come cheap), so female readers of the site “” looking for information about what and how to wash stretch ceilings in the home to make them look flawless and lasts as long as possible.

General rules

Manufacturers of modern ceilings of canvas or PVC claim – washed French ceilings is not necessary. The material from which they are made, treated, repelling dust and dirt.

But in practice, looks not so rosy. With time on glossy and matte ceilings installed in rooms with high humidity or soot – the bathroom or the kitchen, may accumulate a layer of dust, remain stains and spots from splashes, traces of flies.

Not necessarily to ask for help to the experts to find out how you can wash the ceilings. Special difficulties in this.

Look at some features of this process.

  • MOP butterfly is the most convenient device for cleaning not only floors but also ceilings. How to choose women’s website already told in the article How to choose a MOP.
  • They can also be washed with hands. But for this you will need a ladder or other elevation in order to reach the ceiling.
  • Some manufacturers of stretch ceilings is recommended to refresh the cloth with the cleanerincluded in the smallest capacity. But in this case, you should be very careful so as not calculating the pressing force, without damaging the surface of the ceiling.

It is also important to consider the basic rules and how to wash the suspended ceiling (glossy or matte).

  • Firstly, it is impossible to wash ceilings, use a brush or hard sponge. For work fit soft flannel cloth or sponge.
  • Secondly, it is impossible to use for washing and cleaning materials – they can scratch the film and leave marks. Even if they are imperceptible, over time scratches will accumulate dust.
  • Besides, the PVC film can pierce or scratch the jewellery on the hands. So before you wash the ceilings, remove all jewelry.
  • Not heavily contaminated ceilings will be sufficient to wash with plain water. If glossy ceiling has lost its Shine, and you decide to wash it with chemical agents, ensure that their composition was not acetone – it erodes the surface of the ceiling.
  • To wash the suspended ceiling without streaks, move the rag is not in a circle, and back and forth.
  • So as not to damage the surface integral, do not press the cloth too hard. Enough light touch to refresh the surface of the ceiling.
  • Consider some of the nuances of how to wash French ceilings of certain material.

    Glossy stretch ceiling: how to wash?

    Smooth surface glossy ceiling is not yellow, and the dust does not settle on it, so the question is, how to wash a glossy ceiling in the home, will not occur often. But note that on the delicate mirror surface glossy fabric will be visible even in small spots or stains.

    • To gloss stayed clean and has not lost the Shine, enough every 3 months to clean the ceiling from dust using a dry flannel cloth or a microfiber cloth. It’s best to do with the MOP butterfly.
    • Every six months you need to wipe the ceiling from PVC with a damp cloth. Squeeze her should be very well, leaving no streaks. After you stroll through the damp cloth on the suspended ceiling, be sure to wipe everything with a dry cloth.

    Wet wash the ceiling with clean water is sufficient.

    Household chemicals

    If wet washing with plain water was not enough, you can use household chemicals. If you are in doubt about how to react to the ceiling on the drug, do the testing in an inconspicuous area – apply the product and wait a bit. If the ceiling is not changed the color, not deformed, this means it can be washed.


    Give preference to those which are released in the form of a spray, they are very easy to apply on the ceiling, and then wipe the canvas clean sponge or cloth. Particularly good spray washed the traces of flies around the lamps and chandeliers, spots from splash and other contamination.

    Detergent for dishes

    Many people recommend to wash the glossy ceilings with warm water and ordinary detergent for dishes. Dilute a small amount to divorce.

    Means for washing Windows

    Reviews tell you what to wash a glossy ceilings without stains – do it better with the help of products for washing Windows. Especially well proven means for washing of glasses with ammonia. After treatment of the ceiling, these drugs are no stains on the ceilings will be, and the gloss will gain a pristine Shine.

    Washing powder

    You can also wash the ceiling with water with dissolved washing powder.

    Again please note that it is unacceptable to wash a glossy French ceilings drugs with acetone, which can deform the surface of the film.

    Matte stretch ceiling: how to wash?

    To wash fabric stretch ceiling, special skills you will not need. It, unlike the glossy surface, no streaks, dust surface is protected with a special compound, cracks and scratches on the canvas do not appear.

    Besides, matte surface, which resembles a plastered ceiling, less sensitive and more dense – its harder to scratch or damage than glossy. But even such a ceiling it is necessary to periodically wash.

    Feedback tells us that it is better to wash than matte stretch ceiling:

    • You can use the same recommendations, which we described above: to take washing powder, dishwashing glasses or utensils.
    • Also ceilings with a matte surface can be freshened up with a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner. After wet cleaning by steam it is necessary to wipe the ceiling with a soft cloth (flannel, suede, microfiber, etc.)

    How to remove spots?

    If you are looking for how to clean suspended ceiling with a stain from something corrosive — wine, coffee, fruit (all happens in life!) — go immediately to the shop to find a cure for mold on the Wallpaper.

    Do not start to wash the ceiling or washing powder! If on the glossy ceiling, this method can still be effective, then the matte surface, you just RUB the stain deeper into the fabric, and then you have to change or paint the ceiling.

    Good reviews we saw about the German remedy for mold Mellerud. The special formula of active oxygen allows to eliminate any stains not only on the matte stretch ceilings, and other surfaces. Enough, spray the cleaner on the stain and after a few minutes rinse with warm water. The stain should disappear.

    Be sure to work with gloves on, so as a very caustic!

    Be sure to test product on an inconspicuous piece of the ceiling to see the reaction.

    In a pinch, if you can’t wash brushed the ceiling, it can be repainted, what can be done with a glossy surface.

    As you can see, from whatever material was neither manufactured suspended ceiling – matte linen or glossy film, easy to care for him. Enough to consider some nuances and not to forget that French ceilings require careful maintenance. Your efforts and thoughtful approach will make to Shine your suspended ceiling as the first day after repair.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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