How to wean baby from the breast without the stress for a toddler?

As a child growing up in front of every nursing mother raises the question of how to wean baby from the breast. What are the methods of weaning, how to choose the most appropriate time and how to finish breastfeeding, the most painless for the child — read women’s website ““.

It is considered that from a psychological point of view, the process of weaning the most traumatic for the child. But a woman suffers from this, not less, because breast-feeding is, first and foremost, a way of communicating with the child. That is why psychologists recommend to take the child from the breast when the mother is mentally prepared to move on to other, not so close form of communication.

Involution of lactation and its influence on the timing of weaning

Involution of lactation is the third, final stage of breastfeeding, it is characterized by a change in the composition of breast milk and is usually after 1.5-2.5 years of breastfeeding. Milk at this time in its composition more resembles colostrum: it is in a large number of antibodies, hormones and immunoglobulins.

It was during this period and should decide the issue on how to wean child to suckle.

The mother’s body in a large number of producing useful substances, prepares the child for separation and care so that nothing threatened his immune system.

Numerous studies and years of experience of pediatricians and parents say that children weaned from the breast at the stage of involution, almost never get sick within a few months after it had been weaned.

That is why “” recommends starting to wean a little child from the breast in the period of involution of lactation, to recognize which on the following grounds:

  • lactation lasts for at least 1.5 years;
  • the sucking activity of the child increased (due to the fact that the amount of milk in the breast is reduced and the food requirement of the child increases);
  • after feeding the physical condition of the woman deteriorates: she feels fatigue, drowsiness, pain in the nipples.

However to stop lactation at the first sign of onset of involution of lactation is not necessary, as it was at this time heavily produced necessary to protect the child from possible diseases antibodies and immunoglobulins.

Ways to wean baby from the breast

To wean you gradually – “soft excommunication”, but you can just X a day to stop to give the child the breast and “lump sum excommunication.”

If you are the main health and psychological comfort of the child, you are not limited in time (no need to go to work, etc.) and you have a little more patience, then your method – soft weaning.

In this case, you get painless to disaccustom a child from the breast, and you will be insured from such troubles as lactostasis or mastitis.

Time soft weaning can take anywhere from one to three months, depending on the psychological readiness of the mother to stop breastfeeding and physical condition of the child. This method is to gradually reduce the number of day feedings, and when they will be “done”, you need to remove and midnight feedings, too – and everything is free!

The decrease in the number of breastfeeding for the baby, of course, will not go unnoticed, so it is important to consider other forms of communication with your child: games, playing, affectionate hugs, etc. Baby should not feel deprived of communication with my mother.

To lump excommunication mom uses when because of the circumstances she needs to wean baby from the breast quickly.

Choosing this option, mother should know that the simultaneous cessation of breastfeeding may negatively affect the emotional state of the child can become aggressive, unmanageable or, conversely, lethargic, withdrawn, and fearful.

To avoid such negative phenomena in the process of weaning baby from the breast, the mother is very important to stay in emotional and physical contact with the child. Communication, sharing games and activities, massage, swimming, hugs, fun romp – that will help a child to overcome the “loss” of the mother’s breast.

It is clear that the child from the breast will not give up, so mom resorted to different tricks.

  • Some “paint” the breast with methylene blue or brilliant green, and the child seeing that intimidating “body art”, is frightened and he refuses the breast. However, at night it doesn’t work.
  • Other cover nipples with salt, mustard, or anything else bitter. Some children believe that “tit” was tasteless and more than you ask, but the other will not hold – they spit out things that taste good, and continue to suck as if nothing had happened.
  • Others have resorted to the most radical way to quickly wean child from the mother’s breast: keeping the baby in the care of relatives, and themselves “disappear” for a few days. However, it should be recognized that this method is the most traumatic for the child and the mother: the child in this case suffers not only from lack of breast, but also separation from mother, and the mother is not less of a child suffering from separation from him.

How to wean a baby to fall asleep?

The baby only falls asleep with the breast in the mouth is perhaps the main problem for most nursing mothers. Not only that, he falls asleep, and wakes up at the first attempt to take away his Breasts.

How to be in this situation?

In search of an answer visited many forums where moms share with each other their experiences, and offers his own (or rather, peeped from an experienced mom) solution to this problem.

  • First, you need to begin to teach baby to fall asleep without the breast: at the first sign of falling asleep fed, and as soon as the child ate in the crib (in hand) and rocking.
  • If the child falls asleep with the breast, to wean it the same way: caught the moment when the baby wants to sleep, fed and laid (without a breast). Act gently but persistently. Some time baby, of course, will demand the return of the breast in place (i.e. in your mouth), but if you will not succumb to its “provocations”, he will accept.
  • Another option: let the child puts to sleep another adult family member, which does not smell mom’s milk. The child can take hands and gentle soothing voice, something to tell him.

It should be recognized that the process of weaning from the breast of each mother and child is different, so a universal recipe that works in 100% of cases. Understanding how to wean baby from the breast, each mother her, but she knows how to make this process as painless for yourself and your child.

Before you completely stop breastfeeding, think about whether you and your baby?

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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