How to wear a beret with bangs or short hair?

The headpiece, which for many decades, every fall back in fashion, changing shape, colors and materials it takes. But it is very tricky: if you do not know how to wear a beret, instead of the image of a Flirty Frenchwoman is possible to look “a La woman Claudia from the second entrance”.

Is selected takes will give the image of completeness and French chic

The website doesn’t want happened to such an incident, and tell you all about how to wear it!

How to wear a beret?

There is no such type of person that can not pick up take. Fortunately, styles of berets there is plenty, and on the head, this accessory can be placed in different ways. But the shape of the face should be considered mandatory!

  • How to wear a beret chubby women: pushing it to the back and opening the forehead to the hairline. In this form of face fit large soft berets.
  • With a square face shape takes, regardless of size, need to move slightly to the side.
  • The owners of the face of the shape “heart” (with a narrow chin and wide forehead) are more than a little berets knit berets or beanies.
  • Oval face allows you to wear berets of all shapes, and the more elongated the face, the more volume takes you can afford.

If any type of entity has the value of the height of the forehead, if the forehead is high, then there are no restrictions, but girls with “low” forehead to stop the preference for small caps. The height of the forehead can be visually adjusted by releasing from under the headdress, straight bangs.

Released from under the beret bangs makes the image soft and romantic

Takes than bigger and thinner than the face and neck, the need in the way of a scarf, a neck scarf or cowl neckline.

With what hairstyle is best to wear a beret?

Selection of the correct hairstyles to the beret is the key to a harmonious image! So, what to do with her hair before trying on a beret?

  • Long or medium-length hair – put light waves in the lower half or third of the length. If the front of the haircut is, short strands of hair (to the chin), they, too, should take the form of light waves.

So different picks allows you to play with the hair, outer clothing and drapery options

  • Haircut to shoulders better straighten utjuzhkom.

If you have curly hair by nature, then, of course, to smooth them at all costs for wearing a beret, is not necessary – the main thing to laying looked natural. But specifically to do a Perm curls cool is also not necessary – it is somewhat old-fashioned.

How to wear a beret with bangs? Bang it’s best to comb forward so that it was visible from under the beret. If the bangs are asymmetrical, oblique or growing, you can lay it on its side, but not to hide under a beret.

A little imagination — and the look is daring and rowdy

“” not advised to do the beret smooth hair, tightening hair to the back or to the top – a few people go, in addition, on the mind remain strangely protruding ears (or one ear that is even more absurd). Therefore, ponytail, braid or bundle are canceled.

But if the two low-tied tail or two braids, or asymmetrical braid (tail) side, you can get a cute and slightly naughty way.

What clothes and accessories to wear women’s takes?

Berets are suitable for a variety of outerwear, from very elegant to youth. Try to make images in different styles!

Feminine look in rich shades of Marsala

  • “Adult” feminine, long fitted coat with back vent, high, fitted boots with heels, a clutch and a small classic picks.
  • French style – direct coat, or coat-trapeze, shoes or boots, a small beret, purse on a long strap.
  • – Trench, beret with visor, bag handbag, women’s loafers or boots with a heel.
  • Youth way – coat, knitted beret, boots.
  • Casual oversized coats, shoes, menswear, takes some unusual bag.

Flirty and glamorous look with a pink beret

Urgent question – can I wear a beret in the image without clothes? Yes, it is quite possible, if suitable for the season. For example, the headpiece is the classic shape with a good jacket “Chanel”.

You can also wear berets, cardigans, oversized sweaters, fur vests and small decorative hats can complement the images with blouses, shirts and even dresses.

Decoration for beret brooch. Try to wear a big beret with brooch mount it on the side above the temple.

If you wear it by sliding to one side, then the brooch should be opposite to the tilt of the beret side. Small beret should choose earrings. Moreover, if you wear a beret, shifting it to one side, to support the asymmetry can be different earrings (of course, ideally suited to each other): side headgear let it be “symbolic” stud or small ring, and with the free hand – earring-pendant or earring chain.

This accessory is very Flirty and feminine. Knowing how to wear a beret, you can replace them with the usual hats, and look very stylish!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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