How to wear a bodysuit?

Body is something like a closed bathing suit, but this thing is not for the beach!

Initially, bodie was the subject of underwear (still in the range clothes stores, you can find a variety of bodysuit), but today designers came up with many variations, to wear to be “in the feast, and in the world” — including everyday clothing.

How is it possible and what to wear body tell women’s website ““.

How to wear coloured clothes?

All the body that are not linen, can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Neutral bodycon knit bodysuit sleeveless or with sleeves of varying lengths. No extreme cuts, no tricks cut, without decoration. Considered to be the universal colors – black, white, beige.
  • What to wear with a black bodysuit like this?

    It’s simple – it’s a basic thing that you can wear with any clothes! For example, under the jacket, under the trousers of free cut, under jeans, under a skirt, with a flashy necklace or earrings…

    In short, body is suitable at any occasions when you would put on a simple black t-shirt or tee shirt, which will look spectacular other elements of the image. But body have an advantage over the usual t-shirts and tops – it gently hugs the body and is not pulled out from under the trousers or skirt, if you need tucked inside a “top”.

  • Bodysuits with different prints, features cut, decorative details , etc. for Example, fashion bandage bodysuit, bodysuit with lace (not underwear!), bright bodysuit in the style of the 80s, etc.
  • Here the task is not very complex – pick “the bottom” in style, but more calm colors and not pretentious cut.

    For example, the bandage body with a solid “pencil”, body colored print with the usual jeans, etc.

    What to wear with a lace bodysuit and bodysuit with sheer panels – those things usually put on a jacket-“the grid”. If the lace is dense enough, it is possible not to hide the body under all sorts of sweaters and jackets and wear alone the “top” (of course, finding a suitable bra on).

  • Body, the top of which is a shirt or blouse (sometimes this upper half is of a different material than “panties”).
  • Wear this bodysuit is exactly the same as would wear a regular shirt or blouse (of course, tucked under the pants, skirt or jeans).

    Some fashionistas, of course, there is the idea to wear a bodysuit with tights is no “bottom” — like gymnastic leotard. But… it’s a good idea except as a stage image, but not for real life.

    Bodysuit with mesh, black and colored tights on stage and for filming the clips were worn by many celebrities for example, Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears, etc. But even they do not appear in their costumes on the streets, in airports or at social events, because they don’t want to look stupid and tasteless!

    How to wear a bodysuit underwear?

    If it’s about body, which is the subject of the linen closet, there are two options: either it is a nice juicy piece which will be suitable for seduction and seduction, or it is spanx.

    Let’s talk about the second option – bodysuit, which you can use to adjust the figure. These bodysuits are sewn with a special slimming panels at the sides and/or in the abdomen, they inserted “bones” and “Cup” to support the breast.

    Wearing this lingerie under your regular clothes, you can look significantly slimmer even when a large excess weight body will smooth unwanted folds on the body and tighten the stomach!

    Therefore, those who have problems with the silhouette, website recommends wearing a bodysuit under dresses and other clothes, especially tight-fitting.

    Diversify your wardrobe a fashionable bodysuit that can be worn on a warm spring day and be the most stylish!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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