How to wear a brooch?

Brooch has long been a popular and favorite by women decoration! And this is perhaps the most variable style: after wearing the same brooch can be a dozen different ways, pinning it to different garments and even accessories!

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How to wear a brooch on the dress?

Brooch and dress – classic, very feminine combination.

How to pin a brooch on the dress?

  • The wrap dress, dress shirt cut dress with a neckline brooch fastened in the traditional way – on the side, just above the middle of the chest. It is, in principle, it is possible option for all dresses!
  • The dress is off the shoulder or sleeveless brooch to pin in the middle of the bodice.
  • The dress with the collar you can attach the brooch to the lapel of the collar (if wide enough) or in the middle, at the throat – so attach brooches, cabochons, cameos, brooches, bow brooches with pendants.
  • On the asymmetrical dress (one sleeve, draping at one shoulder, etc.) the brooch is better to “put” at a more closed side.

How to pin the brooch to the blouse or the sweater?

Blouses and shirts traditionally, can be decorated with a brooch. In the usual way, from the side, you can pin any brooch.

Very stylish and a little vintage option – brooch at the V neck shirts or blouses.

Especially for classic shirts invented special kind brooches – brooches-“angles”: they are attached to the edges of the collar, sometimes scruples between a slack chain.

Also on the edge of the collar of the shirt or blouse you can wear a small brooch-miniature: it looks very elegant.

But if the blouse itself has a bow at the neck, the brooch is better to carry all the same side!

How to chop off the brooch scarf shawl?

Very beautiful and feminine option of wearing brooches – neck scarf, lightweight scarf or stole!

Tying in the usual way the silk or chiffon scarf, soft to the node pin brooch! But if a shawl or scarf is thin enough, it is possible to do with no knots, chips brooch two pieces of fabric!

Specially for scarves once produced a round brooch-buckle – through them was just enough to preteroti both edges of the scarf: you can look for such a thing in vintage collections!

Where else to pin the brooch?

The brooch is in fact can become a decorative element in any piece of clothing, any accessory! The main thing – competently to maintain the style.

Options wear brooches:

  • On the headdress – hat, take. You can pick up a pin, even to a conventional knitting a knitted cap.
  • On the purse. Satin or velvet evening bag is a wonderful object for the brooches! But also casual bags, especially cloth, you can decorate a flat brooch or brooch made of fabric, ribbons, artificial flower, etc.
  • For jeans, skirt. To the “ripped” jeans or a denim mini, you can pin the brooch on the basis of a safety pin with pendants. To a feminine chiffon skirt can be attached to the brooch bow, brooch flower, etc.
  • On coat. Nowadays, the brooch on the coat get to see very often, but in the 60-ies – 80-ies it was a common way to wear a brooch. Produced even brooches special type – the so-called “overcoat”: a large, usually plastic, to not be afraid to be caught in the rain, etc. and vintage is in fashion, so it is necessary to revive almost forgotten stylish “chip”!
  • On the ribbon, velvet ribbon, hair accessories. A favorite brooch, a cameo or cabochon in a frame can be attached to the tape-polishing cloth – get beautiful decoration on the neck in the old style. And unlimited field for imagination constitute headbands, hoops, elastics – they can pin different brooches!

And all these methods are not fiction site exactly wore brooches a famous fashionista! Maybe you’ll come up with your own version?

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Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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