How to wear a cardigan without buttons?

Wear the cardigan without buttons can women with various body type, is comfortable and stylish thing. In addition, these cardigans go perfectly with many clothing options – and talk about this on the women’s website ““.

What to wear with a short cardigan without buttons?

Short cardigan (in fact, a jacket without fasteners) worn in spring or autumn – this thing is designed to be slightly warm when a gust of cool wind and remove it, if it gets hot.

Cardigans length just below the hips look great with any trousers and jeans, both narrow and wide. This cardigan can be worn over a sheath dress or form-fitting knit dress.

Top under the cardigan can be any other than a voluminous sweaters and sweaters with cowl neckline. If you wear clothes with a high collar – let it be a plain turtleneck. Color knit top – one stop solution for what to wear with grey cardigan without buttons.

We should also talk about the combination of skirts and cardigans open placket.

The best option – pencil skirt, top and cardigan length just below the hips. Lightweight knit cardigans can only be worn with slim-fitting “top”, but they go well with skirts MIDI and Maxi.

Cardigans “oversize” — how to wear them?

An oversized cardigan is gorgeous! It needs to be worn with skinny jeans or skinny. The shoes in this case, good platform, wedge or chunky heels, or shoes shoes.

Thick knitted Snood or scarf, big bag, wide bracelet and stylish look is ready!

What to wear with a long cardigan without buttons?

Long knitted cardigan (below the knee or even to the ankles) without buttons one fraught with danger. If you wear it with the matching wrong things, it will look just like a Bathrobe!

How to avoid it?

  • Be sure to wear the long cardigan, heeled shoes.
  • If jeans or pants – just tight, tight.
  • Skirts and dresses to cardigans length “Maxi” are not suitable.
  • Cardigan MIDI length (slightly below knee) can be worn with a dress the same length or slightly shorter, but only if it is not lush.
  • Long cardigan will look good with a wide contrast waistband.

Long cardigan, in principle, can replace the way a coat worn buttoned or not buttoned one or two buttons. And wear it like a coat – with a high autumn boots, adding different scarves and cnudmi, etc.

How to wear a cardigan without buttons to look slimmer?

Yes, the cardigan is the detail of an image with which it is possible to make inconspicuous the extra inches and pounds! How?

First, with proper color matching cardigan and clothes under it (top, shirt, dress, etc.). Cardigan is slimming, if it is dark in color and worn under his clothes – bright or color.

Because of no buttons and zip up cardigan, you will not, then it works exactly as you need – the figure visually tapers at the sides, in the sky, vertically, as eyes catch the light and not stain clothes.

So black, dark blue, dark brown, etc. cardigans may be advisable to carry women who would like to visually “crop” wide hips and/or shoulders.

Secondly, with the help of a cardigan without buttons and with broad dark belt to it can be great to emphasize the waist – the figure will immediately become the “hourglass” silhouette. The emphasis in this case should be made on the bust and chest area – appropriate light shirts and blouses with ruffles on the chest, bold jewelry, plunging necklines, etc.

But if you want to wear a cardigan without buttons in order to look slimmer you need to wear it either with dress to the knee, or with skinny jeans. And certainly complement the image of the high-heeled shoes!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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