How to wear a fur coat, not to look “the village”: 5 stylish images coming winter

Fur coat + sports stuff

Sneakers took to the podium and become the highlight of any outfit. Tandem coats and athletic shoes – great combination of comfortable things. Life hack from Fendi is the print of the skirt which is repeated on the lining of her fur coat. With this idea you can go to your tailor.

Wear a coat-avtoledi a top coat

This winter in the trend of layering, and since it’s cold outside, you can combine several models of clothing in one outfit. Givenchy offers images, popular in the 80s.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors

Now in fashion neon colors (they came to us from the fall trends). Balmain, in particular, chose a bright lime color for your collection of outerwear. If you are not afraid to be the center of attention, choose bright colors: green, red, Indigo, purple.

Accent on accessories

Stylists Saint Laurent turned his attention to shining jewelry. You can take note of the fact that the details in outfit play even with a natural fur coat is not the second part.

Total outfit in one color

Think of the image in one color. If dark red to show Sally Lapointe seems too extreme, then pay attention to soothing colors: brown, dark blue, beige, gray. This nanocomposite will be easier to collect. Classic red in the example on the right does not look aggressive. A great option to the office.

Helen Sinko, an expert in the field of fashion and beauty
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