How to wear a scarf with your coat?

The scarf + coat “inseparable couple”. Scarves worn with most coats. And there are those coats that necessarily require the wearing of scarf is designed for this and lose heavily, if you don’t have a scarf! It is important to know how to wear a scarf with a coat. This is today’s

What scarf to wear with a coat?

Before we move on to the ways of wearing scarves, it is necessary to understand – and what kind of scarves are generally suited to the different models of the coat?

A defining moment when choosing a scarf under a coat is a form of gate – how open the neck is, are there any interesting details cut, which should not be hidden under the scarf? Under the same coat it is possible to have several different scarves!

  • Coat with stand-up collar requires a scarf or stole other fabric scarf. Max fit, knitted, or thin knit scarf. All because it drape around the neck, and hide the ends under your coat – it should not be a piles, lumps and bumps under clothes. It will be visible only a little, for “resistant”.
  • Coat without a collar, open neck, and allows for a maximum of models of scarves from a little silk to knit snoods.
  • Coat turn-down collar allows experiments with different scarves, but the bulk scarves is better not to tie – they are obscured by the line of the collar.
  • Coat with V-neck necessarily require that the area of the neck and chest was covered with a scarf. It can be knitted, and fabric scarf, however, is not too large.
  • Coat with fur collar only allows a fabric scarf that serves as a practical purpose – to cover from the coolness of the neck (if not enough of the collar or collar worn under a coat clothes). Its nice and smooth drape under his coat.
  • If hooded coat, it does not impose additional requirements to the scarf – it all depends on the gate of the coat front. However, you can always throw the hood over your head and check whether he looks with a selected scarf.

The basic principle here – the more complex tailored and decorated with the coat in the area of the gate, the shorter must be the scarf.

And Vice versa – the most voluminous, long, decorated with tassels, pendants and other pieces of scarves look best with a simple coat without a collar.

How to wear a scarf with a coat or other style?

It is not only important to choose the scarf, but to wear it with a coat correctly! How?

  • Scarves chunky knit, voluminous, with tassels, fringe or some POM-POM – wear only a top coat. Depending on the length and thickness of the scarf decided, to do one or two turns around the neck, but actually a “feature” of these scarves is that they are bulky. These scarves are good if the coat opens neck.
  • Scarves made of cloth, scarves-stoles and you can tie the ends to the outside, and to hide them under the clothing. Releasing the edges of the scarf stands out, if they are frayed, lace, embroidery, and other decor that blends with your coat. Wide stole to drape over the shoulders of the coat, permitting its width, and the coat has a small collar or collar.
  • Narrow knitted scarves worn with coats, if you want to warm the neck — has a few turns around the neck. Some years ago there was a fashion for hanging the long ends of the scarf, almost to the knees, but now it is irrelevant – it is better to hide the ends under your coat.

  • Knit scarves are easy to be tying. If you want to try some tricky way to tie a scarf (website already talked about this), the knots and creases are best obtained from the Jersey.
  • Short scarves from fleece, wool fabric, velvet and other thick materials are designed to wrap neck under coat.
  • Chiffon, silk and other lightweight scarves worn with coats, easy zadrapirovav on the neck – they form beautiful folds, and they should not be wound tight! If coat V-neck collar, the scarf can be chipped with a brooch at the base of the neck.
  • If the scarf has any metal or plastic pendants at the ends, he designed to tie ends out.

And another tip – never podesavate scarf with hood or collar coat outside. It’s just terrifying.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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