How to wear a Snood?

Perhaps the word “Snood” you are yet unfamiliar, you must know what kind of “beast” — the so-called “endless” scarf, a vicious in the ring. Its more common Russian name – “clamp”. Certainly something original and practical!

How to wear a Snood – talk ““.

How to wear a knitted Snood?

Knit – the most common category scarves-snoods. How to wear a Snood this kind?

The fact is that most effective snudy look when free and space are placed on top of the clothes they designed.

Long snudy turn around 2-3 times, but loosely not tight to the neck – Snood do not have to look “noose”. Knitted scarf might be a hat, if you hook it up to the head.

There are knitted snudy, wide on one side (on the shoulders) and tapering to the neck – this model can be worn over your outer clothing (especially if there are any tassels, pompoms etc), and under a coat or jacket as an additional insulation element, outside of the gate looking like sweaters.

Thick knitted Snood perfectly complement almost any thing for autumn-winter wardrobe, if they have no private relief gate or collar.

Can be worn as a Snood with cardigans, sweaters and jumpers, and coats (wide Snood can wrap over the gate-pillar) and a variety of jackets (sometimes even the hood is not a hindrance).

Looks good blend knitted cowl and furs (e.g. fur vest).

Knitted snudy – what to wear?

The second is also a common type LIC – knit. They vary in width and length, the density of the knit, are with prints and monochrome.

About knitted snoods very relevant question, how to wear a Snood on the head.

It can be easy to wear and easy to put over my hair, leaving open the forehead (this is if you have enough width in the back and completely covered the back of the head and neck). Of the narrow necks you can build a bandage on the hair if you wrap it around the head as many times as the length allows.

And the most interesting that are snudy of the knitted fabric, not only in the cold season!

Alternative stylish solutions from

  • With the dress. Knitted, woolen, even with thin, summer – may be a variety of combinations! On a summer evening you can even combine original Snood in a fine knit strappy sundress to remain open hands – add large bracelets and earrings, and the image is ready!
  • With a summer Romper. Again, the hands are open and ask jewelry – rings, bracelets…
  • With t-shirts, tops. Plus cropped denim jacket unbuttoned (for example, leather or denim).

Very narrow knitted snudy in a few turns can play the role of a decoration. Try to chop off their large brooch, for example.

Sometimes sold sets of 2-3 narrow LICs in different colors – you can wear them just so, and can be folded together and twist, to get colored accessory harness.

What to wear with a fur Snood?

Yes, it happens sometimes! More often snudy faux fur, but real and genuine. Usually they are short, not designed for a few turns.

This Snood can replace the fur collar from the coat, if there is none.

Good fur and viscous, with a dense knit. Cowl from beautiful quality fur can become an addition to the dress in the cold season (that looked easier and cheaper than dresses!)

What to wear with a Snood: jewelry

If you plan to image with Sodom, you should consider what else will be combined with it.

Unnecessary and will be necklaces, necklaces, beads and other decorations on the neck.

The only exception is if the Snood is small, covering only the neck and chest area, it is possible to wear under it, a pendant or a pendant on a long chain. May not be amiss brooch (and you can try to pin on himself Snood!).

But complete freedom in the choice of bracelets and rings – let bijuterii emphasis will be on hands!

Earrings? Yes, they will, but if the cowl is voluminous, it is best not to wear long earrings.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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