How to wear bracelets on the hand?

All types of jewelry, bracelets have raised the most questions: how to wear the bracelet with other jewelry, what jewelry, which sleeve will fit, how to combine several bracelets in the same way, etc.

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How to wear bracelets on the hand?

Putting on the jewelry, it is important to avoid unnecessary clutter – and this applies to the bracelet too. If the clothing opens the hand fully, then there is no problem – wear the bracelets, which are suitable in color and style, and not looking for additional complications. But if clothes has sleeves, you should still think about the selection of bracelets suitable shape.

  • Wide sleeve full length worn with bracelets.
  • Fitted long sleeves allow you to carry hard wide bracelets and bracelets of large beads over the edges of the sleeves.
  • Half sleeve or ¾ can be worn with the bracelets, if they don’t compress the wrist closely.
  • But the short sleeve has no restrictions on the choice of bracelets.

Do not wear bracelet if the sleeves (full length) have a cuff – from the ordinary to shirt decorated with lace, embroidery, etc.

How to wear a bracelet with other jewelry?

Few know how to wear bracelets on the hands with some clothes – you also need to consider compatibility with other decorations.

A fine, delicate bracelet (“ring” or “chain”) can be worn with any suitable set of decoration on the neck, earrings and perhaps rings. Wide bracelet is better to wear in such combinations:

  • Bracelet and eye-catching earrings.
  • Bracelet, necklace (or necklaces or pendant) and small earrings. The ring is not necessary (except engagement).
  • Bracelet, brooch and earrings.

A set of bracelets combines with other decorations by the same rules, and one wide bracelet.

Important: if the bracelet is part jewellery headset or set of jewelry, it is best not to Supplement a set of “non-native” ornaments. But, of course, possible to take from a set of one bracelet and try to combine it with any other decorations.

How to wear multiple bracelets?

How to wear bracelets of different width, but same style:

  • All on one hand.
  • The widest – on the one hand, and on the other a few narrow.
  • One or more bracelets on the wrist of one hand, and the bracelet-ring, adjustable size – on the forearm of the other.

On one hand you can wear a lot of narrow bracelets, and baubles, and the second left without jewelry or wear one “Fennec”. Thin bracelets-ring metal wear several pieces (usually around a dozen) on one hand. It is also possible to wear on one hand several similar narrow bracelets of the same width, different colors.

How to wear a watch with a bracelet?

If you are used to wearing watches, but would like to combine this practical accessory with the bracelet. It all depends on what kind of watch – not all models of wrist watches can be worn simultaneously with the bracelet, especially on the same arm.

  • Watch strict business style don’t wear bracelets at all. If you want something extra to decorate the hand – let it be a small stylish ring.
  • There are decorative watches, bracelets with stones or sequins, with an unusual rim and dial with custom strap, etc. Such a watch – on their own decoration (often expensive and very effective), and no other bracelets it is not necessary.
  • Narrow watch without an abundance of decoration can be worn with a bracelet similar in style. And maybe even on one hand. It is important to maintain unified color scheme and do not combine different metals (even gold should be one shade). In addition, let the watch and bracelet are the same price category (or, at least, will look) – it is not necessary to wear an expensive watch with cheap “samovar” bracelet or a simple “baubles”.

How to wear gold bracelets?

Gold jewelry should be stress – if you have a gold bracelet, you need to show it in all its glory.

  • First, don’t wear it with jewelry from other metals and jewelry.
  • Second, do not wear on the same hand a large ring (or several rings) – limit to one modest. If you constantly wear a wedding ring, gold bracelet match him in style.

The best clothes to the gold bracelet – plain dark turtleneck, dress or top (though, of course, this is only one, the simplest solution).

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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