How to wear jeans in the winter?

Winter is a time to wear warm and comfortable clothing. Many girls believe the perfect jeans “hem” in the cold season. But how to wear jeans in the winter, so it doesn’t look boring and trite?

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What jeans to wear in the winter?

Winter are models of crisp denim that you will be warm enough. The rest – the range of choice is practically unlimited!

What model of jeans to choose for the winter, depends on the color of your outerwear, what kind of shoes you usually wear in the cold months of the year, etc.

The most versatile model of jeans can be called skinny jeans at the hips – this model goes for almost everyone, it can be worn to any pleasing you “up” — from blouses to cardigans. Skinny jeans is comfortable to fill in the tops of the boots and winter shoes.

Jeans with high waist winter comfortable, they can be worn “high” winter tights.

The only rule is to pick up these jeans a “top” to be able to fill it inside – otherwise the idea of the Empire waist even meaningless. Jeans this model is a good complement to short sweaters.

Boyfriend jeans – also a good option for winter. What to wear with boyfriend jeans in the winter: or with shoes or ankle boots with a high shaft with this model of jeans do not wear.

Wearing ripped jeans in the winter?

Yes, but subject to proper selection of tights under them: relevant or subtle bodies, or heavyweight matte tights without a pattern. It would be foolish if the holes will be visible to the ordinary black knitted winter tights.

Now “cheat sheet” in color denim.

  • Darker shades of jeans are suitable for winter clothing of any color.
  • Blue and bright blue jeans require either bright or pastel colors in the image: beside the noble dark colors with the bright blue jeans look cheap.
  • Light (white, light gray, “faded”) jeans are also suitable to a completely different color things, but you do not want to wear them if you want to create a simple, elegant way.

What kind of shoes to wear in winter with jeans?

When selecting winter boots to jeans it’s important to remember a simple rule:

  • Narrow Trouser leg always made in bootleg, even low.
  • Wide leg openings and the leg openings Welt turned (as in “Boyfriends”) have little to cover up the shaft (and the high boots in this case not to put on).

If you want to wear cropped jeans (above the ankle), you will need heeled ankle boots. But this is true for skinny jeans with zippers at bottom of leg: these jeans usually are sewed as if too long, not growth.

How to wear these jeans with ankle boots, then the leg covering the ankle and sometimes even the top of the heel at the back.

Boots and all high boots worn with tight jeans. The same applies to pgov – fashion ugg boots with a wide “rappers ‘” jeans is long gone.

The type of shoes the timberlands worn with almost any models of jeans, it’s a good combination with the “Boyfriends.”

What to wear with jeans in the winter?

What to wear with jeans in the winter, which top to choose? Limitations very little.

One of them is the combination of jeans with a low waist and cropped sweaters, tops, etc. strongly desirable, so you can see the stripes of the abdomen, and even worse – if at all to see yourself peeking out from under jeans, tights or panties!

If jeans with a high waist, they need to pick up to refuel inside the clothes: a shirt, a blouse (can be combined with a vest or cardigan) or a turtleneck.

A good pair of jeans to classic sweaters, hoodies, cardigans.

As for outerwear, the perfect addition to jeans is a down jacket or a parka, duffle coat. Coat also can be successfully combined with jeans.

For example, a possible set – cocoon coat, boyfriend jeans, heeled ankle boots.

Or – long coat with slit skinny jeans, high boots with heel.

About the combination of coat and jeans designers have long led the heated debate – some say it’s an interesting contrast of luxury and affordable simplicity, others say it’s not compatible things… But while designers argue, successfully stylish girls wear jeans with coats, fur jackets and coats to the knee!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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