How to wear necklaces? How to choose the right necklace?

Title “the necklace” brings together a wide variety of jewelry – from wooden to plastic or precious! A range of necklaces that are available to modern women of fashion, and is pointless to list!

What is a necklace? Classic definition: a necklace with pendants. Now, however, the word “necklace” is called completely different products – with and without pendants, openwork, fabric, wicker… So the site “” I’ll tell you how to choose and what to wear with the necklace!

As an example, necklace, which plan to buy?

Of course, before buying any necklaces should try and see how it looks on you. The website recommends to refer to the fitting seriously (especially if the necklace is not cheap and it would be a shame to make the wrong choice)!

It is best if possible to try on the decoration without any clothes – to see only the combination of the necklace with your face shape, complexion appearance…

The second fitting – with the clothes you intend to wear necklace (be warned, impressions about the same things in first and second case can be dramatically different!).

In reality, however, jewelry stores are not equipped with fitting rooms, so if the fitting is possible and it is only in the clothes that the shopper at the moment.

What is going to choose a necklace? Put your clothes on, the maximum opening the neck and chest area, while neutral in color and style (plain, simple style, black, white, gray, shades of beige or any muted soft shades going to your complexion).

Then you can estimate the necklace “by itself”!

How to choose a necklace for the figure?

How will look of the necklace largely depends on the physique women, which meets this necklace to wear.

With the full neck and shoulders, larger body type are not recommended necklace-chokers (around the neck) and a necklace at the base of the neck – they will produce the impression of a “choke”, it is unnatural and pretentious.

In this case it is better to stay on the models of the necklace, covering the bust area, but not covering the neck closely.

Also ideal would be a necklace of small openwork elements, with thin chains, small decorative items etc – this will create an undesirable contrast between the grace of an ornament and broad body type. But should pay attention to the big, noticeable necklaces which is proportional to the body and does not cause feelings of dissonance.

And don’t forget that if you want to visually lengthen the neck (about all the ways to do this, we have already talked), then the necklace must contain any vertically directed elements: for example, the suspension. The optimal shape of necklace to achieve this goal is V-shaped.

When a thin neck, thin shoulders and small Breasts recommendation is strictly the opposite: avoid massive, heavy, very catchy necklace — preferring grace and ease! The shape and length of the necklace in this embodiment, any possible.

How to wear a necklace?

Necklaces are usually, with dresses, sometimes with tops, blouses, sometimes with a knit binding.

General rule: if the shape of the necklace follows the shape of the neckline, so these things are compatible and you can try to put together!

But this does not mean that you should always look for such a coincidence experiment. Some advice we will give:

  • A small choker around the neck or at the base of the neck will fit almost to any shape of neckline.
  • Dress with very low neckline, blouses with a collar and turtlenecks and sweaters with a collar to wear with a necklace like this: pick a style of necklace that descends below the level of the neck or collar (collar).
  • I want to draw attention to your chest and neckline , wear a necklace around your neck or close to the neck. If, on the contrary, want to divert attention from their “charms” wear a necklace, “tanavakivide” chest area.
  • Than bigger, brighter and brosche necklace (not a choker!), the longer and thinner neck looks!
  • Carefully pick up the color of the necklace under the basis of color – this jewelry as effectively “cover” the face and make it dull, pale… Absolutely everything is pearl, metal (yellow and white – it’s not necessarily about the real gold and silver!), crystal, diamonds or appropriate simulation.

Necklace-choker: what to wear?

The choker is a choker tightly around the neck (in common parlance such a necklace are called “dog collar”). The choker can be solid, made of metal or another material, stacked (of individual segments), composed of several rows fastened together low beads to be made in the form of a tape with a decorative element in the middle, lace etc.

The question arises: what clothes to wear necklace-choker? The correct answer is with anyone who opens the neck and chest area!

Chalker is a great option for corsets, dresses with an open bodice, tunics, dresses and tops with shoulder straps and a deep neckline. However, remember that by closing the neck, this necklace attracts attention to the cleavage, chest and shoulders! Caution in the choice of such decorations will not interfere with a women, and skinny women with protruding collarbones and a small chest!

The peculiarity of this type of necklace – pick-up capacities of other jewelry available in the image along with the chalker.

So, it is permissible brooch that attaches at neckline dress with an open bodice without straps or narrow straps. But with the earrings need to be careful: large earrings with pendants are excluded, it is better to wear a “stud” or other small model earrings.

In General, any necklace is a very active element of the image, and you should be very careful not to overload the image of jewelry! You can wear a necklace with a single ring, or small earrings, or restricted to a duet “necklace – bracelet”…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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