How to wear pearls?

Jewelry with pearls, according to women’s website ““, you should definitely have for every woman! Pearls can be modest and luxurious, suitable for business style and evening dresses, you can wear young girls and old ladies.

How to choose and wear pearls – this will be it!

How to find jewelry with pearls for yourself?

Who can wear pearls?

Earlier, in the early 20th century, it was believed that it is not for the young – pearl earrings, necklaces and brooches were encouraged ladies over 30, and even 40…

However, the current rules are not as conservative – and that’s fine, because the pearls can perfectly fit a woman of any age! However, the age of the owner shall be considered in the selection of a particular jewelry.

Rules of selection of pearls from the website

  • The older a woman is, the better (and more expensive) should be the pearls. If 20-year-old girl can wear a bead necklace of freshwater pearls are uneven (it has its own charm!), lady in 40-50 years would be more appropriate to buy the version with pearls of the correct form. When a young girl has in the box is the decoration with precious jewels, especially in gold – she can wear it in the evening, for special occasions. And age older gives the advantage to wear the same decoration in the daytime and even without a special occasion!

  • The more expensive the clothes the more expensive the pearl. Luxurious evening dress can not be worn with a small uncalibrated pearls, this dissonance – you need the decoration of appropriate quality and cost. The same applies to expensive business suits and dresses to business style – they require good pearls.
  • The more expensive metal frames – the better and more expensive pearls (earrings, rings, brooches). Of course, this rule probably applies to jewelers than the buyers, but if you offer to buy rough gem in gold (or Vice versa, argue that gem in a conventional stainless steel is ideal) – is suspicious and suspected fraud.
  • White pearl is all and always. Pearl with a beige or grayish shade will go older women. Pink pearl, opposite to the young. Black pearl is rarely very young, but also older, he looks too gloomy – this is for the image of the femme fatale.
  • Sometimes the advice to choose the shade of pearls in the color of your teeth. Not all people have tooth enamel dazzling white — this is normal! But it would be a shame if an involuntary comparison white pearl low with teeth of ivory color will not come out in your favor.

How to wear pearls: combination with clothes

What and how to wear pearls?

  • With casual clothes. If you prefer a relaxed casual small earrings with pendants-the pearls are quite appropriate with blouses, jumpers, jackets etc.
  • With business clothes. Shirts and suits, sheath dresses – all beautifully complemented by low laconic pearl, earrings-pulsetime with pearls or a ring with a pearl. Instead of beads can be a modest brooch on the lapel of the jacket.
  • With outfits retro style nice necklace of pearls. How to wear long bead – knotting its knot below the chest.
  • With cocktail dresses. Pearls – the best addition to the dress code “formal cocktail” — that is, to elegant, but quite modest and simple in cut and decoration of the dresses.
  • With evening dresses. In this case, the appropriate truly luxurious pearl jewelry – precious metals, precious stones. However, if the dress itself has a decor – for example sequins, embroidery, etc. – the pearl can be inappropriate.

And what pearls to wear not worth it?

  • With variegated things. On the fine print, especially a multicolor pearl jewelry “lost”. The exception is rings and earrings, if the sleeve is short or that bracelet.
  • Things styles grunge, hipster, swag, etc., sports and youth clothing. I think you can understand why pearls are inappropriate here.
  • With cheap costume jewelry – plastic, wood, etc.
  • Natural pearls, even cheap, should not be worn with jewelry of beads “pearl”.

Pearls are very feminine! Even a simple decoration with him refreshes the face, making shining look! So you should have it in my box!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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