How to wear stockings?

Some women think stockings are less convenient and even an outdated version of tights: they require a belt or other structures for fastening, you have to watch them – not slide, in the end, they cover the legs are not entirely… But the stockings and pantyhose are two completely different stories!

Tights need to heat and compliance with the dress code. And the stockings is in the mood.

There are women (and I must say, gorgeous women!), for which the stockings – a lifestyle! And what effect stockings have on men… any tights nervously Smoking in the window ?

How to wear stockings – tell unusual female site

Under that wear stockings?

In General, the stockings of neutral shades (Nude and black) can be worn under clothes of almost any style – they do not bring any of their own “initiatives” in a way, they don’t have to! But keep in mind some stylistic contraindications to the wearing of the stocking:

  • Stockings do not wear under pants, jeans and other staroobryad things. Lovers of extravagance sometimes wear stockings with short shorts, but for this suit only a black or colored stockings, no lace, no peek-a-Boo from under the shorts … from the waist!
  • Stockings are not worn with mini! The top edge of the stocking should cover your skirt or dress! Yes, sometimes you can meet girls in the stockings with a mini, but it’s suitable only for young girls with slender legs, and it’s a pretty risky way! If you really really want to try this way, then advice from “Beautiful and Successful” — put a dense opaque brown stockings, of course, without the belt!
  • Stockings are not worn over tights. If the season allows – better to just wear tights by themselves. Exception – knitted stockings, fishnet perhaps, on top of corporal pantyhose.

Imitation of stockings – what to wear?

Trendy in the last couple of years the novelty – tights imitating stockings. That is, the top of these pantyhose is usually sheer Nude, but the “kolgotina” stockings – for example, black. Sometimes, in place of “connection” are different patterns, ornaments, etc. Variation – dense opaque “a La stockings” and thin the top of the same color.

What to wear with tights-stockings? This thing is designed for mini – so the design could be appreciated by the audience! And violations of decency is not – because in fact you in pantyhose!

Stockings with belt: how to wear this design?

The question “do the stockings to the belt?” has no clear answer!

Of course, the functional purpose of the belt is to hold up stockings so they do not slip. But now many models of the stocking thus produced to keep the foot on their own. Of course, it’s not forbidden to wear stockings with a belt, if there is discomfort and the need to constantly control them!

But if we talk not only about the harsh practicality, the belt is a ready answer to the question, why wear stockings! The ensemble of stockings, belt and panties looks incredibly sexy on any woman!

Belts come in different types. Width varies – from “rope” with four rubbers to a wide tight belt that covers the lower part of the abdomen, and may perform the shaping function. Also invented various designs of panties, to which are attached the elastic garter to do without the belt.

Another thing which is equipped with rubber bands-suspenders, bustier, or corset. This is especially interesting because at the same time replaces bustier bra!

However, do not get carried away – many designs belts, corsets and bustiers designed for a fashion show in an intimate setting, not for everyday wear. Under clothing should not puff up the edges, be seen relief lace etc.!

Belt usually pick up a set of clothes (or buy a ready-made set of three pieces – a bra, panty, girdle).

And how to combine the color of the lingerie and stockings?

Of course, under a transparent bodily stockings will fit any underwear. It is also permissible and very spicy is a combination of black stockings and colored clothes (pastel shades). White linen worn either with white or with light-colored, or body stockings.

What shoes to wear that?

Stockings worn with feminine shoes, otherwise they lose their meaning! Heel stockings always perfect, but if you don’t wear those shoes, you can choose options and flat shoes (ballet flats), or wedge.

Stockings black color can be worn with black, and with color shoes. Under the light shoes are better suited bodily stockings.

Pay attention to the type of shoes – if the shoes suggest the open toes, it will only fit bodily stockings. But sandals with open toe and heel, sandals, flip-flops and other open shoes with stockings are not worn at all – all this shoes on his bare feet!
Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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