How to wear things with ruffles?

A wide flounce-flounce increasingly adorns tops, dresses, skirts and blouses – women’s original website “” can only welcome this trend. The shuttlecock always looks fresh, feminine and elegant!

But if you also like the shuttlecock, you should wear it with the knowledge of how to combine it with other clothes and accessories – this will be discussed in the article.

What to wear with flounced top?

As a rule, decorated with flounced tops and off the shoulder. A wide frill with one hand, makes a proportionately heavy in the upper part of the silhouette – that’s why these things are good skinny girls with small Breasts and women with the figure “pear” (which usually outweigh the hips).

If top or blouse have a straight cut or a cut of “Empire” (“atletica”), then you can wear them only with a fitted hem or narrow: for example, with jeans, slim trousers, pencil skirt or tight mini-skirt and also with shorts.

A good option what to wear with a blouse with frill – skirt with a high waist: blouse is tucked in, and it turns out slim waist!

Fitted top with a flounce, you can try on with the skirt-line silhouette and wide straight trousers.

If you have a top or a blouse with ruffles, to wear them in combination with a full skirt (“sun”) – not the best idea: you will receive a “Gypsy costume” (or “Spanish” — if you like it more). In principle, designers sometimes think about such combinations of top and bottom, but out of podium this image will look a little weird (unless you really like ethnic associations).

Dress with ruffles: what to wear?

Dress with flounce on the shoulders can be worn just by itself – either to put on top of it the thing will crumple and hide the flounce. It is important only to choose the right jewelry – do not wear long jewelry on the neck, and very massive necklaces, much covering the chest area.

The flounce is quite an interesting and non-trivial element of the image, so there is no need to pile up more and larger embellishment in the neckline area.

The best option is necklace-choker or short low beads. And it is possible to completely abandon decorations on the neck, limiting the earrings and ornaments for the hands.

To dress free cut with flounce makes sense to choose the zone to be able to create a fitted silhouette.

What to wear with asymmetrical flounce?

Very stylish look tops and dresses with asymmetrically located flounce: for example, this frill can go over one shoulder and the second shoulder is fully open. The difficulty here is in the selection of jewelry: asymmetry need fun to beat!

Well, if you have an asymmetrical necklace that is suitable for this stuff with a flounce, in which the heavier part is in the opposite side of the flounce.

You can also try wearing different earrings in the same style, of course) – a long and massive earring wear with exposed shoulder, and the shuttlecock may be a small earring.

Bracelets and big rings are, of course, wear on the hand, the shoulder which is not covered by a flounce.

What to wear with a skirt with flounces?

If the flounce on the skirt is on top, he called a bask.

The pencil with a flounce on the bottom can be worn with a skinny and straight tops, and spacious blouses tucked in the skirt. And don’t forget about high heels!

Skirt with multiple ruffle-flounced better to wear tight things.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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