How to wear tights and socks?

Simplicity and sophistication are always in fashion and today women’s site will tell you which parts of the image will look myself.

All models of leggings for different looks

Today the choice of styles of tights, leggings and even jeggings (those that are made from denim), is striking. Ladies can stock up on a bunch of options:

  • from any fabric, even leather,
  • matte or shiny
  • solid, bright or basic hues: black, beige, gray,
  • print.

To wear leggings in the office for a walk and even for a party! Choose your image on any occasion.

Option to work – leggings dark gray or simply black tone well with a sweater, long blouse and stylish jacket.

Just walk – in this case, let the clothing will be bright tight leggings. But the top needs to be calm, pastel shades. Warm long sweater or flowy tunic – see the weather – perfectly complement the ‘active’ bottom.

Going to the celebration? It is not necessary to stop the choice only on the dresses. If you want to look extravagant and elegant, then it’s time to get out of the closet brilliant model leggings, embellished with rhinestones or simply made of leather. With a crop top or boxy blouse will be a real chic, but in addition with accessories – just Shine.

The relevance of leggings is the versatility of this garment. Yes really, you see, because they blend perfectly with any shoes. Of course, the one that will work: each day – always comfortable, and the occasion – sandals, shoes or ankle boots.

By the way, leggings are not only for slender girls. If you have a Royal form, too it is possible to choose a simple dress, but the main thing is to combine. The extended top is better and free.

Socks – little things to set the mood

Of course, no one will argue with the fact that socks are an indispensable item in any wardrobe. And argues that a harmonious image it is important to choose and have a very much vapor.

Of course, most socks worn with pants, jeans for everyday wear. Still, it is incredibly convenient and comfortable: you don’t have to wear tights under trousers.

Classical nylon – choose the traditional look pants, are not discordant with the business style.

Bright socks are also good, because the shade did not stand out much.

Selection of colored socks should be held very carefully. There should not be such that you bought them just because I liked the color, but it is unclear what they wear. And just under the denim blue shade to wear they should not. But if they are chosen to match the trousers or, even better, shoes, then everything is fine. In the latter case, by the way, they also elongate the leg!

When the socks – that’s juicy!

Still believe that to seduce a man can only “scream” lace underwear? Well, it is a fact, not arguing. But as a particular image, you can try “College.” In this one, single, case, the combination of the skirt with the socks looks interesting, but not tacky.

So, imagine a light shade blouse, jacket, fastened with buttons. Hem – skirt-line or slightly flared type. Definitely above the knee or mid-knee. This way is well suited socks white. They will look perfect with the shoes thin soles and a small heel. However, this image – not for every day, you know?:)

To tenderness, femininity and simplicity can not only dress and fishnet details. Add your images of lightness and elegance, and you will see that it is possible to dress comfortably and at the same time like men.

Eva rainbow — especially for

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