How to win back an ex husband what you need and what not to do?

Things happen in life. For example, you left a husband, or you yourself left her husband (and about that, and about another situation female site already told). But it took some time, and you realized that your relationship should be give a second chance! But you need to think about how to win back an ex husband! Is it possible? What not to do, wanting to get back with ex? Read on!

What is worth considering before something is done?

You’re not a little girl. A former spouse is not a toy, but a living person with real feelings and emotions, who also wants happiness and has the right to make their own choices in life. So absolutely no use to cry and beg, “Aah! I want to start all over again!!! Vernies!!!”, not yet comprehend what exactly led to the divorce.

This is hardly the result of a momentary flash of emotion – if the husband is gone, means that his strong suit is not in you.

I want to return to her former husband?

Stop to consider himself the perfection and the ideal – even if you are very close to it, something in your behavior has hurt a man to be happy with you! Sometimes it is useful to abandon the Royal arrogance and critically look at yourself!

Otherwise, even if you can convince the former to give you a second chance, the relationship will soon collapse for the same reason, and it will permanently!

Be ready that will have a lot to work on myself and change: your new relationship should be really new — it is not necessary to dream that everything will be “as before”, only with a happy ending.

And don’t count on the fact that the former husband will come back to you on inertia, and on the secondary care it is not enough willpower! To return the former, if only to light in this fresh and new feeling – and it is no less difficult than to fall in love with another man “from scratch”!

How to win back an ex husband, if he went into “solitary voyage”

So, you firmly believed that the former spouse has not yet found you a worthy replacement, and leads a bachelor lifestyle. What to do?

To begin with – give him some time to solitude is beginning to pall, and the place of irritation and anger, increasingly began to come romantic memories about your marriage…

It could be several weeks or months – the main thing is not to overdo it so the man had no time to get used to the role of the bachelor!

But then… try to start a friendship with her ex-husband! Old not to remember, not to indulge in memories, unresolved controversial issues do not raise! Just communication – look out for this small reasons (if you have children, there just there, if not, ask to repair the leaking faucet in the bathroom or install a new OS on your laptop…).

During these meetings, be cheerful, sociable, friendly, but at the same time unobtrusive – no complaints of grave share a “grass widow” and a sad face, showing how you without bad. Kill two birds with one stone – on the one hand, an ex-husband will see what a treasure he had in his hand, on the other hand, he will notice that “treasure”, and quite happily from day to day can find a candidate for the vacant post of the man she loved.

And the instinct of the owner of men to eradicate is not so easy – if he’s at least a little, at least 0.01% wants to return, he will come back when you feel that you’re seriously ready to find another!

Be patient, extend the boundaries of your friendship until then, until you notice that the ex-husband himself (this is important – it was myself, first!) will start to show to you is not quite friendly interest.

And if you behave yourself properly, sure it’s gonna happen sooner or later!

Now attention! With anger to reject infringement not necessary – this should be an occasion for a decisive break!

About in this way: “I see you still have feelings for me — you would like to revive our relationship? I would have wanted that, we could try…”. In General, if you feel that you want, you can use “friendly” relationship in a horizontal plane.

But! In any case, do not consent, if the former alludes to the fact that sex is sex, and to go back it’s notme – otherwise he’ll think you’re a “sexual ambulance” and not the woman he loves!

Is it possible to return to her former husband, if he went to another?

You can try. Although, frankly, to break someone else’s happiness – a thankless and ignoble

However, there is a different situation – the husband has a mistress, and in the heat of love filed for divorce. Several months passed, and the new relationships in themselves started to crack…

Here on the horizon it can appear you’re still free, and giving the chance for the return of the prodigal husband!

Again, no begging and persuasion – the decision to return should Mature men independently, so that later he didn’t think you gave the former husband a trick or some kind of love potion! Just show him that you are a new husband until he had that old grudges don’t remember quite agree on a new round of relationship – companionship, friendship or something more…

And the decision is still after him!

Typical mistakes in the process of returning ex-husbands

The website “” wants to keep you from typical mistakes that are committed even in the most pure and sincere intentions to return to her former husband.

  • The reference to old grudges and painful issues. Behave like you never had anything. Except occasionally and in moderation remember something terribly romantic – your first journey together, some funny incident at your wedding…
  • Entreaties of “please come back”. Not valid. If even persuade ex – husband returns with a heavy heart, and hold it will be very difficult.
  • Slanders his new passion. Can produce the most undeniable evidence that he was gone, vile and shameless bitch. Bitch in his eyes after that you will!
  • Complaints and blackmail, “I without you will not survive the day!”. First, the obvious falsity of such statements of the charm you will not add. Secondly, the whiners are unpleasant to anyone, especially ex-spouses!

But a single, universal and guaranteed to trigger the recipe of how to win back an ex husband will not give you one. Moreover, there is no guarantee that he will return – you can’t have no moral right to bring him back like a dog on a string!

You can only give the man to understand that you are ready to try to start all over again, while showing him the positive changes in yourself, so he’ll know you’re really ready to change and become better for the sake of your love!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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