How to wind the hair without curlers and Curling irons?

Sometimes there are situations when you want to make a hairstyle with curls, but you don’t have any Curling irons or curlers (or you don’t want to use, so as not to injure once again, the hair).

Do not worry – there are many ways to wind the hair without curlers and Curling irons, and the website “ happy to share them with you!

Ways to wind the hair without curlers and Curling irons

To begin, decide what result you want to achieve – smooth waves, small curls or large curls clear? It depends on what type of irons to choose from.


To make hair wavy without any AIDS simple – you will help the braids! If you braid damp hair in one, two or three braids and let them dry in the braid condition, you will get a soft, wide “wave”.

But if you do a lot of small “African” braids on wet hair, you’ll get a lush head of hair, curly small zigzag. The thinner and more pliable for Curling your hair and than they grow thick on the head, the more magnificent will be obtained in this way laying.


To waves received at raspletanie braids, was more expressive, in braids, you can weave long cloth – for extra volume. Best type of braids at the same time – “Kolosok.”

Divide the hair into two or three parts (to get 2-3 KOs), then every part at the base, tie rag, folded it in half and making a knot. Then braid Kolosok, criss-crossing the strands around the two halves of the cloth. When the braid is zapletina, tie the bottom knot of the ends of the cloth.

Dry and raspleta this design, will get a cool “wave”!


Instead of curler you can use their “ancestors” — the curlers. To make the curlers very simple – it’s simply the tube folded from paper. Each tube is secured with tape.

Length of paper shoes may depend on the length of your hair, but usually enough 10-12 cm (for hair up to shoulder blades). Divide hair into strands and wind each strand on a hair curler, clipping the tip with a small elastic, then wait for drying the hair.

The result is a very neat spiral curls!


To wind the hair without curlers, Curling iron or crimper, you can use knots or small bundles. Only need the little clips to secure.

Divide the hair into strands, each strand alternately and twist slightly to tighten the spiral, like a mini beam. Clip away the hair-pin invisible, so that the beam does not spin.

When you repeat this manipulation with all locks, dry your hair and undo the bundles, then you will be quite voluminous curls.

If your hair is long and heavy beams would not stick (or it will be hard for you), it is more convenient to tie on each of the strands of the knots – one beside the other, as much as will fit on the right. The tip of the strand, tuck in the last knot and fasten with elastic.

This way you will get bulky, but somewhat chaotic curls – they are better apart with your fingers and lightly sposito for uniformity of installation.

Can you wind the hair without curlers and Curling irons quickly?

Instantly, of course, it is impossible – all depends on the drying speed of the design that you create on the head for the sake of the curls. But to speed up the process you can!

The obvious solution is to use a Hairdryer. The less tightly plaited or twisted hair, the faster it will dry. Big braids, bunches or nodules longer to dry than smaller ones.

If there is no time thoroughly to dry hair, follow the advice from the website before navit hair, bring them to nearly dry (using a hair dryer or just shaking and obsesiva towel). Then a tank for spray gun , dilute in water a little liquid from a bottle of hairspray (you don’t have to Unscrew the bottle with nail Polish, you can just how to “napstat” of varnish in water).

This mixture, spray the hair and then proceed to one of the above methods of winding. When everything is ready, doushite a hair dryer and then unravel – due to the paint styling will hold better.

As you can see, to wind the hair without curlers and Curling irons not that hard!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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