How to withdraw excess water from the body?

“I have swelling and a little extra weight. Was masseuse she said she feels the water under the skin, not fat. How to bring this excess water from the body? Yulek”. Yulek, female site I will try to help — and also to everyone who suffers obesity. Because the swelling and extra weight is not only ugly, but also uncomfortable. And withdrawing the excess water, You might understand that any excess weight You have not!

Where excess water in the body?

The reasons can be mass, and in the first place recommends to consult a doctor. Because swelling usually say that with health something not so. There are cardiac edema, and edema due to kidney problems — and not always the heart or kidney felt pain, so swelling these the most we can with them not to associate.

We, the women, the swelling may be associated with the menstrual cycle — some women, just “swollen” before these days. However, if the menstrual cycle goes something like this, swelling may be almost constant.

However, something to get rid of excess water you can begin to do right now. For example, to revise your diet and lifestyle on the subject of the causes of delay, excess water in the body:

  • The lack of water. Many of us during the day, drink tea, coffee, juice, soda and so on and think that they satisfy the daily needs of the organism in water. But it is not! The body needs it clean water, not its “substitutes”, for “substitutes,” and so full of different substances and are not able to remove toxins from the body.
  • Diuretic drinks. Tea, coffee, soda, beer and other alcohol. Literally driven from the body with healthy moisture. Saved the body stores energy in the form of edema.
  • Excess salt in the diet is a known cause of fluid retention. If you ate a herring, and thirsty, it’s not because “fish water demands”, but because the body tends to bring unneeded salt. If the salt you consume a lot and constantly, the body specifically maintains the water to this salt were not so harmful to him.
  • A sedentary job or Vice versa, work all day on my feet — there may be the usual swelling of the legs.
  • Slow metabolism due to fixed work — just the scourge of our time. Office plankton slowly swells in the workplace))

What you can do to bring extra water?

Well, I revised the diet? In fact, to withdraw excess water from the body is not so difficult. The main thing — to observe the following rules constantly, and you will be happy and beautiful figure!

Water diet

Everything is very plain — the day you should drink at least 2.5 liters of clean drinking water. Gradually your body will realize that water is enough, and will stop storing water in the swelling.

Toxins will rapidly be excreted from the body, so after a few days after starting the water diet, you will feel lightness and surge of energy!

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Less salt!

If you realize that your problem is too much salt in the diet, it is recommended to gradually get used to less salty food. It’s not that hard.

Understand that salt masks the true taste of meals, makes it more intense and… others! And in combination with sodium glutamate obtained a vigorous and very tasty mix, which we are hooked like a drug. Salted and sprinkled with glutamatic tasteless or spoiled product, we can eat it and get a “true” pleasure.

Created salt-free diet, clicking on which, many were surprised to discover the variety of flavors, and smooth, young skin and slender legs without edema. Read about it and take note of all the most valuable.

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Physical activity, metabolism

To eliminate edema and excess weight accelerate the metabolism vital! The higher you metabolism is, the more intense are all processes in the body and it is easier for you to live.

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We have a whole article with exercises that help speed up metabolism. However, if you — the same office plankton, then you more suitable charge in the workplace.

Legs up!

In order to remove swelling from the feet, helps simple exercise from the system of the famous Japanese scientist , Katsudzo Niche (its famous Wellness technique is all of Japan!).

Lie on your back, stretch your arms and legs up. Hold them for a pair of minutes. Then start them shake, shake, first slowly, then faster and faster. The vibration that is created at the same time, perfectly tones the blood vessels, cleanses them from stagnant blood, improves blood circulation. Ease immediately!

If you do not want anything to shake, just elevate your feet on a wall and so lie. Personally, I just lie there bored, so I’m in this position doing some simple exercises for the legs and at the same time, facial exercises ?

Fasting days for removing excess water from the body

Experienced “tecalemit” for removing excess fluid once a week, suggest to arrange fasting days. The idea is that you can “unload” on anything, but they insist that the most effective fasting days the swelling is:

  • On the fasting day molokochae. The drink is simple: heated 2 liters of milk (daily rate) nearly to boiling, it throws a good green tea, all infused half an hour, and you can drink! This fasting day is quite satisfying, drink molokochay as soon as will feel hunger pangs.
  • Kefir discharge day. Buy very fresh 1% kefir — 1 liter and drink every 2 hours is enough.
  • Fasting day for the pumpkin juice. You can take pumpkin juice mixed with Apple, carrot or whatever else, but the effect for removing excess fluid from the body it gives the pumpkin! You can dilute this juice with water say, so it’s easier to drink. You can drink as you want during the day.

Naturally, during the fasting days we eat nothing more but carefully observe our diet water — so drink pure water as you want.


The swelling helps ordinary oatmeal, without sugar, boiled in water. They say that after it all unnecessary water just cries out ? no Wonder it is a mess of beauty!

For a taste of porridge can be flavored with fruit or spices such as cinnamon (read? — it helps speed up the metabolism!)

Bath with salt and soda

This bath is very simple, though not a quick process, giving rest, relaxation and ridding the body of excess water.

  • 2 hours before the bath, we don’t eat or drink.
  • Bath matters: pour water up to his armpits, the temperature should not be more than 38 degrees. Throw into it a pound of common salt and 200 grams of soda.
  • Sit in the bath and hold it for no more than 10 minutes. During this seat, drink a Cup of tea — green, hot, savory.
  • Get up from the bath, blotted body with a towel and get under some blankets, there sweating for 40 minutes.
  • Then take a shower.
  • After the bath you can not eat or drink anything for one hour.

Say the next morning on the scales you can see minus a pound!

Special meals against excess fluid

Doctors say that with the help of this power you can output excess water. Food is quite simple:

  • Most in the diet should be carbohydrates: fruits and vegetables, cereals and wholemeal bread. Vegetables and fruits are mandatory, they need to eat at least a pound a day.
  • Less in the diet — proteins. Skim is welcome! It’s lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products and eggs.
  • Very little in the diet — fats and oils.
  • And no, the diet of sugar and sweets — replace them with natural sweets!

There is a strict weekly diet for removing excess fluid from the body, but need to use it after consulting your doctor — suddenly you have contraindications! The diet promises the loss of up to three kg weight.

It’s simple: first do an enema, and then drink half a liter of fresh yogurt with defined products:

  • day 1: kefir and 5 boiled potatoes
  • day 2: yogurt + 100g chicken breast, cooked without salt
  • day 3: yogurt + 100g low-fat boiled meat without salt
  • day 4: kefir and 100 g boiled fish
  • day 5: yogurt + any vegetables
  • day 6: yogurt. Just yogurt ?
  • day 7: kefir and mineral water without gas.

After this diet recommends food suggested just above.

Plants vs edema

To cope with the swelling and will help the plants, the herbs, the easiest thing is to drink them as a tea. For this fit: mint, Melissa, cranberries, rose hips, dried apples peel, bearberry, birch leaf, Arnica flowers, cumin.

In an extreme case, drink some kidney tea it foams and practically no side effects.

Plants vs swelling can not only drink but also eat. This:

  • Herbs: nettle, sorrel, celery, parsley.
  • Vegetables: beets, horseradish, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, cabbage, pumpkin.
  • Fruits: apricots, apples, strawberry, strawberries.
  • Dried fruits: dried apricots, raisins, prunes.

All you need to regularly add them into his diet!

As it is impossible to withdraw excess water
Taboo No. 1: Diuretic and weight loss tea

All these things boosted expel excess water from the body. Yes, the effect is obvious, but then, after the action of drugs to the water will return to its place, because to your diet and lifestyle, nothing has changed!

Besides, it is very harmful to assign itself diuretic — this should only be done by a doctor.

Taboo No. 2: Restrictions on drinking

Many old-fashioned and think that if they limit consumption of water, and swelling will not. The effect is the opposite: the worst swelling! If you persist, there are problems with health.

Yulek, I hope we were able to help You, and You have already chosen your own strategy for the removal of excess water from the body. Success! ?

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