How to work with assholes – tips strategy tactics

You could, of course, to smooth out all the sharp corners in the title, write something like “How to deal with difficult people”, but I really want to tell you about how to work with assholes in the full sense of the word. Yes, it is about the idiots and all the “virtues” of cooperation with them.

The last few months, I had closely to deal with one crazy (not willingly, of course) that fell on me like snow on the head. We have him to the same General head. Yes, he had a hard time.

Jerks can cause all kinds of damagecaused on the job. They tend very much to complicate the lives of potential victims. First, we, that is, their potential victims, have to deal with (and often to accept) with their antics. We must in some unknown way to live on with those feelingsthat awaken in us, their actions, and themselves that much more difficult.

In short, here’s the first rule about how to “cooperate” with this kind of people with whom you have daily face at work.
If the behavior of the blockhead has no effect on your work, if possible avoid meeting with him, but better — just ignore this fiend.

But if you still have to work with him, thoroughly analyze all the problems, the source of which it is, and understand that it is in proportion to its part in your overall business.

Swipe the distinction between the feelings he has awakened in you, and reality.

Most of us don’t have the ability to just pick up and get rid of a fellow idiot, but we can break free from oppressive feelings caused by such individuals. We’re adults, and therefore know how to separate personal bias or prejudice concerning staff, from the intricacies of a working relationship with them. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that our intimate feelings are part of an overall picture of what is happening, but fools are fools, and with them nothing can be done.

It is vital to dot the “I’s”: my attitude to jerk, and his behavior and possible effects on me are two completely different things.

In addition, my asshole is not allowing me to relax for a minute: I constantly focus on his eccentric behavior, for examples which do not have to. Here his most characteristic features. So he:

  • almost never is not adequately responding to treatment (no response, no greeting).
  • refuses to accept any solution, and therefore avoids any responsibility for acts committed by him.
  • does not have the little bit knowledge about what he was doing.
  • uses passive-aggressive tactics in the process of organizing them all sorts of diversions.
  • and then attributes its own evil intentions to innocent colleagues.
  • late for the meeting, and then grumbles about the fact that he doesn’t understand what was going on (and even giggles during important meetings).
  • suddenly flies into a rage.

In short, a sort of deaf evil dwarf with delusions of grandeur.

Measures against natural disasters in the form of fellow idiots

Stupidly ignore the jerk, of course, failed because of its 50% involvement in all my projects. It turns out that our fates are unknown to me intertwined. In short, I continue to struggle with daily challenges (in my opinion, sounds a bit lofty, but…), besides every second we have to decide what to do next.

Here are a few episodes of my own “playbook”:

Initially, I naively thought that simple compassion would be sufficient in order to obtain the support and help this chump. Working with the jerk, I tried to put myself in his place. I have found the right words to encourage our work in the team, “We’re from the same cloth, in one case cooked, let’s make something to implement. Let’s help each other!”

But if the jerk has no needs, objectives, visions for the future or ambition, all, an end: the strategy suffers a complete collapse.

“Sympathetic” is a variation of the other. Instead of focusing on “positive” aspects, I attempted to criticize the nines all the cons of the company and our sad joint life and times.

Typical comment from his side about this: “Well, we both have to accept their stay in this disgusting place…by the way, is there any chance you will ever answer my e-mail?” (Well, not a moron, huh?..).

The fugitive
If you are not able to overcome the obstacle of dork, appeared out of nowhere on your way, try it just to get around. I took my dick and it. But since almost half of the division was in his command, the probability to force him to do anything was small, and when I talked to his subordinates, he turns into a real paranoid.

When you work with idiots, you need to use trial and error, in other words, rehab therapy is a great way to cope with all the fads people this species. In the process of my communication with the above mentioned idiot, I clearly saidwhat I want from him, be sure to pronouncing all the deadlines. If by the deadline I had not received the required, I repeated my request, adding: “Mind you, I ask it for the second time”. Then I waited a day or two, then back to this phrase: “Third request”, and report everything to the boss.

Work best in this respect, an open copy of the boss – you can always use the actual confirmation that I did everything I could. This was repeated until then, until something happened. In the case of its complete indifference to my “wishes”, I was ready… but Oh Well…

In hundreds of encounters (collisions, friendly conversation – call it what you will) with my crank, I carefully studied his mood and style of behavior, gestures and facial expressions. If he was frantic, and I, in turn, raved. Its sarcasm, I combined with their own sarcastic ridicule.

The problem was only that I sank to his level, besides it didn’t help…

Activites at him threateningly. Speak slowly and calmly. Make unpredictable actions or do something inappropriate.

Totally desperate and distraught at work with a jerk who totally didn’t understand the consequences of their behavior, I realized that I had jeopardized my own career.

The second rule:
If the idiot has been with the company for a few years, you probably are dealing with a jerk with “connections”. They are incredibly annoying and dangerous. It is possible that this subspecies has friends or good friends in “high society”. (Those he had purchased during his long life).

My asshole working here for five years, I recently. The cause of his so long stay here is unclear. Maybe he has high-ranking patrons who are blind or just turn a blind eye to his “little quirks”. But with a jerk, with his men at the top, you have to be extremely careful. Too often the complaint or another, but to the wrong people, and you have a big problem. They can not, and will not get rid of him, and as for you, you can be sure, one wrong step and you plunge in full.

Believe me, that I have experienced on my own skin. My boss and the people standing over him, constantly protecting my dick. What was needed was a completely different way of dealing with this miracle-udom.

As Marie Curie shortly before the discovery of radium, I was desperate, very tired and totally depressed. But some time later was followed by my personal major achievement. It happened when I discovered two very important things:

1. Sometimes it is necessary to trust your instincts.
When all the “bosses” comment on the shortcomings of idiots, I say nothing – let them say what they want, and tactfully agree with their opinion. This, of course, implies an approving waggle my head, words in support of the above, like: “Hmm-m-m Good. Too bad he did”. Having listened calmly to the end, I remain as if not privy to everything going on. In the end, all is done without my participation. They are happy and I am happy to unconsciousness.

2. When occurring surreal, surrealism, and sets the tone for what is happening.
Why do I have to be serious? I have found many ways to be creative and even fun to spend time with my chudachka.

One of my know-how I have called the”Gas light” — named after the 1940 movie in which Charles Boyer tries to make the heroine, played by Ingrid Bergman to confirm his own madness, morocha her head with all sorts of pieces with lamps, doors, etc. On the work methodology is the following: talking to the crank, try to pepper your conversation with something highly illogical. Answer the questions, which your crazy colleague, and even did not ask. When you asked for it, react, for example, the following phrase: “And you do not know that we still intend to do in connection with the situation in Cuba” or even more absurd, like: “Hmm, smells like camels!” But before that make sure that there are no witnesses that no one is watching. Here should be all clear – tete-a-tete. Now, realizing that if someone who until this moment thought of you as a perfectly normal person, your a lovely geezer starts talking about “oddities” suddenly discovered you, guess with three attempts, who is suspected of inadequacy…(of Course, in order for this to work, we must look reasonable in the eyes of others).

All of my above findings and discoveries led me to this conclusion:

Third rule: Think like fellow eccentrics adequately.
Pinned together. Not have to go through all the circles of hell in order to find a way to the business of “coexistence” with them. Immediately begin to act surreal, that is, believe in the reality of arbitrary associations, in the omnipotence of dreams and in a random game thoughts, which, incidentally, leads to the permanent destruction of all physical mechanisms and of codes of ethics and their strong replacement to address fundamental problems in life.

In the end, so the cranks are about. – based on source

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