How to work with my husband together?

With a loved one you want to spend as much time as possible, but will benefit relationships work together? Women’s website “” will help to understand how to work successfully with boyfriend or husband, maintaining harmony.

How will occur such a relationship depends on many factors, for example whether you are an equal colleague or one of you higher rank, if your affair at work or you meet elsewhere.

Office romance: how to work together with the guy of her dreams?

Modern conditions is not always possible to find time for something besides work. The ideal schedule from 9 to 17 from Monday to Friday, a rare event, so the only place where you can meet your soul mate, is work.

Fall here is very simple. He could help you with a report or a heavy box, walked to the bus stop or home, invited to dance at corporate or just smiling every morning at the meeting. You and no time to look back, as it lost a head from love. But all this happiness has pitfalls!

  • Before you start an office romance, make sure the rules of your company do not prohibit it. Some companies prohibit such relationships. Be prepared that you may be separated, in the best case, to divide you up into different branches, and at worst – fired.
  • Are you ambitious? One of you can play in the corporate race to bypass the second half with an increase or earn the favor of the boss, it sometimes gives rise to envy, or resentment.
  • There are cases when, having got a relationship that goes beyond work, you will fulfill not only their responsibilities but also take on their shoulders the work of the new guy. At first it will look like a help, an excuse to spend time together or support, but if you feel that you fulfill the load for two, stop and reconsider your relationship.
  • Serious if your intentions? Often before the girls raises the question of how to get over a boyfriend with whom he works. It occurs for two reasons – colleagues start to gossip about you, and to see them hurt too much. Get ready for that first time will have to avoid the former, overcome communication difficulties and to establish a corporate relationship again.

How to live with the boss, or How to work with my husband together?

When the work is his own man, with whom you can share all the hardships, to complain to the boss, without fear that it will reach his ears, and the work becomes easier. But what if your husband is your boss?

Advantages of such a situation, not so much. On the one hand, you’re always together when the other half is stuck at work, you treat this with understanding, after all, just know that he is caught up in the business. At home you can always discuss the working moments with the confidence that you will listen and even give good advice.

But there is a downside, which can’t hold back.

  • When husband and wife work together, they are perceived as a single unit, because the mistakes of one will always affect the other.
  • Your achievements will be treated carefully, if you become to move up the career ladder, from colleagues can creep a doubt, and whether it is connected with the stamp in the passport.
  • It is absolutely contraindicated to work together too jealous partners. It is fraught with scandals because of the oblique view for a young Secretary or an innocent flirtation with a colleague.
  • Pretty hard to distance themselves from family issues. If the house you quarreling over whose turn it is to wash dishes, will have to postpone this argument till the evening and not to carry resentment in the professional sphere.
  • Care work is the ability of spouses to miss each other, and the constant presence together can bring the relationship.
  • The newlyweds, on the contrary, it will be difficult to focus at work when the hormones are still in full rage, and thoughts are not the work, but only the beginning of family life.

Is it worth it to work with my husband: reviews

  • Working with her husband have been together for 6 years. We are a team, conflict at work there, because everyone performs their duties. We always support each other. The difficulty arises only when one of us scolds boss, it’s hard to resist not to speak up in support. Alena, 35.
  • I reprehensible attitude to the official novels. So frustrating when your colleague from Julia turns to “know”, “kitty” or “goat”. I think that you need to be colleagues, and at home we can breed a zoo. Lera, 24 years old.
  • Hard to be a boss for my husband, and even harder to maintain a commanding tone at home. The only thing that saved my marriage — the care of the spouse in another Department. Svetlana, 29 years old.
  • Don’t see the problems that are always beside her husband. Each of us has his own job, and even though we are in sight of each other, we have no time to chat about random topics. As the graph we have of hell (six days from 10 to 19), can hardly imagine how we lived, working individually. Dasha, 31 years.

I work with my husband have both positive and negative sides. Separating personal and business, you will be able to overcome all difficulties.

Author – Lydia Karant, site

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