How useful is an ultrasonic facial?

For deep cleansing and restore the skin estheticians apply ultrasonic cleaning of the face. Women’s website “” to find out how effective is this procedure and what it consists of.

It turned out that in the course of it by using ultrasonic waves removes dead skin cells, passes inflammation, and cellular metabolism and blood circulation increase. But about all under the order.

Why you need ultrasonic cleaning.

How does the ultrasound? The sound vibrations of high frequency pass through the skin, providing lymphatic drainage. These waves affect circulation, cellular metabolism, as a result, the condition of the surface layers of the epidermis improves.

In skin care clinics women come to us with many problems, the lion’s share of which is connected with skin imperfections. Indications for ultrasonic cleaning person in the cabin be:

  • the Shine on the face;
  • a blockage of the sebaceous glands and pores;
  • actinic cells;
  • the appearance of black and whiteheads, and areas of rash;
  • dull complexion.

The procedure is harmless, while you will not feel pain. Ultrasonic peeling gently cleanses the skin without damaging it. Removes only the old cells, and new is not in danger. After the procedure there is no redness, not swollen face.

  • Gave myself a mom a day of beauty, signed up to the beautician. Mom 45 years old, she chose ultrasound cleaning. The face was noticeably younger look. And the difference I noticed immediately, but when she applied makeup in the morning. Anna, 19 years old.

Naturally, the girls want to know what to expect after you exit the beauty salon. Already the first procedure will yield results:

  • wrinkles will begin to smooth out;
  • the skin will become more smooth and clean;
  • by removing dead skin layer on the surface appear young cells;
  • leather “breathes” thanks to a deep pore cleansing;
  • starts cellular metabolism, is subject to regeneration;
  • increases the tone.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face.

After learning about the phenomenal effect, many girls will want to try out the procedure — but not in a hurry, it is not omnipotent. If you have inflamed acne deeply entrenched grease tube, that you will not do ultrasonic cleaning of the face.

A contraindication will also be large inflammatory lesions on face. Asthma, epilepsy, skin diseases, other reasons to abandon the procedure. Pregnant women are also not worth it to use.

If using ultrasound peeling you promise the synthesis of collagen, know that it is just a publicity stunt. This is impossible in view of the fact that the waves do not penetrate as deeply into tissue.

Ultrasonic cleaning: how often to do and when?

As the procedure is absolutely safe to apply it every 10 days. But not everyone has that opportunity, so beauticians suggest to do it at least four times a year. The rest of the time you can use other available means.

When the procedure becomes magic wand?

  • If you are going on vacation and want to clean the skin, but you against the chemical peel due to the future impact of UV rays. Then it is better to make an ultrasound cleaning.
  • Procedure can be done before an important event (wedding, graduation, etc.), then make-up will go smoother, more natural, more beautiful.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning can be a preliminary step prior to mechanical cleaning. This procedure is called combination.
  • If you ran your own skin and you need to quickly return to her tone.

How to make ultrasonic cleaning person?

Despite these similarities, each beautician can perform the procedure in their own way.

  • Friend first visited the cleaning, said he spent 40 minutes. To her beautician to me to go far away, enrolled in another clinic, it took a little over an hour, and from the ultrasound cleaning lasted for about 20 minutes, and the rest of the preparations. Maria, 28 years old. to learn how ultrasonic cleaning of the face:

  • First cleanse the face, removing makeup residues, then apply a lotion that extend the pores.
  • Then the beautician applies the mask. It can be warmed with a moist soft cloth that covers the face (except nose), the top is placed another towel.
  • The face is again wiped with the lotion and begins the actual cleaning.
  • The procedure is done on a wet face. This is moistened with a small station, and it is carried out with a device with a thin nozzle that looks like a metal plate. You may feel a slight tingling, but severe discomfort should not be. Do not be afraid of a sound like a crackling current.
  • IMPORTANT! Today is actively promoted home ultrasonic machine for cleaning the face. It may not be a viable alternative procedure salon.

    However, some beauticians use portable devices. Before you sign up to a specialist, ask which equipment will be clean. The power unit may not be less than 28 kHz.

    The procedure of ultrasonic cleaning of the face: reviews

    We were able to find the reviews of those who have passed through the ultrasound cleaning:

    • I have coarse and thick skin, ultrasound cleaning did not help the situation, so the beautician advised to hold a combined after ultrasound in the course went mechanical method. The effect is, but don’t know exactly what. Olga, 32 years.
    • Procedure very dry skin, then 3 days hard it smeared nourishing cream. Maybe it’s me not so lucky, but I after one procedure is not particularly prettier. Tanya, 27 years.
    • The first 3 days after ultrasonic cleaning, the effect was amazing, the makeup went barely noticeable, the skin looked healthy, but then gradually disappeared. The beautician said that I had running situation. I don’t know if or pumping money. Irina, 30 years.
    • I read that redness should not be, but they were still. Effect was noticed on the fourth day. Lasted about a week and then went back to the beautician. She explained that ultrasound cleaning is not a panacea, they should continue to care for the person. Dasha, 22 years.

    Ultrasound cleaning is just one of the methods that will help to keep the skin in good shape. But we must not forget about the independent home care. Joint efforts with the beautician you will be able to succeed.

    Author – Lydia Karant, site

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