How useful is the clay diet?

Clay for weight loss is one of the first products that started using women in the home make to stay attractive and healthy. Today on the website “” we talk about what the clay is for weight loss fits best.

Used in home cosmetology can be any type of clay. All of them are useful.

But the most effective helpers in the fight against excess amounts are considered to be black, white, and blue clay, which has already told the women’s website In these types contains the mineral salts, vitamins, micro and macronutrients that fight cellulite, help flush excess fluids from the skin tissues and to reduce weight.

Body wraps for weight loss: black clay

Among the variety of types to choose the best clay for weight loss not always easy. To combat obesity beauticians suggest take the one that has more saturated color. Therefore, the black clay for weight loss suitable.

  • Black clay is rich in silica content, will be a perfect helper for weight loss. Not only does it saturate the skin with beneficial trace elements, minerals, but will be a “modulator” of the figure. Zasyhaya on the skin, it will “sculpt” your shapes.
  • Also the black clay well burns body fat.

For procedures you can use all the same recipes for body wraps with blue clay.

But today we will share another very good proven recipe. The basis will take the black clay for weight loss.

Preliminary preparation of the body for the procedure is standard: take a hot shower, cleanse the skin with a scrub and doing a light massage with a towel until the redness. Next, apply to problem areas a mask of black clay slimming wrap do with cling film.

Mustard-honey wrap with black clay

To make a mask of clay for wraps we will need:

  • Black clay 4 parts.
  • Mustard – 1 part.
  • Sugar – 1 part.
  • Honey – 1 part.
  • Warm water.


  • In a glass bowl pour the clay. advises to calculate the right amount according to the following rule: 1 teaspoon for 1 problem area. For example, you need to make the wrap for the hips and buttocks. Enough to pour 3 tablespoons of clay. If you plan to put the mask on the stomach, add 1 more part.
  • Added to the clay water. How many it is necessary? As the mass of the body must be completely dry, and the mask may cause burning sensation, we recommend you to first try to do a lot more liquid. In later times the water will take less.
  • In the resulting clay mass add the honey, mustard and sugar.
  • Daubed his body with the prepared mask, top, turn around food film. No need to cover yourself completely with clay and then doing a wrap film. Start wrapping with the hips. To move from the knees up. Did everything with one leg, proceed to another. Do everything slowly, gradually. Film also moving from the bottom up – flow of lymph.
  • Top be sure to bundle up. You can wear a Bathrobe or wool pants (no shorts). Clay wraps for weight loss at home will be more effective if you at the time of their conduct will be to perform physical activities.
  • Every time a recipe can be varied. If your body is used to, and burning sensation, which gives the mustard, you may not be so unpleasant as the first few times, add a mask for weight loss from clay sugar. It will act as a catalyst – “anger” mustard. Also do not forget that supply procedure is necessary each time to do thicker.

    Wrap with coffee and black clay

    Mask of clay for wraps that we offer below, has a slight lifting effect when a single application, and after this course you will notice how off your waist and hips had gone a few centimeters.

    We will need:

    • Black clay – 2-4 pieces.
    • Essential oil (you can take oil of cinnamon, orange, neroli,) 1 drop to 1 part diluted clay.
    • Ground coffee – as much as clay.
    • Warm water (you can mineral) to dilute the clay.


  • Coffee and essential oils added to the diluted clay with water. If the skin is prone to dryness, you can add vegetable oil.
  • Be washed after mass, apply the cream on the skin.
  • High slagging and impaired metabolism referred to as one of the main reasons for excess weight. Clay wraps for weight loss are very effective way to cleanse the body and remove pounds.

    White clay

    White clay for weight loss no less effective than black and blue. It is used in hair masks and body wraps, as well as taken orally for weight loss. Among all types of this clay has the strongest cleansing effect.

    White clay is famous for its unique attractive properties: good opens up the pores and opens the sebaceous glands, draws out dirt, excess water – cleanses and nourishes the skin.

    • She gently removes the upper Horny layer of the skin and enriches it with all the beneficial trace elements, which are in its composition;
    • Also, white clay promotes the production of collagen, which tightens the skin and makes it supple.

    Reception of clay inside for weight loss

    Just note that the white clay is of various varieties, therefore it can have several shades. If you decide to use it for wrapping, try to choose varieties more saturated color. But for those who wish to cleanse the body and wants to take her inside, choose lighter varieties and stick to the scheme. It is the kaolin – still so called white clay for weight loss ingested.

  • Dilute half a teaspoon of white clay in a glass of warm water.
  • 7 days divorced take clay on an empty stomach in the morning. During this time, purified the stomach.
  • Now dilute half and a whole teaspoon of clay in a glass of water, and is also taken during the week. During this time, from the walls of the intestines rejected the mucus and undigested food scraps.
  • Further dilute in a glass of water a tablespoon of clay. We also take a week. The clay begins to nourish the body with nutrients, they enter the blood, purify it and restore metabolism.
  • So gradually we prepare the body to a more concentrated intake of white clay. Last week, clay is not already bred. Make small balls of it 5 mm in diameter. Swallow with water 15 pieces at a time. We are also a week and take a break for 2-3 months.
  • With the reception of clay inside should be very careful! That’s what I warn reviews of white clay for weight loss:

    • Take only the divorced clay. Clean purchased at a pharmacy. To my surgery were a few people who like to lose weight with white clay. The bowel is clogged with them! Only helped with surgery. The intestine was completely Packed clay ground. Irina B.
    • Clay serves as an excellent absorbent. I cleaned the body and lose weight. Of course, enriched the diet of healthy food, and also made wraps out of clay. Only an integrated approach produces results! Anya.
    • White clay do white activated carbon is the best absorbent. So take it for weight loss accurately. Alina.

    To drink for weight loss can be not only white, but also blue clay. Choose it carefully. Definitely interested in the quality certificate. Clay, which is sold over the counter is treated. Don’t skimp and not buy the clay in bulk. Especially if you plan to ingest for weight loss.

    As you know, often the extra pounds do not appear because of an overabundance of calories, but because of the slagging of the organism and disturbed metabolism. Clay for weight loss-greatly helps to solve these problems. It has a positive effect on the entire body, as well as perfectly cleanses and nourishes the skin, helps to reduce the volume.

    • Clean the intestines, taking the white or blue clay inside.
    • Take a course of wraps of blue or black clay, with 14 procedures in 2-3 days.
    • Alternate wraps clay body wraps with oil.
    • Do anti-cellulite massage vacuum banks on the website there’s an interesting article how to use banks correctly.

    We are sure you will definitely lose weight and you will be proud of!

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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