How useful Kombucha for the skin?

Today to choose and buy cosmetics, skin care is no problem, but if you are a home grown Kombucha, you can cook-it-yourself lotions and masks for the skin.

Today on the website “” we will tell our readers how to use Kombucha for the skin how to cook from him, lotions, masks, as well as share a recipe, how to grow mushroom at home for those who have no ability to take someone’s “baby” for its reproduction.

Use Kombucha for skin

Kombucha is as equally popular in people of Japanese rice and kefir fungus living organisms, which are formed by the mutual existence of several types of substances. Kombucha is not found in nature in their natural form. It is grown in sweet and sour environments. If earlier it was possible to see often in homes today Kombucha to get is not easy.

A list of useful properties conferred on tea brew – so we called the body impresses. Infusion is recommended in many diseases, it is very refreshing, helps to produce enzymes of digestion than normalizes metabolism.

We have been told, can you help Kombucha to lose weight, but today let’s talk about how to use Kombucha for the skin for cosmetic purposes.

Agents based on acidic tea-kvass mushroom clean the skin, nourish it, treat acne, help fight odor and even make rough hands soft.

Tea brew is good for the skin: he also has a cosmetic and therapeutic effect:

  • normalizes acidic level;
  • improves functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • opens the pores.

From aged tea brew is prepared the lotions for the face, make a nourishing and cleansing facial mask, used for lotions from the blue circles and bags under the eyes.

Kombucha: lotions for the face

The taste of the drink sour. Getting on the skin, the products based on it cover it with a thin film, thereby creating an acidic environment that kills microorganisms that cause skin problems. Pores in the skin sour natural drink open – the skin “breathes”.

Kombucha for oily skin: the can

Skin cleansing is considered an important moment in her care. On the basis of kvass can be cooked several lotions for washing.

  • The easiest way of applying the acid infusion for the face – rinse brew after washing soap means. Can a cotton pad soaked in the tea brew, wipe the face: you will wash away soap residue, which destroy the acidic environment of the skin.
  • Many people like to wipe your face with ice cubes. The effect will be much better if you the basis will take a drink from the seasoned Kombucha. What brew is more sour, the better. After you wipe the skin with ice, do not forget about nourishing cream for the face.
  • You can make a washroom by combining equal parts of alkaline mineral water with a brew of fungus. It is especially suitable for those who have oily skin.
  • Very good for oily skin prepare a lotion by mixing tea brew the infusion with aloe juice. Scrubbing the skin it means face daily, may help skin problems to get rid of the inflammation and irritation.

Kombucha: the masks for facial skin

Sebum on the skin creates an environment in which breed harmful microorganisms. Masks for skin Kombucha create an acid barrier, cleanse, nourish and protect. The mask on the basis of the tea brew suitable for all skin types, but especially beneficial for oily.

Kombucha: the best nourishing and cleansing mask for the face

Hydrating mask with a tea brew out of fungus is essential for the skin: it nourishes it, bringing all the necessary materials, and increase blood flow to the skin cells. Drink the tea tree can be added to any nourishing mask, their properties will only improve. offers you some good tested recipes.

Banana mask

In half a Cup of sour Vistanova brew the tea add 2 tablespoons mashed banana, 2 tablespoons of oil (olive better), as well as 2 egg yolks. The mass well to blend. Leave the mask on for half an hour on the face, then rinse and apply moisturizer. Better to do before bedtime.

Mask with bran

Make a slurry by mixing in the leaven tea 3 tablespoons of bran. After 30 minutes, rinse a lot. Don’t forget before bedtime to protect the skin night cream.

Cleansing mask for problem skin

To remove from the face dead cells, it is necessary to prepare the tool with the infusion of well-seasoned tea kvass. Need to wipe, 150 g of cottage cheese, add 3 tbsp. l. sour infusion and cosmetic clay. Weight and whisk until it become creamy. Apply on face, wait until dry, then rinse with water. Besides the fact that you clean the skin from dead cells, you moisten and refresh.

Recommend this procedure for cleaning the face is carried out once a week.

Kombucha for skin from bags and blue circles under the eyes

Very good help Kombucha for the skin with bags under his eyes. Need daily to do massage with fingertips dipped in tea brew. Massage should be gentle tangent touches, moving from the inner corner of the eye (from nose) to the outside. You can also make compresses under the eye cotton pads soaked in the tea brew. In addition to cosmetic effect, such a procedure improves visual acuity, that is, has a therapeutic effect.

Kombucha for skin

Strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties, possessed brew Kombucha, make it not just useful, and we would say, even necessary for care of problem skin.

Brew tea not only cleanses the skin but also reduces inflammation, has wound-healing properties, stimulates the release of out purulent inflammation of the skin.

Kombucha acne on the face

To prepare a lotion from acne for oily skin, you need to take a glass of warm tea brew, add the dried lavender (2 tablespoons), allow to stand in the cold for at least 3 weeks. The mixture should drain and wipe problematic skin with acne or add to water for washing.

Cleaning the skin Kombucha.

In case of problem skin it is recommended to periodically clean the face.

  • The first thing to do is to clean the skin by any means.
  • Dampen a facecloth in hot water.
  • Apply cloth to face for 2 minutes, then remove it.
  • Moisten a cotton cloth in the infusion of the fungus.
  • Wring out and apply for 5 minutes a lotion on the face, on top of covering a warm cloth.
  • Wash with warm water and wipe face with a towel.
  • After cleaning the tea-mushroom skin will be pink and fresh.

    The smell of sweat

    Not everyone knows that kvass Kombucha a great deodorant that not only eliminates body odor, but also eliminates the cause. Acidic environment it fights bacteria, which multiply, emit a sweaty smell. It is enough to wash the armpits and then to wipe them with a handkerchief or cloth, dipped in sour kvass Kombucha. The smell will disappear.

    No Kombucha – how to grow?

    If you have no Kombucha at home, try to grow it yourself. To do this, leave for a few days sweet tea in a warm place. After 4-5 days it should form a film – this is the “germ” Kombucha. Now it needs to grow.

    Some sources recommend the film carefully remove and transfer to a 0.5-liter jar, pour fresh sweet tea. But on the forums say that the rush to pass the “embryo” of the future family pet, it is not necessary. It is better to wait until the Cup is something like a small jellyfish – slippery substance. Sometimes it takes a month. The growth of the fungus, to change the capacity in which he will increase. This should be done gradually.

    Pet, home-grown, endowed with the same therapeutic and cosmetic properties as “real” Kombucha. Don’t forget to care for and to feed it:

  • After 4 days in summer and 7 days in winter, pour mushroom fresh infusion of tea.
  • Don’t forget that sugar to pour directly on the fungus, you should not, similarly, cannot be discharged in a jar with mushroom the remains of the tea from cups.
  • It is better to have two containers for tea brew in one, you grow mushroom in the other and to merge useful healing drink.
  • The mushroom must be washed periodically.
  • Kombucha for cosmetic purposes is widely used: you can experiment endlessly by adding it into the mask, making on its basis lotions, cosmetic ice cubes for the face, etc. If the kvass Kombucha to mix with olive oil, it is possible to save chapped skin. At night you need to make a hand mask from tea tree oil and olive oil, put on the night gloves. Your skin becomes smooth.

    The use of Kombucha for the skin proven. It is a good masks, and lotions that are easy to prepare at home.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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