Husband caresses on the street

“The relationship my husband and I have such a problem that hardly can formulate it. He had a habit of patting me on the street, in public transport, in a queue. Me these courtesies at first confused, now started to irritate. And here at home from him is not like to achieve. And what do I do with this? Don’t think we have much good, but the stone of stumbling, a lot spoils. Thank You, Sofia”.

Sofia, I have to tell You, what they say, there’s a problem? And to give an example of those whom the husband of the native and on the street, and the house is not committed to fondle ?

But I understand that it is not about those with whom the comparison is not in their favor, and of Your peculiar hitch ? on the way to the idyll. Can I have something to offer to the interruption to smooth? Judge for yourself.

The need for risk

For sure the origins of this behavior that Your husband, like any normal man necessary sometimes at least some risk. Modern civilization has removed from our lives is a “misunderstanding”, but a long-standing need has remained.

As for this need to plunder or to fight in the doorways, don’t go, she seeks out other loopholes.

I don’t give guarantee that this is why Your husband had such a habit, but the possibility exists.

Another option is that are felt some of the anguish of adolescence. Once to just hug or kiss a girl for every boy, it was hardly nothing more than an unattainable, it was cool. But to do it when someone is generally the top dreams.

Who knows. Suddenly sitting in it something, even if he is no longer a boy, and achieved something, and took place?

Just play along with him

Not sure, but try it – just play along with him. Suddenly harassment on the people having it because what You resist, hesitate and so on? And take this fruit “spretnost” his bravado will go down?

It’s like that old joke about the recommendation against a rapist. If it is impossible to fight, we have no choice, relax and enjoy a ?

And be sure to consider how You and him in private life? Suddenly You just think that everything is in order, and Your husband has already become bored simply. Against this background, You just have to seduce him outside the walls of Your bedroom.

A dark Park or the waterfront, where You and him do not see, but CAN see at any time might be the best “antidote” ? It anyway with it diversifies Your intimate life.

And, of course, talk to him. Say that You are very turned on by his caresses, but only if You can’t see, but can see. But when he does it with someone too openly, the excitement You’re falling. Maybe he’ll go to meet You?

And finally, I will tell You exactly where you started. If nothing changes, find in this situation the pros. Namely, that these couples, unfortunately, a lot where husband did not show interest to his wife. Neither the street nor the house ?

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